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Mexican Rule Governors:  1836-1842, Juan B. Alvarado; 1842-1845, Manuel Micheltorena; 1845-1846, Pio Pico.~

1846, Sacramento Valley men at Bear Flag:  E Merritt, R Semple, William Fallon, William B. Ide, H. L. Ford, G. P. Swift, Samuel Neal, William Potter, Sergeant Gibson, W.M. Scott, James Gibbs, H. Sanders, P. Storm.~

1850, First five Governors for California:  Burnett, McDougal, Bigler, Johnson, Weller.~

1879, Second Constitutional Convention (1878-1879) attendees from Website Counties:

Butte:  Marion Biggs, Biggs Station, born Missouri, age 55, Farmer, Democrat, 3rd District; Augustus H. Chapman, Chico, born New York, 51, Lumber Dealer, Republican, Plumas/Lassen/Butte; Mark R. C. Pullman, Cherokee,  54, Mining Company, Democrat, Butte; Josiah Boucher, Chico, born Pennsylvania, 59, Farmer (Dayton), Republican, Butte.

Colusa:  Benjamin B. Glascock, Spring Valley, born Missouri, 35, Farmer, Democrat, Colusa.

Del Norte:  James E. Murphy, Crescent City, born Maine, 32, Lawyer, Democrat, Del Norte.

Humboldt:  James N. Barton, Ferndale, born Ohio, 48 Farmer, Democrat, Mendocino/Humboldt/Del Norte; Wilbur F. Huestis, Eureka, born Virginia, 42, Legal Clerk, Republican, 3rd District; William J. Sweasey, Eureka, born England, 73, Merchant, Independent, Humboldt.

Lassen:  Erza P. Soule, Susanville, born Ohio, 51, Milling, Republican, Plumas/Lassen.

Mendocino:  Ferdinand O. Townsend, Ukiah, born New York, 33, Farmer, Democrat, Mendocino.

Shasta:  Alexander R. Andrews, Shasta City, born Kentucky, 49, Lawyer, Democrat, Trinity/Shasta; David C. Stevenson, Millville, born Ohio, 57, Merchant, Republican, Siskiyou/Modoc/Trinity/Shasta.

Siskiyou:  Jehu Berry, Yreka, born Ohio, 52, Lawyer, Democrat, Siskiyou/Modoc.

Tehama:  Henry C. Wilson, Tehama City, born Kentucky, 51, Farmer, Democrat, Tehama.

Trinity:  Wiley J. Tinnin, Weaverville, born Mississippi, 49, Merchant, Democrat, 3rd District.~

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