"Butte County"

1853 January 21, Sacramento Daily Union - Post Offices in California, Corrected to December 1, 1852 [Butte County] Ashland, Butte, Elijah Scott; Bidwell's Bar, Butte, A.B. Newcombe; Charley's Rancho, Butte,  Charles Clark; Chico, Butte, Alex H. Barbour; Hamilton, Butte, Lyman Bristol; Lassens, Butte, C.W. Pomeroy.

1855 January 26, Daily Democratic State Journal (Sacramento, California) - Postmaster/Offices as of the 15th Day April 1854:  Ashland, Butte, Elijah Lott; Bidwell's Bar, Butte, A.B. Newcomb; Charley's Rancho, Butte, Fred Peakes; Chico, Butte, A.H. Barber; Hamilton, Butte, E.M. Burrows; Lassen's, Butte, C.W. Pomeroy.~

1857 January 5, Daily Globe (San Francisco, California) - Post-Offices and Post-Masters in California:  Ashand, Butte, Elijah Lott; Bidwell's Bar, Butte, P W Worstrum; Charley's Ranch, Butte, J Evans; Chico, Butte, John Bidwell; Cherokee, Butte, T M Daniel; Forbestown, Butte, Nathan Plum; Hamilton, Butte, R S Patton; Oroville, Butte, P S Garland; Stringtown, Butte, L D Coffin.~

1873 September 29, San Francisco Bulletin - a new variety of wheat called the Pride of Butte has been cultivated for several years past in Butte county. It is claimed that it will produce 10 bushels more to the acre than any other wheat grown in the State. The grain is plump and of remarkable whiteness. The heads are very large and have a short beard.~

1875 April 1, Sacramento Daily Union - Location of the Granges of the Patrons of Husbandry in this State (California) by Name; Post Office, County:

Chico, Chico, Butte

Evening Star, Bigg's Station, Butte

Hamilton, Bigg's Station, Butte

Nord, Nord, Butte.~

1873 September 29, San Francisco Bulletin - The boiler of the Cascade Mill near Chico blew up on Saturday morning at 6 o'clock, killing one man named Portuguese John. Another man working about fifty yards below the mill had his chin split open by a piece of scantling. The mill belonged to the Butte Flume and Lumber Company.~

1880 July 13, San Francisco Bulletin - A fire broke out in the Bennett House near Chico on last Thursday night and the people had barely time to get out before the building was entirely destroyed. Loss about $2,000.~

1889 March 14, San Diego Union (San Diego, California) - the following bits of history are taken from the last issue of the Oroville Register:  The first grant of land in Butte was made to Peter Lassen, on Deer Creek, in the Spring of 1844. The first gold found in Butte County was at Hamilton, on the Feather River, by General John Bidwell in March 1848. One of the first, if not the first murder committed in Butte, was the killing of Cassius Paris in June 1851, at Fairfield Bar.~



1910 May 2,  - A 4th Class Post Office established as Abertine, Butte, California located 13 miles north of Inskip. Named for a patented medicine made from the resin of the local pine trees.

Elizabeth G. Smith, First Postmaster.

1914 January 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Inskip.




1852 October 19, A 4th class post office established as Ashland, Butte, California. No record of the location in the Post Office Department records.  The name was bestowed on the location because of the soil containing ashes from the volcanic activity of the area.

Elijah Lott, First Postmaster.

1855 January 26, Daily Democratic State Journal, Sacramento, California - Postmasters and Offices as of 15th Day, April 1854:  Ashland, Butte, Elijah Lott.~

1857 January 5, Daily Globe (San Francisco, California) - Post-Offices and Post-Masters in California:  Ashland, Butte County, Elijah Lott.~




1889 June 5 - A 4th Class Post Office established as Avon, Butte, California located 7 1/2 miles north of Biggs and 8 1/2 miles west of Oroville.

James H. Baker, First Postmaster.

1889 December 30, Wanton A. Shippee, Postmaster.

1892 November 19, Evelyn Shippee, Postmaster.

1897 July 28, Charles M. Duncan, Postmaster.

1899 June 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Biggs.



1857 January 31, 3rd Class Post Office established as Bangor, Butte, California located 6 miles southwest of Rackerby and 10 miles northeast of Honcut. Bangor, Maine was the hometown of the Lumbert Brothers who founded this mining community in 1855.

James A. Watson, First Postmaster.

