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Jo Giessner

1871 January 9,  - A 2nd Class Post Office established as Bigg's Station, Butte, California located four miles north of Gridley. Located on the line of the California and Oregon Railroad, Bigg's Station was a shipping point for grain. The community named for Marion Biggs, a local rancher and California State Senator.

Joseph M. Cecil, First Postmaster.~

1873 April 16, G. K. Smith, Postmaster.

1878 July 5, San Francisco Bulletin (San Francisco, California) - Destructive Fire at Biggs, Butte County - A fire at the growing town of Biggs, Butte County, on the line of the California and Oregon railroad, late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, destroyed property as follows:

Mrs. Richardson - house, furniture and clothing, @2,000. uninsured;

H. Cohn - residence, furniture and clothing, insured for $2,200 in the Fireman's Fund;

Ike Smith's block of three buildings, $3,000 insured for $1,000 in the Phoenix of Hartford; McNaul & Co., occupied one of the latter as a restaurant and lost $500, uninsured; Harry & Co., occupied the adjoining house as a saloon and estimate their loss at $500, uninsured.

Adjoining the latter building is the Sycamore Block of three large stores owned by Flint & Guernsey, who occupied one of these apartments as a grocery store, the other two being rented to L. W. Doty, tinner. and Sam Titus, dealer in agricultural implements and hardware. Flint & Guernsey estimate their loss on the building and stock at $6,000, no insurance; Doty's loss aggregates $1,800, uninsured. Sam Titus is the heaviest loser and could not duplicate his stock for less than $8,500.

On First Street, a wagon shed and store-room belonging to Titus containing agricultural implements and 1,600 grain sacks were burned.

The residence of Joseph Sparks, together with nearly all its contents, loss $2,500., uninsured.

The Butte County Register printing office and A. E. Britten's furniture store suffered a slight loss.

A carpenter shop belonging to _____ & Sparks was damaged to the extent of $8,000., uninsured.

A. Bunnell, building occupied by the printing office and furniture store, lost $800.

Mr. Rosenberg lost $3,500, which is covered by an insurance of $10,000. in several companies.~

1881 April 11, San Francisco Bulletin, State News in Brief - The people of Biggs are rejoicing over the defeat of the movers for a change in the head of the postoffice.~

1881 April 13, Solomon Davidson, Postmaster.

1883 November 2, Moses La Point, Postmaster.

1884 December 31, "Station" was dropped from name.

1886 July 26, William Delos Parker, Postmaster.

1889 June 27, Christopher S. Quimby, Postmaster.

1896 September 18, William Delos Parker, Postmaster.

1899 February 6, Charles A. Hull, Postmaster.

1904 August 27, Virgil Bunnell, Postmaster.

1911 April 13, William Delos Parker, Postmaster.




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