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The name California designated a utopia of gold, pearls and beautiful black women several decades before some navigator applied it to a point in what is now Lower California. In 1569 the great cartographer Mercator placed the name on the peninsula which we now call Lower California; from there the name spread north. - Erwin G. Gudde, 1949

1846 June 26, Morning News (New London, Connecticut) - It will be remembered that there are two Montereys in Mexico, one on the Pacific, in Upper California, the other one on the Rio del Tigre, near the Rio Grande - Bangor Courier

As there are but two Montereys, and one of them is in Upper California, how can there be two in Mexico?~

1849 November 23, Richmond Whig (Richmond, Virginia) -

"Dr. Semple, the President of the California Convention, is seven feet high."

The above is circulating through the papers, North and South. Like other accounts from California, it is exaggerated, unless he has grown some five inches since he was thirty years of age. The last time we saw him (some twelve years since) he was 6 feet 7 inches - He was then upwards of thirty years of age. We presume he has not grown much since.

He had a brother, (who died 10 years since) whom "T.F. Marshall once told us was second to no man he had ever known in intellectual strength. He was 6 feet 9 inches. He had, besides, some four or five other brothers averaging from 6 feet 3 to 6-9. Senator Semple of Illinois, was the lowest of the family, and he was 6 feet, 2 or 3 inches.

This family was raised in Burke's county, Kentucky - away off in the back woods. Their father (the only brother of our father who left male descendants) was for many years a member of the Virginia Legislature. When a young man he emigrated to Kentucky, where he raised a family of the tallest boys we have ever seen. - Fredericksburg News~

1852 February 3, Daily Union (Washington DC) - The State capital question has been so settled as to authorize the next legislative session to be held at Vallejo.~

1855 October 29, Daily Placer Times and Transcript (San Francisco, CA) - One of the most gigantic of the water works in our State, is the Clear Creek Ditch in Shasta county. It will be completed in about ten days. Of it the Shasta Courier says:

The ditch was commenced about the 1st of March 1855 - is forty-two miles in length from the had, near the Tower House, to Middletown - has about ten miles of side ditching in addition, and is now at the end of eight months, within ten or fifteen days of completion.

Along the line of the ditch there are three flumes of an aggregate length of 1720 feet. The first, the Clear Creek Flume is 620 feet long and 46 feet above the water. The next, over Whisky Creek is 650 feet long and 65 feet wide. The last, which spans the upper Salt Creek, is 420 feet in length and 50 feet in height. Each of these flumes is 5 1/2 feet wide, and three feet high and supported by tresses placed 16 1/2 feet apart, the lower bents being constructed with five and the upper bents with three uprights - the whole being of timbers one foot square and well braced.

Near Middle-town the company have constructed a Reservoir, capable of containing a body of water covering fifteen acres to a depth of eight feet. The most remarkable portion of this gigantic work, however, is the Tunnel which is at a section of the main trunk about three miles distant from Shasta in a southerly direction. This Tunnel is drilled through a solid rock - is about 460 feet in length, 5 1/2 feet high and 5 feet in width, of arch shape, and occupied in its completion two sets of hands at either end, night and day, for a period of three months.~

1857 March 7, San Jose - The San Jose Pioneer Beet Sugar Mfg. Co. was organized here today, with capitalization of 500 shares at $1,000. each. So far subscriptions have been taken for 160 shares.~

 1900 April 17, Anaconda Standard - Chrome ore has been a California production for 40 years. It is mainly produced in Tehama, Shasta and San Luis Obispo counties. Only ore carrying over 50 per cent is worth working. It is about $10. per ton in San Francisco and is shipped round the Horn to the East, where it competes with duty free chrome from Russia, Turkey and the black lake district in Canada.~

1910 December 15, Riverside Independent Enterprise (Riveside, CA)- Corning, Cal, Dec 14 - New York capitalists, said to be affiliated with the Morgan interests, have bonded approximately 65,000 acres of land in southern Tehama and northern Glenn counties acquiring thereby 16,000 acres for a reservoir in the basin of Dry or Little Stony creek a valuable dam site and 50,000 of the 150,000 acres that are susceptible to irrigation between Orland and Corning and the foothills at the west.~

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