1860 June 11, William Spaulding, Postmaster.

1860 September 17, Joseph R. Lumbert, Postmaster.

1861 August 27, Andrew Kitchen, Postmaster.

1867 February 25, Timothy Frank Shattuck, Postmaster.

1871 October 10, Albert H. Shattuck, Postmaster.

1873 February 6, Marvin Stewart, Postmaster.

1873 May 7, John E. Allen, Postmaster.

1893 September 16, John W. Hill, Postmaster.

1896 December 24, John E. Allen, Postmaster.

1913 August 19, Isaac M.C.M. Allen, Postmaster

1918 December 27, Henry C. Conger, Postmaster.

1923 March 12, Andrew D. Hudspeth, Postmaster.

1924 October 21, Henry C. Conger, Postmaster.




1878 June 7, 4th Class Post Office established as Berdan, Butte, California located 8 miles north of Forest Ranch. Named for Myron G. Berdan, the community was a trading center for the area mines.

Myron G. Berdan, First Postmaster.

1909 May 21, Post Office moved 1 1/4 miles south.

1913 September 2, Sacramento Union - DEATHS - BERDAN - At Berdans (Butte Co.), August 30, 1913, Mrs. Kate Berdan, wife of M. G. Berdan, aged 65 years.

1913 October 7, Myron G. Berdan, Postmaster.

1916 February 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Forest Ranch.


Berry Creek

See:  Oak Arbor > Berry Creek


Bidwell's Bar

< 1851 July 10, A 4th class post office established prior to 10 July 1851 when Washington D.C. confirmed the appointment of Edmund Shephard as the first official postmaster. Named for John Bidwell who discovered gold here 4 July 1848, the actual location is under water of Oroville Lake. Before Oroville Dam, Bidwell's Bar was located on the Middle Fork of the Feather River 30 miles (in 1851) north of Marysville.

A "Cover" existed dated 27 May 1851 and the "Postal Guide" dated 1 May 18951 listed the post office. The service was discontinued 27 May 1864 and re-established 27 November 1865 until discontinued again 30 November 1900, when the service moved to Berry Creek.~

1851 July 16, Daily National Intelligencer, Post Office Operations - The Postmaster General has established the following new Post Offices for the week ending July 12, 1851:  Bidwell's Bar, Butte, Cal., Edmund Shepherd.~

1851 November 6, Alphonso B. Newcombe, Postmaster.

1853 October 11, Peter W. Worstrom, Postmaster.

1855 January 26, Daily Democratic State Journal (Sacramento, California) - Postmasters and Offices as of the 15th Day April 1854:  Bidwell's Bar, Butte, A. B. Newcomb.~

1855 May 26, John W. Gilkeyson, Postmaster.

1857 January 5, Daily Globe (San Francisco, California) - Post-Offices and Post-Masters in California:  Bidwell's Bar, Butte County, P.W. Worstrum.~

1858 February 3, Gordon Serviss, Postmaster.

1859 July 12, George Fitzgerald, Postmaster.

1860 November 3, George W. Hess, Postmaster.

1863 December 30, George Fitzgerald, Postmaster.

1864 May 27, Post Office discontinued.

1865 November 27, Post Office re-established. John S. Pendle (Bendle?), Postmaster.

1874 July 1, Isaac R. Ketcham, Postmaster.

1900 November 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Berry Creek.



1883 January 24, 4th Class Post Office established as Bigbend, Butte, California, located 8 miles southeast of Yankee Hill and 14 miles northeast of Cherokee. Named for a "big bend" in the North Fork of the Feather River.

George C. Carman, First Postmaster.

1891 December 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Yankee Hill.


Bigg's Station > Biggs

1871 January 9,  - A 2nd Class Post Office established as Bigg's Station, Butte, California located four miles north of Gridley. Located on the line of the California and Oregon Railroad, Bigg's Station was a shipping point for grain. The community named for Marion Biggs, a local rancher and California State Senator.

Joseph M. Cecil, First Postmaster.~

1873 April 16, G. K. Smith, Postmaster.

1878 July 5, San Francisco Bulletin (San Francisco, California) - Destructive Fire at Biggs, Butte County - A fire at the growing town of Biggs, Butte County, on the line of the California and Oregon railroad, late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, destroyed property as follows:

Mrs. Richardson - house, furniture and clothing, @2,000. uninsured;

H. Cohn - residence, furniture and clothing, insured for $2,200 in the Fireman's Fund;

Ike Smith's block of three buildings, $3,000 insured for $1,000 in the Phoenix of Hartford; McNaul & Co., occupied one of the latter as a restaurant and lost $500, uninsured; Harry & Co., occupied the adjoining house as a saloon and estimate their loss at $500, uninsured.

