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1871 October 19,  A 4th class post office was established as Cana, Butte County, California located 13 miles northwest of Chico per Postal Route Map. A Railroad Station name.

Jackson Hubbell, First Postmaster. 

1873 May 23, Cincinnati Daily Times (Cincinnati, Ohio) - Cana, Cal, May 16 - Cana is within two miles of this county's northern limit. Tehama County joins Butte County on the north. Next, Shasta and then comes Siskiyou County which is the last county joining onto Oregon. The distance from Cana, Cal., to the southern line of Oregon is about two hundred miles, and from Cana to the northern extremity of the Sacramento Valley, where the mountains set in very high, is about seventy miles.

The crop prospect of this portion of California is not as good as previous years but if we do not have too much north wind between this time and the maturing of the crops there will be quite a good harvest. North wind is the bane of California. Without its injurious effects crops never would fail in the Sacramento Valley. From information from all parts of California, it appears that the summer fallow promises a fair yield. - J ~

1875 July 2, Basel W. Levens, Postmaster.

1882 June 26, John D. Morris, Postmaster.

1882 November 13, H. P. Locey, Postmaster.

1882 December 4, Abram T. Locey, Postmaster.

1886 March 10, Charles M. Sill, Postmaster.

1889 February 12, Kate Rose, Postmaster.

1895 July 31, Post Office discontinued.

1895 August 21, Post Office re-established. W. B. Montgomery, Postmaster.

1900 July 31, Post Office discontinued.

1900 September 6, Post Office re-established. Millie M. Jameson, Postmaster.

1913 June 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Vina, Tehama County.


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