Bidwell's Bar
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 7:15PM
Jo Giessner

< 1851 July 10, A 4th class post office established prior to 10 July 1851 when Washington D.C. confirmed the appointment of Edmund Shephard as the first official postmaster. Named for John Bidwell who discovered gold here 4 July 1848, the actual location is under water of Oroville Lake. Before Oroville Dam, Bidwell's Bar was located on the Middle Fork of the Feather River 30 miles (in 1851) north of Marysville.

A "Cover" existed dated 27 May 1851 and the "Postal Guide" dated 1 May 18951 listed the post office. The service was discontinued 27 May 1864 and re-established 27 November 1865 until discontinued again 30 November 1900, when the service moved to Berry Creek.~

1851 July 16, Daily National Intelligencer, Post Office Operations - The Postmaster General has established the following new Post Offices for the week ending July 12, 1851:  Bidwell's Bar, Butte, Cal., Edmund Shepherd.~

1851 November 6, Alphonso B. Newcombe, Postmaster.

1853 October 11, Peter W. Worstrom, Postmaster.

1855 January 26, Daily Democratic State Journal (Sacramento, California) - Postmasters and Offices as of the 15th Day April 1854:  Bidwell's Bar, Butte, A. B. Newcomb.~

1855 May 26, John W. Gilkeyson, Postmaster.

1857 January 5, Daily Globe (San Francisco, California) - Post-Offices and Post-Masters in California:  Bidwell's Bar, Butte County, P.W. Worstrum.~

1858 February 3, Gordon Serviss, Postmaster.

1859 July 12, George Fitzgerald, Postmaster.

1860 November 3, George W. Hess, Postmaster.

1863 December 30, George Fitzgerald, Postmaster.

1864 May 27, Post Office discontinued.

1865 November 27, Post Office re-established. John S. Pendle (Bendle?), Postmaster.

1874 July 1, Isaac R. Ketcham, Postmaster.

1900 November 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Berry Creek.

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