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Giessner - John Brown's Wives & Children

John Brown's Wives & Children - A Focus on the Family of John Brown, Abolitionist - a 30 page booklet by Jo L. Giessner, self-published in Red Bluff, California, October 2012.

Excerpts published in Wagon Wheels, Vol 62, No. 2, Fall 2012 by the Colusi County Historical Society.

What do the northern California towns of Red Bluff, Rohnerville, Petrolia, and Saratoga have in common? They can claim in their histories John Brown's widow, Mary Ann Day Brown and/or some of her children lived in each of the communities. And, did you know that Pasadena, California was once the address of three of John Brown's older children by his first wife?

In a nutshell, John Brown's genealogical record reads two wives and twenty children.

Intrigued by the subscription home of Mary Ann Day Brown located at 135 South Main Street in Red Bluff, California, Jo set out on a research adventure to learn more about the woman who lived there. Relying heavily on articles and obituaries from newspapers across the nation the booklet gives the reader brief descriptions of the lives of the wives and children and does not delve into the character of John Brown or his activities. The result is an organized and interesting insight into the family members with pictures and numerous newspaper quotes of the times in which they lived.

If interested in obtaining a copy of this booklet, contact:  giessnerjo@gmail.com

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