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ANCHR - Association for Northern California Historical Research

ANCHR is a non-profit group working to support historical research in Northern California by publishing books and pamphlets on Northern California history written by local researchers. The organization also holds workshops and provides publication services to help researchers accomplish their research and local history writing objectives.

Memberships are offered, however, you do not need to be a member to purchase publications through the Chico location.

Website:  http;//


address:  P O Box 3024, Chico, CA 95927-3024

Check out the updated website!


Bauer - History of the Los Molinos Land Company and of Early Los Molinos

Written in 1970, by Margaret C. Bauer, this book has been printed seven times, most recently in 1913 by the Tehama County Museum of Tehama, California.

Margaret C. Bower, as a resident of Los Molinos and a person deeply interested in history, especially local history, wanted to provide a fairly detailed account of a small town and to provide an extensive collection of the references and sources behind the story of Los Molinos. She has certainly done so with this particular book.

Mrs. Bauer is also the author of The Tehama County Wagon Road, and several articles in the Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society's publication Memories.

You may purchse History of the Los Molinos Land Company and of Early Los Molinos in the gift shop of the Tehama County Museum in Tehama.~


Burrill - Ishi's Untold Story In His First World

Ishi's Untold Story In His First World: A Biography of the last Band of the Yahi Indians in North America Carefully researched and written by Richard Burrill of Susanville. The book is 304 pages, 12 maps and over 300 photos/drawings. The price is $24.50.

Richard Burrill, The Anthro Company, 1036 Southampton Dr., Chico, California 95926

Visit Richard's website to see the other books he has written and lots and lots of Ishi information!


Burruss - Tuscan Springs

The late Byron Burruss, of Red Bluff, Tehama County, California, released his work through Arcadia Publishing as an Images of America series book. Burruss developed an early and intense interest in Tuscan Springs (Tehama County, near Red Bluff) after hearing stories throughout his childhood. This fascination intensified in the 1990's, when he co-authored an award winning stage play. He has collected Tuscan Springs memorabilia and is always looking for more. Using the Tehama County Museum, Tehama County Library, Kelly Griggs and other resources, Burruss has compiled a very enjoyable book.

Sold locally and through


Capay Rancho Women's Club - El Rancho Capay

Under the direction of Erna Garton, the Capay Rancho Women's Club published El Rancho Capay in 1977, 2nd printing in 1978, 3rd printing in 1991 and 4th printing in 2001. The 4th printing is no longer available from the club. However, versions from one or more of the four printings become available for sale at various times and places. I have seen copies of El Rancho Capay at used bookstores such as the Bookworm in Oroville, on-line at and several copies at the Special Table during the Friends of the Orland Free Library Book Sale. To read or reference you will find it at the Orland Free Library in Orland.

The idea to do a book of this type came to Erna Garton as she was enrolled in an Oral History Class at CSU-Chico instructed by Professor Clarence McIntosh (1922-1991) She had interviewed Neal Dow Butler (1903-2002) of the Rancho Capay community for the class and with encouragement from Dr. McIntosh enlisted the help of Capay Rancho Women's Club members to interview more residents or descendants of the area and publish a book. These interviews as well as short articles on the community churches, schools, pioneer arrivals, organizations and historic sites lead to a delightful read of what life was like for some of the people colonizing the Rancho Capay community in basically the years 1917- 1922.~


CTQ - California Territorial Quarterly

Published by Bill and Penny Anderson, 6848 U Skyway, Paradise, CA 95969 for the most interesting and enjoyable short story reading.

Toll free: 1-877-397-3363


The location is also Paradise Coin and Gift that has back issues of all the CTQ's, a variety of history books, and gold retrieving equipment along with an extensive coin collecting business.

Within each issue is a comprehensive list of California Historical Societies, Museums & Research Groups complete with addresses, telephone numbers, web sites and in some cases visitor hours. There is also a list of California History Articles in Each Issue.

If you plan to visit any of the listed locations or even Paradise Coin and Gift shop it is probably a good idea to contact ahead and be sure of the open hours.

Happy History and Safe Road trips to all!


Garvis - Roar of the Monitors

The fattest, heaviest, most beautiful book in my collection is entitled Roar of the Monitors, Quest for Gold in the Northern Sierra by Jann E. Garvis published in 2004.

The Sierra-Plumas mines and surrounding towns captivated Jann for decades until she compiled this book arranged in chronological order, a compendium of facts derived from legal documents, newspaper accounts, letters, maps, scrapbooks, reminiscences, diaries and journals as well as statistics garnered from libraries and public institutions. The photographs are wonderful and numerous.

And why am I so enthralled, not only for the appreciation of Jann's extensive work and beautiful publication, but because I have family connections within. My 2nd Great Grandfather, Johann Frederick "Fred" Knoch first came to the gold camp of Nelson Point from Germany. His half-brother Johann Heinrich "Henry" Schubert remained in Plumas County and Henry's son, Gustav Henry Schubert is featured for his store in LaPorte on page 71. And, yes, while I am sharing, our line of Schubert goes to Ferdinand the  older brother of the famous composer, Franz Schubert.

