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California School Items

1870 February 3, Shasta Courier - A bill repealing the dog tax is pending in the legislature. We hope this county [Shasta] may be exempted from the repeal, as the revenue derived from tax on dogs goes tot he general school fund and amounts to about $600.00 per annum. We have heard no complaint against paying that tax in this county, and it benefits the schools materially.~

1886, The school facilities are good for so sparsely settled a country. Wherever the necessary number of children can be collected to form a district, a public school is established.

Religious services are held in the school buildings in absence of churches, and the intellectual and moral standing of the people is as good as can be found in any community with similar advantages. - from a promotional pamphlet pasted in a scrapbook and photocopied.~

1926 July 2, Evening Tribune,  Sacramento, July 2 - Announcement that six county school superintendents will retire from office at the end of their present terms was made today by Will C. Wood, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The retiring superintendents are:  S.M. Chaney, Glenn County; Roy Good, Mendocino County; Miss Irene Burns, Placer County; Mrs. Charlotte Cunningham, Shasta County; Miss Harriet S. Les, Yolo County, and Ira C, Landis, Riverside County.

"In practically every instance," declared Wood, "the superintendents are retiring because they cannot afford to continue serving under their present salaries. The average salary paid in the counties mentioned is only a little over $200 per month. The rural schools of California are losing the leadership of these very competent people. I hope the next legislature will make it possible for county superintendents to receive a living wage and thus continue their service to the schools."~

1939 February 21, San Diego Union, San Francisco, Feb 20 (AP) - Earl Warren, Attorney General, stated in an opinion today that Shasta Union High School District probably could not maintain successfully a court action to compel Pacific Construction Co. to provide school facilities for children of employees working on Shasta dam.

The opinion was requested by Lawrence W. Carr, Redding District Attorney, who said construction of this dam unit of Central Valley's project had "caused a great influx of people into Shasta County and a great increase in the number of students in the school district."

The opinion stated should a deficiency arise in school funds the question could be submitted to the courts to determine whether the children themselves could require the company to provide necessary school facilities.~

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