Adjoining the latter building is the Sycamore Block of three large stores owned by Flint & Guernsey, who occupied one of these apartments as a grocery store, the other two being rented to L. W. Doty, tinner. and Sam Titus, dealer in agricultural implements and hardware. Flint & Guernsey estimate their loss on the building and stock at $6,000, no insurance; Doty's loss aggregates $1,800, uninsured. Sam Titus is the heaviest loser and could not duplicate his stock for less than $8,500.

On First Street, a wagon shed and store-room belonging to Titus containing agricultural implements and 1,600 grain sacks were burned.

The residence of Joseph Sparks, together with nearly all its contents, loss $2,500., uninsured.

The Butte County Register printing office and A. E. Britten's furniture store suffered a slight loss.

A carpenter shop belonging to _____ & Sparks was damaged to the extent of $8,000., uninsured.

A. Bunnell, building occupied by the printing office and furniture store, lost $800.

Mr. Rosenberg lost $3,500, which is covered by an insurance of $10,000. in several companies.~

1881 April 11, San Francisco Bulletin, State News in Brief - The people of Biggs are rejoicing over the defeat of the movers for a change in the head of the postoffice.~

1881 April 13, Solomon Davidson, Postmaster.

1883 November 2, Moses La Point, Postmaster.

1884 December 31, "Station" was dropped from name.

1886 July 26, William Delos Parker, Postmaster.

1889 June 27, Christopher S. Quimby, Postmaster.

1896 September 18, William Delos Parker, Postmaster.

1899 February 6, Charles A. Hull, Postmaster.

1904 August 27, Virgil Bunnell, Postmaster.

1911 April 13, William Delos Parker, Postmaster.






AKA:  Hengy

1902 December 9, 4th Class Post Office established as Bloomingdale, Butte, California, located 10 miles northeast of Oroville and 4 miles south of Cherokee.

Hettie Jones, First Postmaster.

1905 September 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Cherokee.



1892 August 20, 4th Class Post office established as Bonito, Butte, California.

No Record of Operation. No Record of Location.

Robert C. Williamson, First Postmaster.

1892 October 18, Application Rescinded.



Brush Creek

1856 February 2, 4th Class Post Office established as Brush Creek, Butte, California located 5 miles northeast of Berry Creek and 5 miles southwest of Merrimac.

David G. Martin, First Postmaster.

1860 February 1, Wiette J. Urten, Postmaster.

1860 June 19, Elijah S. Ruggles, Postmaster.

1862 December 13, William Lattimore, Postmaster.

1864 January 13, Julius Jod, Postmaster.

1867 December 10, Elijah S. Ruggles, Postmaster.

1871 January 22, Laughlin McRose, Postmaster.

1872 December 23, John N. Douglass, Postmaster.

1975 August 5, Robert P. Grace, Postmaster.

1888 October 3, James E. Rutherford, Postmaster.

1897 July 14, Walter R. Grace, Postmaster.

1902 March 4, Post Office moved 1 mile south. George W. Simpson, Postmaster.

1913 October 3, Florence A. Simpson, Postmaster.

1916 May 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Berry Creek.


Butte Creek

1901 October 1, 4th Class Post Office established as Butte Creek, Butte County, California located 5 miles southeast of Chico at a mining camp.

Elizabeth G. Stephenson, First Postmaster.

1902 July 1, Rescinded - Moved to Chico.


Butte Meadows

1878 January 7, Post Office established as Butte Meadows, Tehama County, California located 37 miles northeast of Chico.

Henry P. McLoughlin, First Postmaster.

1878 June 7, Post Office moved 1 mile east into Butte County.

1879 February 27, David O. Thomas, Postmaster.

1879 May 22, Watson C. Roberts, Postmaster.

1880 February 6, Watson C. Roberts, Postmaster.

1880 August 3, John E. Carter, Postmaster.

1880 August 4, Post Office moved 1 mile west into Tehama County.

1888 March 5, Post Office moved 1 mile east into Butte County. Mary McGann, Postmaster.

1892 April 1, Patrick McGann, Postmaster.

1894 February 1, Palestine Sheen, Postmaster.

1899 December 27, Joseph E. Entler, Postmaster.

1905 January 10, Frank M. Thatcher, Postmaster.

1907 March 11, R. M. Nicholson, Postmaster.

1910 December 9, John W. Roper, Postmaster.

1913 October 7, Louis W. Rober, Postmaster.

1925 June 29, Mrs. Catherine Stephens, Postmaster.

1967 April 30, Changed from 4th Class Post Office to Contract Rural Branch of Chico.

1974, Dropped from Directory of Post Offices.



Butte Mills > Magalia

1857 August 15, 4th Class Post Office established as Butte Mills, Butte County, California, located 16 miles northeast of Chico along Butte Creek. Named for Lumber Mill on site.

