Peek - When to Buy...When to Sell
Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 9:10AM
Jo Giessner

Cattle Deals, Ranchers, and Shasta Livestock - ELLINGTON PEEK - Edited by Linda Hussa

$50.00, Copyright 2012 - Brought out during the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale, proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Andy Peek Scholarship Fund. Andy Peek died in 2008, age 55 years of pancreatic cancer.

An interesting tale of local family history, cattle rancher history, cattle sales, and Ellington's life stories with him telling it as if you were sitting and visiting in the Branding Iron Restaurant at the Shasta Livestock Auction Yard, which Ellington has owned and operated since 1966 when it was built. 

"In the hallway we have pictures of a lot of our customers. Somebody called them 'All the Old-time Cattle People in the World' and somebody else said, 'Ellington Peek's Hall of Fame.' Either one is alright with me."

I enjoyed this quote in the book, as my father, grandmother, great-aunt and great uncle's pictures, along with many family friends, are on the walls. While we don't sell as many head through Shasta Livestock as we used to, it is still our family tradition to take the younger members of the family to breakfast and walk the "Hall of Fame" pointing out the "old" cattle ranchers.

A good read if in the cattle business, a good read even if not, and an absolute worthy cause. The Peek family is definitely a huge part of Cottonwood history, California history and west of the Rockies history. Ellington Peek has also received National awards and in our book, World honors!

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