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California Names

From the Historical-Onomatological Record, names on the Northern California land for the counties covered by this website. The names are the current geographical terms of importance. The dates indicate when each name or its original form came into existance.

About 1800:   Point St. George (1792); Trinidad Bay (1775); Cape Mendocino (1587); Point Gorda (1775); Point Delgada (1775) and Point Arena (1794) - all coastal locations. The original and present locations of Pt. Gorda and Pt. Delgada are not in agreement. The Pt. Arena name was actually current before 1794.

Names applied in the later Spanish period:  Smith River (1851); Siskiyou (1828); Klamath River (1826); Shasta (1814); Cascade Range (1823); Trinity (1845); Pit River (1820); Colusa (1824); Sacrmento River (1808); Feather River (1841); Cape Vizcaino (1811); Navarro River (1844).

New names applied in the early American period:  (to be continued)

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