James S. McCleary, First Postmaster.

1861 November 14, Post Office moved and the name changed to Magalia.

1861 November 14, Post Office established as Magalia, Butte, California located 18 miles northeast of Chico. "Magalia" is a Latin word for "cottages." Prior to the establishment of the Post Office, the community was known as "Dogtown" for the seemingly abundant number of dogs.

Almon C. Buffum, First Postmaster.

1873 July 21, Post Office discontinued.

1873 September 19, Post office re-established.


Butte Valley > Durham

1861 January 23, Post Office established as Butte Valley, Butte County, California located 5 1/2 miles southeast of Chico per Application for Post Office.

Peter C. Munn, First Postmaster.

1863 March 9, Robert C. Durham, Postmaster.

1863 April 10, Sacramento Daily Union - The following Postmasters have been appointed:  Robert W. Durham, Butte Valley, Butte county.~

1871 February 27, Post Office discontinued. Post Office moved and the name changed to Durham.

1871 February 27, 2nd Class Post Office established as Durham, Butte, California located 7 miles south of Chico. The name honors W. W. Durham, mill owner, farmer, and State Assemblyman (1880).

Robert W. Durham, First Postmaster.

1872 April 22, William H. Durham, Postmaster.

1878 August 23, Ira H. Lacey, Postmaster.

1878 August 26Daily Alta California - Postmasters appointed:  F. H. Lacey, Durham, Butte county, California.~

1886 July 21, James H. Skinner, Postmaster.

1891 July 29, Peter Jones, Postmaster.

1895 July 2, Pendleton M. Eperson, Postmaster.

1895 November 23, Thomas V. Fimple, Postmaster.

1897 January 6, William M. Taylor, Postmaster.

1906 March 10, Lucius W. Nelson, Postmaster.

1914 May 14, Samuel T. Mason, Postmaster.

1928 May 22, Lola F. Thornton, Postmaster.

1937 January 5, Miss Nina N. Chamberlain, Postmaster.

1945 May 3, Mrs. Nina N. Ramos, Postmaster.

1945 July 16, Fern M. Greene, Postmaster.

1949 June 9, Forrest S. McNabb, Postmaster.

1969 May 26, Ben R. Taylor, Postmaster.

1971 June 26, Mrs. Ila J. Lutz, Postmaster.





1871 October 19,  A 4th class post office was established as Cana, Butte County, California located 13 miles northwest of Chico per Postal Route Map. A Railroad Station name.

Jackson Hubbell, First Postmaster. 

1873 May 23, Cincinnati Daily Times (Cincinnati, Ohio) - Cana, Cal, May 16 - Cana is within two miles of this county's northern limit. Tehama County joins Butte County on the north. Next, Shasta and then comes Siskiyou County which is the last county joining onto Oregon. The distance from Cana, Cal., to the southern line of Oregon is about two hundred miles, and from Cana to the northern extremity of the Sacramento Valley, where the mountains set in very high, is about seventy miles.

The crop prospect of this portion of California is not as good as previous years but if we do not have too much north wind between this time and the maturing of the crops there will be quite a good harvest. North wind is the bane of California. Without its injurious effects crops never would fail in the Sacramento Valley. From information from all parts of California, it appears that the summer fallow promises a fair yield. - J ~

1875 July 2, Basel W. Levens, Postmaster.

1882 June 26, John D. Morris, Postmaster.

1882 November 13, H. P. Locey, Postmaster.

1882 December 4, Abram T. Locey, Postmaster.

1886 March 10, Charles M. Sill, Postmaster.

1889 February 12, Kate Rose, Postmaster.

1895 July 31, Post Office discontinued.

1895 August 21, Post Office re-established. W. B. Montgomery, Postmaster.

1900 July 31, Post Office discontinued.

1900 September 6, Post Office re-established. Millie M. Jameson, Postmaster.

1913 June 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Vina, Tehama County.



Cascade City

1858 December 17, 4th Class Post Office established as Cascade City, Yuba County, California located 20 miles northwerst of La Porte, Plumas County, along Cascade Creek.

John M. Davies, First Postmaster.

1860, Location into Butte County with boundary change.

1860 September 10, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to La Porte, Plumas County.



Central House

1859 May 11, 4th Class Post Office established as Central House, Butte, California located 17 miles south of Oroville. A travelers stop between Oroville and Marysville.

Thomas B. Walker, First Postmaster.

1864 October 10, John S. Hutchins, Postmaster.

1907 June 3, Edward F. Biggs, Postmaster.

1909 March 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Oroville.