Contact: Jann E. Garvis, P O box 2583, Nevada City, CA 95959

Google:  author or book title for book offers.



Giessner - Clergyman Kidder

Clergyman Kidder, A Salute to the Man and His Callings has been published in time for the 150th celebration of the First Baptist Church, Red Bluff. Kidder was the first pastor for the newly formed church organization from 25 September 1860 to 1 June 1861.

Jo L. Giessner, 2nd Great Granddaughter has written a comprehensive review of William Samuel Kidder's life callings from information he related to his daughters, family members' written memories, collected newspaper clippings, church records, photos and genealogy.

Kidder came from New York to western Shasta County in 1858 to preach the gospel in the gold country. He also taught school, mined for gold, worked a ranch, served in public office, organized churches, worked in a post office, named a post office/community, solemnized marriages, and much much more.

SWSCHG members will be pleased with the detail about the man, the times and the locations in this deeply researched tale. Don't be surprised if your ancestor's name appears on one of the pages!

To order your copy, contact me at The price is $13. which includes tax and add $2. if you need shipping.


Giessner - John Brown's Wives & Children

John Brown's Wives & Children - A Focus on the Family of John Brown, Abolitionist - a 30 page booklet by Jo L. Giessner, self-published in Red Bluff, California, October 2012.

Excerpts published in Wagon Wheels, Vol 62, No. 2, Fall 2012 by the Colusi County Historical Society.

What do the northern California towns of Red Bluff, Rohnerville, Petrolia, and Saratoga have in common? They can claim in their histories John Brown's widow, Mary Ann Day Brown and/or some of her children lived in each of the communities. And, did you know that Pasadena, California was once the address of three of John Brown's older children by his first wife?

In a nutshell, John Brown's genealogical record reads two wives and twenty children.

Intrigued by the subscription home of Mary Ann Day Brown located at 135 South Main Street in Red Bluff, California, Jo set out on a research adventure to learn more about the woman who lived there. Relying heavily on articles and obituaries from newspapers across the nation the booklet gives the reader brief descriptions of the lives of the wives and children and does not delve into the character of John Brown or his activities. The result is an organized and interesting insight into the family members with pictures and numerous newspaper quotes of the times in which they lived.

If interested in obtaining a copy of this booklet, contact:


Hisken - Tehama, Little City of the Big Trees

Originally written and published in 1948 by Clara Hough HISKEN was reproduced by the Tehama County Museum with permission in 1989. A delightful read for local history buffs. The book is available for purchase at the Tehama County Museum located in downtown Tehama!


Jackson - Black Pioneers in Tehama County California History

Grace Alice Brambley Jackson "Alice Jackson" has been a resident of Tehama County for nearly 50 years and with her love of genealogy and local history has served in the capacity of volunteer at the Family History Center and Tehama County Library and as member of  The Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society as well as the Tehama County Heritage and Historical Records Commission. She took part in the publication process of  Tehama County 150 Years of Photos and History and for the past five years has been the Editor of Memories, the annual TCGHS publication.

This 2013 book is Mrs. Jackson's first "solo" publication and she has done a tremendous job of research, documentation and gathering of pertinant resources for reliable information. If she doesn't know something, she says so and doesn't altar or fabricate the story.

Loaded with rare photographs and genealogical detail, this book is a must for serious northern California historians as well as the "Reads Local History for Enjoyment" person.

Available through the Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society (TCGHS), P O Box 415, Red Bluff, CA 96080 or website: or at the Tehama County Museum (TCM), 275 C Street, Tehama, CA.


Jernigan & Joiner - Black Bart, The Search is Over

Robert E. Jernigan and Wiley Joiner have spent the last 32 years researching what happened to Charles Earl Bowles, AKA Black Bart, and believe he died in 1914 in Marysville and is buried in the Marysville Cemetery under the name of Charles Wells.

"Black Bart, The Search is Over" published April 2016 by the authors/local historians is now available for purchase.

The Yuba County Historic Resource Commission is looking through the research and source notes provided by Jernigan and Joiner. If the evidence holds up, Marysville will have another piece of frontier history to share.

- Summarized from Kirk Barron article in the Appeal Democrat Newspaper and posted 21 April 2016.


Johnston - Legendary Truths

LEGENDARY TRUTHS Peter Lassen & His Gold Rush Trail in Fact & Fable

A must read for all California history buffs and California history teachers!

Obtain your copy at the Tehama County Museum, 275 C Street, Tehama, California. Located in beautiful Tehama City near the Sacramento River. Also near where Lassen's Trail ended at his beautiful Rancho Bosquejo (Vina). While at the museum, take in the Lassen Trail display and enjoy the other displays of artifacts. Open Saturdays and Sundays from 1 - 4 p.m.

