California Railroad(s)
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1869 - 1887, The California and Oregon railroad began north from Marysville in October 1869. Trains ran to Chico, Butte County on 2 July 1870. Trains came into Tehama in Tehama County on 28 August 1871 and on into Red Bluff in December of 1871. Redding received her first train 1 September 1872. It wasn't until April 1883, that work resumed through Shasta County and on into the Siskiyou mountains. Trains were running to Dunsmuir in August 1886 and on north to Hornbrook by May 1887. The summit of the Siskiyous was crossed at an elevation of 4,135 feet. On 17 December 1887, the last spike was driven and Shasta County was linked up north and south by steel rails.~

1869 October, California and Oregon railroad building starts north from Marysville, Yuba, California.

1870 July 20, Trains run into Chico, Butte, California.~

1871 August 28,  Trains reach Tehama, Tehama, California.~

1871 December, Trains run as far as Red Bluff, Tehama, California.~

1872 September 1, Redding , Shasta, California received her first train.~

1881 December 3, Shasta Courier - The Scott Valley folks are preparing to build one or more wagon roads to intersect the line of railroad in Shasta Valley [Siskiyou County].

Parties recently down from the Pit and Fall River Valleys also inform us that the old Immigrant Road from Fort Crook up one of the forks of Fall River via the New York Ranch and Sheep Rock to the line of the railroad survey in Shasta Valley will be improved and undoubtedly become the route over which the freight of the two first-mentioned valleys will mainly pass when the railroad gets in operation.

It is stated that a good free road can be laid from Fall City and Burgettville over this route at a small expense and that the distance to the railroad will be less than 55 miles.~

1882 June 12, San Francisco Bulletin:  Railroad from Willows to Tehama - Work was commenced today to connect the northern branch of the Central Pacific Railroad, which now terminates at Willows, with Tehama and Shasta line of the road. This will make a short cut of thirty-seven miles across Colusa county, and when completed will shorten considerably the time necessary to travel between San Francisco and the northern counties. Shasta and San Francisco will then be in a direct line of communication by way of Tehama and Woodland, much more direct than the old way via Roseville Junction on the main line. There will then be a line of road up both sides of the Sacramento River as far as Tehama. It is thought that this road will be completed ready for through trains by next fall.~

1883 April, railroad work resumes through Shasta County and on to Siskiyous.~

1886 May, A turntable is being located at Gibson's, fifty miles above Redding. It is expected that cars will run through by the 1st of June.~

1887 July 30, North Star newspaper of Mott, Siskiyou, California - There is a force of 6,000 or 7,000 men at work on the Oregon and California grade [railroad], which is nearly completed [most are Chinese on the Siskiyou Mountains between Yreka and Ashland]. They are expected to reduce the staging to twelve miles by the 16th.~

1898 July 3, Philadelphia Inquirer, Redding, Cal., July 2 -  OFFICIALS SHAKEN UP, RAILROAD MEN IN A WRECK NEAR REDDING, CALIFORNIA - A special train carrying a number of officials of the Union Pacific Railroad has been wrecked between Smithson and Delta, about thirty-five miles north of Redding. Although receiving a severe shaking up none of the officials were injured. The engineer and firemen were both hurt, but not seriously. The engine jumped the track in a cut, but the coaches held to the rails. Traffic was delayed about four hours.~

1901 May 14, San Diego Union - The Denny-Bar Company [Siskiyou County] appealed to the commission [Railroad] to compel the Southern Pacific to make a refund of $453.69, for an alleged over-charge on sugar shipments to Gazelle. It was shown that the rate on sugar in carloads to Gazelle was $17.40 per ton, which until recently ws $2.10 in excess of the sum of the local rate to Redding added to the local rate from Redding to Gazelle, the rate to Redding having been cut to meet the competition of the Sacramento River boats. After the company demanded a refund, the railroad advanced the Redding rate. The commission decided to ask Vice President Stubbs for an explanation of the company's action in advancing competitive rates.~

1909 Nov 11, Oregonian (Portland, Oregon) - Redding, Cal, Nov 10th - Another cave-in on Tunnel No. 1 near Coram, where the wreck of last week occurred, has postponed the clearing of the Shasta Route of the Southern Pacific until next Saturday at the earliest. There is only one through train now running from here.~

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