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1851 September 6, The California Gazette - Post Offices in Colusi County:  Colusi, Monroeville (designated as County Seat), Moon's Ranch.~

1853 January 21, Sacramento Daily Union - Post Offices in California - Corrected to December 1, 1852 [Colusi County] Colusi, Colusi, Ben Knight; Monroeville, Colusi, J.C. Hulse; Moon's Ranch, Colusi, Nathanial Merrill; Tehama, Colusi, Newell Hall.~

1853 June 8, Daily Placer Times and Transcrip (San Francisco, California) - Colusi - We received last night, too late for insertion, the proceedings of the Democrats of the southern portion of Colusi. They appointed A. J. Weaver, Esq. delegate to the State Convention, and passed a resolution in favor of the nomination of Major Roman for Governor.~

1853 August 26, Daily Democratic State Journal-The ferry boat was kept busy yesterday crossing stock. Great numbers are being taken to Cache Creek and Colusi. [Ferry location or name not in article]~

1855 January 26, Daily Democratic State Journal (Sacramento, California) - Postmasters/Offices as of 15th Day April 1854:  Colusa, Colusa, William Vincent; Moore's Ranch, Colusa, William Vincent; Munroeville, Colusa, R. F. Pratt; Tehama, Colusa, William Vincent.~

1855 May 23, Daily Democartic State Journal (Sacramento, California) - Squire Walsh [Richard J. Walsh], of Colusa, has an ox which weighs 4,000 lbs.~

1855 August 23, Daily Placer Times and Transcript- Colusi County - Assembly - Edward J. Lewis; Sheriff - J. C. Johnston; County Clerk - J.B. Laing; District Attorney - George R. Parbert; Treasurer - D. P. Durst; Public Administrator - J.W. Bowland; County Surveyor - W.M. Owl; Assessor - Isaac Ricketts; Coroner - Dr. J.W. Betts.~

1857 July 19, Daily Globe -POST OFFICES AND POSTMASTERS IN CALIFORNIA: Colusa, William Vincent; Grand Island, Thomas Eddy;  Moon's Ranch, George Eastman; ; Monroeville, F. D. Pierpont; Princeton, R.T. Arnett; Tehama, O. Gervy.~

1857 August 24, Daily Globe -FIRE IN COLUSI COUNTY - A letter has been received in Sacramento from R.J. Walsh, of Bellview Ranch, Colusi County, stating that his hotel and out-buildings were burnt down on the 16th inst. The fire broke out in the workshop, and spread with great rapidity. Some eight hundred bushels of grain were destroyed, along with much other valuable property.~

1861 -No. 890 - Erected in 1861, this Federal/Classic Revival style building is the oldest remaining courthouse in the Sacramento Valley. The "southern" style reflects the county's heritage and states' rights sympathies during the Civil War. In its early years, the courthouse also served as a center for cultural, social, and religious activities. 

Location:  547 Market and 6th Streets, Colusa~

1870 June 2, San Francisco Bulletin (San Francisco, California) - Jacinto, Colusa county, is growing.~

1870 June 2, San Francisco Bulletin - Horse thieves are numerous and daring in Colusa county.~

1873 September 29, San Francisco Bulletin - The Colusa Sun gives the results of several experiments in cotton growing in Colusa county, and says there is no doubt that Colusa valley is as well adapted to cotton as any part of the San Joaquin, where it has been demonstrated that it will be an excellent paying crop.~

1874 January 26, San Francisco Bulletin (San Francisco, CA) - At the Excelsior cinnabar mine, Colusa, a retort had just been put up and five tanks of quicksilver taken out, when the snow and rain storm came and caved the tunnel in so they cannot work to advantage.~

1874 August 19, Territorial Enterprise (Virginia City, Nevada) - Immense piles of grain are being stored at Colusa, Princeton, Jacinto, Grimes' Landing and Grand Island. The farmers are holding for an advance in the market.~

1875 April 1, Sacramento Daily Union - Locations of the Granges of the Patrons of Husbandry in this State (California) by Name, Post Office, County:

Antelope Valley, Antelope Valley, Colusa

Center, Colusa, Colusa

Colusa, Colusa, Colusa

Freshwater, Colusa, Colusa

Funk Slough, Colusa, Colusa

Grand Island, Grand Island, Colusa

Newville, Newville, Colusa

Plaza, Jacinto, Colusa

Princeton, Princeton, Colusa

Spring Valley, Spring Valley, Colusa

Union, Princeton, Colusa

Willows, Princeton, Colusa.~

1877 December 17San Francisco Bulletin - The Colusa Sun of the 15th instant has the following concerning the sinking of the barge Governor Hayes in the Sacramento River:  Last Sunday morning the barge Governor Hayes, in tow of the steamer Dover, Captain Brewington, ran on a log at what the boatmen call 20-mile bend just below the Grand Island mills, and sunk. It seems that she made it over the log, but broke and went down, nose foremost, in 18 feet of water. She had on board 10,300 sacks of wheat, worth at Jacinto, $3 a sack, belonging to Dr. Glenn. Some 3,000 sacks were taken off the barge in a more or less damaged condition, and was sold at from 25 to 75 cents a sack. The barge has been raised, and will not be a total loss. The loss on the wheat is about $30,000. We learn that was fully insured. It seems that this log lies in a short bend of the river, where it cannot be avoided, and that it has given more or less of trouble to all the boats on the river. It was no one's business however, to remove it, although a small job, and so it remained. The Government ought certainly to give us a small appropriation towards keeping the river free from snags. If the Government will not, it would pay Colusa County to have a small amount of work done.~

1887 August 19, San Francisco Bulletin- Forest fires have destroyed much valuable timber in the western part of Colusa County. It has been burning for two weeks, and has destroyed about 25,000 acres of timber.~

1911 July 2, San Jose Mercury News (San Jose, Ca) from Colusa, July 1 - TEACHERS WITH FAMILIES - The Trustees of several school districts in this county are making efforts to obtain teachers with families having children of school age in preference to unmarried teachers. These districts have not the required number of children to keep the schools open and unless teachers with children can be obtained there will be a less number of schools in the county next fall.~

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