From the back cover:  "Reading the history of California and the gold rush, one continually encounters historic discrepancies and contradictions, especially about the character and ability of Peter Lassen, a prominent California pioneer, for who, the Lassen Trail, Lassen Peak, and Lassen Volcanic National Park were named. While prominent pioneers and military officers sought his company, advice, and guidance, others, including some disillusioned, trail-worn Argonauts and even some historians, denounced him and his achievement.

Working as a Park Ranger and Historian at Lassen National Park, Ken Johnston's curiosity was piqued and continued through twenty years of research that has led to this fascinating account of the life and legacy of Peter Lassen."

Kenneth L. Johnston, Klamath Falls, Oregon



Lassen - Uncle Peter

Uncle Peter - The Story of Peter Lassen and the Lassen Trail by Rene Weybye Lassen.

Printed  in June 1990 by Walker Lithograph, Red Bluff California through Ox Shoe Publications of Paradise, California.

The author is a nephew of Peter Lassen several generations removed, born in Denmark. He researched in Denmark and in the United States to write this book.

A must for your Lassen book collection!



Leicester & Nopel - The Humboldt Wagon Road

Marti Leicester and David Nopel have brought out an Images of America  (Arcadia Publishing) book from the photograph collection of David's father and many more sources. The authors have completed extensive research and shared it with us in each photo and carefully worded caption.

Take a journey along another one of John Bidwell's enterprises, the road from Chico to Susanville, and enjoy the scenery, modes of transportation, occupations, stopping places, summer cabins, the families and the local lore.

Thanks, Marti, David and the Kelly Griggs Museum in Red Bluff for the May 4, 2012, power-point presentation and talk about this newly released book!


Leininger - Vina's History

Vina's History in Photos and Stories was written by Frances V. Leininger in 2010, with editorial support by Richard Burrill. The book is chuck full of photos and the stories and genealogical information Frances collected over her many years living in the Vina area. 

Not to be missed are the "Ten Best" stories contained within:

How Peter Lassen Discovered Rancho Bosquejo; Peter Lassen's Gold; The Curse of the Trail; Killing of Hi Good; The Little Chicken Bet; The Old Brass Cannon; My Encounter with Shoshone Mike; What Ishi Did for Us; Why Vina's Jack Apperson Apologized to Ishi and Two Trespassers Caught

Write:  Frances V. Leininger, P O Box 131, Vina, CA 96092-0131


Lingenfelter Archives

Keith Lingenfelter began his quest for the information on Tehama County pioneers in 1962 as a project to hand in to a class instructor at Shasta College. When the class was over, he kept compiling family records and saving source material until 22 years later in 1984 when he passed away from a lengthy illness.

However, in 1979 he donated his materials to the Special Collections Department of the Meriam Library at CSU, Chico. There were nearly 50,000 names beginning before 1850 and well into the mid twentieth century covering not only Tehama County, but Butte, Glenn, Colusa, Shasta (especially Shasta) as well.

The complete paper collection:  Manuscript number 110, Keith Lingenfelter Genealogy and Research Collection in the Special Collections Department, Meriam Library, California State University, Chico.

The Tehama County Library has the hardcover books in the Depository.

You can access the Volumes 1&2 Married and Volume 3 Unmarried online at: or by Google.

I have printed out my own and store in 4 binders. One or more of the binders is open on my desk almost daily. An excellent source for clues! Of course, there are errors and updates needed. At this point I just make notes on the pages in my binders and enter the corrected items in my records.

For Keith's work I am very thankful!


Peek - When to Buy...When to Sell

Cattle Deals, Ranchers, and Shasta Livestock - ELLINGTON PEEK - Edited by Linda Hussa

$50.00, Copyright 2012 - Brought out during the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale, proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Andy Peek Scholarship Fund. Andy Peek died in 2008, age 55 years of pancreatic cancer.

An interesting tale of local family history, cattle rancher history, cattle sales, and Ellington's life stories with him telling it as if you were sitting and visiting in the Branding Iron Restaurant at the Shasta Livestock Auction Yard, which Ellington has owned and operated since 1966 when it was built. 

"In the hallway we have pictures of a lot of our customers. Somebody called them 'All the Old-time Cattle People in the World' and somebody else said, 'Ellington Peek's Hall of Fame.' Either one is alright with me."

I enjoyed this quote in the book, as my father, grandmother, great-aunt and great uncle's pictures, along with many family friends, are on the walls. While we don't sell as many head through Shasta Livestock as we used to, it is still our family tradition to take the younger members of the family to breakfast and walk the "Hall of Fame" pointing out the "old" cattle ranchers.

A good read if in the cattle business, a good read even if not, and an absolute worthy cause. The Peek family is definitely a huge part of Cottonwood history, California history and west of the Rockies history. Ellington Peek has also received National awards and in our book, World honors!


Purdy - Lahontan Images

Contact Information:  Tim I Purdy

P O Box 1592 Susanville, CA 96130

(530) 257-6747 or

Former Inventory:

2012 Lassen High Calendar (Lassen High Alumni Association)

Red River - The Early Years

Willow Creek Valley

Fruit Growers Supply Company

At A Glance:  A History of Susanville