1883 July 31, 4th Class Post Office established as Merrimac, Butte, California located 7 miles northeast of Brush Creek and 16 miles southwest of Buck's Ranch per the Postal Route Map. Named after a New England river.

John Wagner, First Postmaster.

1895 June 10, Samuel N. Miller, Postmaster.

1902 April 30, Post Office discontinued.

1915 January 20, Post Office re-established. Josephine J. Douglass, Postmaster.

1928 June 20, Mrs. Josephine E. Norman, Postmaster.

1934 April 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Berry Creek.



1961 November 25, Established as a Classified Station of Chico, Butte, California. A Postal locative name.


Millers Ranch


Moores Station

AKA:  Moore's Station

1869 November 16, 4th Class Post Office established as Mooore's Station, Butte, California located 4 miles northwest of Honcut and 15 miles north of Marysville per the Postal Route Map. Named for Stage Stop owner, John C. Moore.

John C. Moore, First Postmaster.

1873 July 1, Chesley Dunkum, Postmaster.

1874 December 17, Byron Maguire, Postmaster.

1875 December 23, Post Office discontinued.

1876 May 22, Post Office re-established. Eben P. Willard, Postmaster.

1878 February 21, Daniel P. Merrill, Postmaster.

1887 April 2, John G. Ely, Postmaster.

1888 August 1, Charles S. Upham, Postmaster.

1889 July 24, William F. Gates, Postmaster.

1891 February 11, Samuel N. D. S. Mullin, Postmaster.

1892 September 30, Post Offfice discontinued and the service moved to Honcut.



1888 April 13, 4th Class Post Office established as Mooretown, Butte, California located between the the Middle and South Forks of the Feather River 7 miles northeast of Enterprise and 7 miles southwest of Lumpkin. Originally a mining supply center, later lumbering.

James H. Grubbs, First Postmaster.

1897 August 5, Eliza J. Whittier, Postmaster.

1899 October 26, Eliza J. Brooks, Postmaster.

1913 December 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Oroville.





1873 July 14, 4th Class Post Office established as Nelson, Butte, California located 7 miles south of Durham. Named for Captain A. D. Nelson, a pioneer wheat grower.

Robert F. Dockery, First Postmaster.

1875 October 26, John W. McIntosh, Postmaster.

1884 October 9, Darius Hurlburt, Postmaster.

1884 December 3, George H. Longenecker, Postmaster.

1934 July 30, Adeline A. Bossen, Postmaster.

1937 October 1, Mrs. Eveline A. McVea, Postmaster.

1947 February 7, Miss Frances L. Goodwin, Postmaster.

1947 June 27, Mrs. Frances G. Logan, Postmaster.

1949 November 8, Mrs. Estelle L. Hedstrom, Postmaster.

1953 April 23, Mrs. Lyndall Y. Conn, Postmaster.

1959 July 22, Ivin E. Bollinger, Postmaster.

1968 March 29, Chester William Kimball, Postmaster.

1975 July 3, Changed from 4th Class Post Office to Contract Post Office of Durham, Butte, California.



1880 June 15, 4th Class Post Office established as Nimshew, Butte, California located 8 miles northeast of John Adams. A phonetic spelling of a Maidu Indian word relating to "big water" or nearby Paradise Lake.

Samuel McClellan, First Postmaster.

1890 June 9, Emma M. Dufour, Postmaster.

1904 April 14, Fred E. Walker, Postmaster.

1923 June 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Chico.



1871 January 31, 4th Class Post Office established as Nord, Butte, California located 8 miles (per Railroad) northwest of Chico when established. "Nord" is "North" in the German language.

Gilbert W. Colby, First Postmaster.

1887 October 13, Charles D. Pond, Postmaster.

1891 February 27, Jefferson D. March, Postmaster.

1895 December 21, Ralph Hern, Postmaster.

1910 December 31, Harry G. Nugent, Postmaster.

1913 September 3, Alice M. Keep, Postmaster.

1914 March 19, Arthur W. Weldin, Postmaster.

1919 November 15, Post Office discontinued.

1920 April 12, Post Office re-established. Lewis A. Blair, Postmaster.

1925 January 21, Marvin V. Freeman, Postmaster.

1933 July 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Chico.


Oak Arbor > Berry Creek

1874 October 20, 4th Class Post Office established as Oak Arbor, Butte County, California located 16 miles northeast of Oroville.

David Johnson, First Postmaster.

1875 May 10, Post Office discontinued, moved and name changed to Berry Creek.

1875 May 10, 3rd Class Post Office established as Berry Creek, Butte, California, named for Henry Berry, a miner.

David Johnson, First Postmaster.

1893 July 21, Post Office moved 1 mile northeast. Anne E. Daggett, Postmaster.

1908 January 17, Barney H. Farr, Postmaster.

1908 May 25, Post Office moved 1 mile south. Warren L. Day, Postmaster.

1909 February 11, Ida B. McCallan, Postmaster.

1912 May 15, Post Office discontinued.

1913 April 11, Post Office re-established. John L. Romer, Postmaster.

1915 December 29, Charley J. Willett, Postmaster.

1918 January 10, Charles R. Counter, Postmaster.

1919 May 1, Hattie M. Mitchell, Postmaster.

1926 June 30, Post Office discontinued.

1927 October 26, Post Office re-established.



1902 August 18, 4th Class Post Office established as Oakhurst, Butte, California located within a grove of oak trees. No location recorded in the Post Office archives.

