California Northern Forts Established
Saturday, December 17, 2011 at 11:26AM
Jo Giessner

Did you know Fort Far West was established in 1849? [sqaure bracketed info added by Jo]

May H. Southern listed the northern California forts beginning with Fort Reading in the May H. Southern Scrapbook - binder 1 in the Bogg's Collection at the Shasta County Library, Redding:

Fort Reading - 26 May 1852 [currently Hawes Ranch near Redding]

Fort Jones - 15 Oct 1852 [Scott Valley in Siskiyou County]

Fort Humboldt - 1853 [30 Jan 1853 on high cliff overlooking Humboldt Bay then in Bucksport, now Eureka]

Fort Crook - 1 Jul 1857 [Near Fall River Mills, Shasta County]

Fort Bidwell - 1866 [1865 named for John Bidwell, in Modoc County]

And, Norris A. Bleyhl in his 1984 publication -  Three Military Posts in Northeastern California 1849-1863 brings to our attention:

Fort Far West (Cantonment Far West) - 28 Sep 1849 - on the north bank of the Bear River in Yuba County

Camp Bidwell - 1 Aug 1863 - Chico area, Butte County, exact location unknown to Bleyhl

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