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"Butte County"

1853 January 21, Sacramento Daily Union - Post Offices in California, Corrected to December 1, 1852 [Butte County] Ashland, Butte, Elijah Scott; Bidwell's Bar, Butte, A.B. Newcombe; Charley's Rancho, Butte,  Charles Clark; Chico, Butte, Alex H. Barbour; Hamilton, Butte, Lyman Bristol; Lassens, Butte, C.W. Pomeroy.

1855 January 26, Daily Democratic State Journal (Sacramento, California) - Postmaster/Offices as of the 15th Day April 1854:  Ashland, Butte, Elijah Lott; Bidwell's Bar, Butte, A.B. Newcomb; Charley's Rancho, Butte, Fred Peakes; Chico, Butte, A.H. Barber; Hamilton, Butte, E.M. Burrows; Lassen's, Butte, C.W. Pomeroy.~

1857 January 5, Daily Globe (San Francisco, California) - Post-Offices and Post-Masters in California:  Ashand, Butte, Elijah Lott; Bidwell's Bar, Butte, P W Worstrum; Charley's Ranch, Butte, J Evans; Chico, Butte, John Bidwell; Cherokee, Butte, T M Daniel; Forbestown, Butte, Nathan Plum; Hamilton, Butte, R S Patton; Oroville, Butte, P S Garland; Stringtown, Butte, L D Coffin.~

1873 September 29, San Francisco Bulletin - a new variety of wheat called the Pride of Butte has been cultivated for several years past in Butte county. It is claimed that it will produce 10 bushels more to the acre than any other wheat grown in the State. The grain is plump and of remarkable whiteness. The heads are very large and have a short beard.~

1875 April 1, Sacramento Daily Union - Location of the Granges of the Patrons of Husbandry in this State (California) by Name; Post Office, County:

Chico, Chico, Butte

Evening Star, Bigg's Station, Butte

Hamilton, Bigg's Station, Butte

Nord, Nord, Butte.~

1873 September 29, San Francisco Bulletin - The boiler of the Cascade Mill near Chico blew up on Saturday morning at 6 o'clock, killing one man named Portuguese John. Another man working about fifty yards below the mill had his chin split open by a piece of scantling. The mill belonged to the Butte Flume and Lumber Company.~

1880 July 13, San Francisco Bulletin - A fire broke out in the Bennett House near Chico on last Thursday night and the people had barely time to get out before the building was entirely destroyed. Loss about $2,000.~

1889 March 14, San Diego Union (San Diego, California) - the following bits of history are taken from the last issue of the Oroville Register:  The first grant of land in Butte was made to Peter Lassen, on Deer Creek, in the Spring of 1844. The first gold found in Butte County was at Hamilton, on the Feather River, by General John Bidwell in March 1848. One of the first, if not the first murder committed in Butte, was the killing of Cassius Paris in June 1851, at Fairfield Bar.~

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