Maude R. Cook, First Postmaster.

1903 May 23, Application rescinded.



1889 July 14, 4th Class Post Office established as Ochre, Butte, California. Locastion not in Post Office Department Archives. The color of the land motivated the name.

Henry T. Epperson, First Postmaster.

1899 October 18, Application rescinded.



See:  Paradise > Orloff > Paradise



1873 September 29, San Francisco Bulletin -Oroville papers ask for more houses in that place, stating that there were many desirous of settling there, but are prevented from lack of houses to live in.~

1885 May 26, Helena Weekly (Helena, Montana) - John J. Smith appointed postmaster.~

1907 February 10, San Jose Mercury News - The Western Pacific will adopt a new system of track laying on this Coast when work starts on May 1 laying track from Marysville to Oroville. What is known as the Roberts steam train will be used and by this device the company will be able to lay two miles of track a day whereas by ordinary methods three-quarters of a mile of track is considered a big day's work. This train has never been used in California although utilized extensively in the East.~



1888 June 29, 2nd Class Post Office established as Palermo, Butte, California located 5 1/2 miles south of Oroville and 8 miles north of Moore's Station. Named for Palermo, Italy for similar terrain and climate for growing olives.

Thomas B. Ludlum, First Postmaster.

1893 September 16, Thomas C. Lee, Postmaster.

1894 February 2, William J. Grier, Postmaster.

1896 December 7, Clarence H. Peters, Postmaster.

1935 October 1, Mrs. Iris L. Nelson, Postmaster.

1945 July 25, Mrs. Iris L. Nelson, Postmaster.

1948 September 7, James E. Hawkins, Postmaster.




See:  Paradise > Orloff > Paradise


Paradise > Orloff > Paradise

1877 March 19, Post Office establsihed as Paradise, Butte, California located 16 miles northeast of Chico. The original name was Pair-O-Dice.

John H. Strong, First Postmaster.

1880 July 12, William Adams, Paradise Postmaster.

1881 June 1, Matthew Edge, Paradise Postmaster.

1882 October 9, Dodridge C. Proctor, Paradise Postmaster.

1886 July 21, John R. F. Aunelly, Paradise Postmaster.

1886 September 13, Isaac Edge, Paradise Postmaster.

1889 May 15, Cynthia Van Ness, Paradise Postmaster.

1890 November 25, Merton J. Knox, Paraidse Postmaster.

1893 September 14, Ezra C. Paxton, Paradise Postmaster.

1897 November 18, Harry L. Meline, Paradise Postmaster.

1900 October 24, William B. Lovett, Paradise Postmaster.

1901 April 1, John F. Meline, Paradise Postmaster.

1902 August 13, Ronald A. Matheson, Paradise Postmaster.

1904 April 14, Viola Buckley, Paradise Postmaster.

1905 June 30, 4th Class Post Office established as Orloff, Butte, California located 1 1/2 miles southwest of Paradise and 14 1/2 miles northeast of Chico. Named for Orloff Miller, an early settler.

Ralph M. Brown, Orloff First Postmaster.

1905 November 6, John W. Hedge, Paradise Postmaster.

1906 September 1, Frederick W. Day, Orloff Postmaster.

1907 November 16, W. A. Galbraith, Paradise Postmaster.

1911 June 15, Paradise Post Office discontinued.

1911 July 17, Orloff Post Office discontinued, moved and the name changed to Paradise.

1911 July 17, Paradise Post Office re-established from Orloff Post Office.

1928 February 20, May C. Baker, Postmaster.

1945 September 12, May C. Hatch, Postmaster.

1952 September 30, Bruce LaVerne Hunt, Postmaster.

1953 June 30, Glen C. Russell, Postmaster.

1955 April 15, Bruce L. Hunt, Postmaster.

1957 June 30, Robert T. Sheldon, Postmaster.

1971 March 10, Carl Frederickson, Postmaster.




1896 March 27, 4th Class Post Office established as Paulina, Butte, California located 8 1/2 miles northeast of Bangor and 6 1/2 miles southwest of Honcut. Named for Frank Paul, the first postmaster.

Frank Paul, First Postmaster.

1897 November 11, V. K. Parker, Postmaster.

1898 July 14, Joseph D. Austin, Postmaster.

1898 November 2, Daisy Turner, Postmaster.

1899 January 16, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Bangor.


Pea Vine

1856 January 3, Post Office established as Pea Vine, Butte, California located 7 miles northeast of Brush Creek and 16 miles southwest of Buck's Ranch. Named for the native vine growing in the vicinity.

David Whipple First Postmaster.

1864 June 6, Post office discontinued and the service moved to Brush Creek.

1858 May 12, San Francisco Bulletin via Plumas Argus - A dreadful circumstance recently occurred at Peavine, on the road from Quincy, Plumas County, to Bidwell's Bar, the exact particulars of which we have been unable to learn. It seems there was difference or difficulty between a Dr. Hogg and a man named Silva, concerning a mining claim in that vicinity, which, as is too frequently the case in California, was settled by a petty quarrel. In the altercation between the persons named, Silva was stabbed, it is supposed fatally, by Hogg. If he is not dead he is in a very critical condition. We are informed that Hogg has not been arrested, and he says he was justifiable in what he did.~