Leininger - Vina's History
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 12:33PM
Jo Giessner

Vina's History in Photos and Stories was written by Frances V. Leininger in 2010, with editorial support by Richard Burrill. The book is chuck full of photos and the stories and genealogical information Frances collected over her many years living in the Vina area. 

Not to be missed are the "Ten Best" stories contained within:

How Peter Lassen Discovered Rancho Bosquejo; Peter Lassen's Gold; The Curse of the Trail; Killing of Hi Good; The Little Chicken Bet; The Old Brass Cannon; My Encounter with Shoshone Mike; What Ishi Did for Us; Why Vina's Jack Apperson Apologized to Ishi and Two Trespassers Caught

Write:  Frances V. Leininger, P O Box 131, Vina, CA 96092-0131

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