1898 February 7, 4th Class Post Office established as Cortina, Colusa, California, located 16 miles west of Arbuckle. Named for a Chief of a Wintun Indian village.

Frederika Von Breyman, First Postmaster.

1900 January 25, William A. G. Von Breyman, Postmaster.

1901 March 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Arbuckle.



1902 August 11, Post Office established as Delevan, Colusa, California, located 4 miles south of Norman and 5 miles north of Maxwell. Possibly a transfer name from one of the Delevan's in the East.

Henry J. Arvedson, First Postmaster.

1904 October 31, Ralph R. Grove, Postmaster.

1905 February 20, Hugh H. Morton, Postmaster.

1905 November 25, Samuel A. Garoutte, Postmaster.

1915 March 8, Chester L. Wolcott, Postmaster.

1916 September 6, Francis M. Baker, Postmaster.

1917 July 14, Post Office discontinued.

1922 August 12, Post Office re-established. Everett E. Bucknum, Postmaster.

1928 September 12, Maybelle Irene Jarman, Postmaster.

1941 February 5, William E. Baker, Postmaster.

1942 September 25, Maybelle Irene Jarman, Postmaster.

1946 March 31, Mrs. Dorothy C. Brown, Postmaster.

1951 February 28, William E. Baker, Postmaster.

1959 August 31, Changed from 4th Class Post Office to Rural Station of Willows, Glenn County.

1966, Summer Post Office to Rural Branch.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Volume 60, Number 2, Fall 2010, Page 53.


Elk Creek

See:  Elk Creek under Glenn County



1878 April 5, 4th Class Post Office established as Epperson, Colusa, California, located 4 miles south of Leesville. Named for Brutus E. Epperson (Eperson), also the First and Only Postmaster.

1899 November 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Leesville.


Fouts Springs

1882 May 8, 4th Class Post Office established as Fouts Springs, Colusa, California, located 9 miles southwest of Stony Ford. Named for John F. Fouts.

John F. Fouts, First Postmaster.

1908 July 17, Alfonso J. Burgi, Postmaster.

1913 March 31, Post Office discontinued.

1920 September 16, Sacramento Union - A paragraph from the obituary of Charles H. Glenn, son of Hugh Glenn for whom Glenn County was named:  "The deceased was also one of the owners of of Fouts Springs and took great interest in that health resort. About twelve years ago, Mr. Glenn was in very poor health and the doctors could do nothing for him. As a last resort he went to Fouts and drank its water and in a couple of months regained his health, and there upon purchased the property and made of it one of the noted health resorts of the state."

1945 June 25, Kenneth J. Johnston, Postmaster.

1945 July 31, Post Office re-established.

1946 September 5, Mrs. Betty M. Hilker, Postmaster.

1947 May 31, Post Office discontinued.

1950 September 1, Post Office re-established. Mrs. LeVera M. Hancock, Postmaster.

1956 February 29, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Stony Ford.



1874 July 20, 4th Class Post Office established as Freshwater, Colusa, California, located 11 miles southwest of Colusa and 5 miles northwest of Williams.

J. H. Durham, First Postmaster.

1877 February 16, Post Office dscontinued and the service moved to Williams.



See:  Fruto under Glenn County



See:  Rixville > Germantown > Artois under Glenn County



1881 April 26, 4th Class Post office established as Gilmore, Colusa, California, located 9 miles southwest of Venado and 5 miles north of Sulphur Creek. Named for Giles U. Gilmore.

Giles U. Gilmore, First Postmaster.

1892 November 4, William H. Plum, Postmaster.

1892 December 15, Post office discontinued and the service moved to Sulphur Creek.


Grand Island - Sycamore - Grimes

Named to designate the land lying between Sycamore Slough and the Sacramento River. About 2/3 of the acreage was within Colusa County.

1854 July 14 - A 4th class post office was established as Grand Island in Colusi County, on 14 July 1854 at a site one mile southeast of Grimes. Thomas Eddy was the first postmaster. The post office was discontinued 31 May 1919 when the service moved to Grimes. The location was said to be surrounded by the river on three sides and a slough on the fourth - thus the name "island."~

Grand Island Postmasters:

1854 July 14, Thomas Eddy, Postmaster.

1858 May 1, James G. Goodhue, Postmaster.

1863 January 26, Cornelius J. Diefendorff, Postmaster.

1866 January 22, James F. Sherwood,, Postmaster.

1867 October 2, Cornelius J. Diefendorf, Postmaster.

1884 April 24, Hiram E. Cole, Postmaster.

1891 November 18, Amos W. Cole, Postmaster.

1915 March 6, Ella D. Badgley, Postmaster.

1919 May 31, Grand Island Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Grimes.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Volume 62, Number 2, Fall 2012, Page 53.

The area had three business locations: Sycamore (formerly called Bridgeport), Grimes and Eddy's Landing.

1871 June 30, Sycamore was within a grove of Sycamore trees at the head of the "island" located on the Sacramento River 7 miles south of Colusa and 14 miles northeast of Arbuckle. The Post Office was established 30 June 1871 with Howell Davis as the first Postmaster. Discontinued 30 April 1960 the Post Office moved to Meridian in Sutter County.

"A 5th class post office was opened June 1, 1871. Howell Davis was appointed Postmaster with an annual salary of $12. He had to post a $500. bond. A receipt dated July 20, 1877 from Howell as postmaster at Sycamore for $15.72 for the amount due on the 'Quarterly Account Current' up to June 30, 1877 for Mail Route 46238 is in the writer's possession.

Following Howell's death in 1888, Mary Jeffreys, sister-in-law, was appointed Post Mistress. Three others to hold the position were Minnie Spect, Kitty Westfall Boyd, and in 1935 Mrs. Verne Hall, who continued in the position for twenty-five years, until Sycamore was so small there were only 18 to 25 families to support it, and the Sycamore Post Office was closed on April 30, 1960.

Minnie Spect originally ran the P.O. in a small store in the Davis Store building. The P.O. was moved into the Star Saloon building when she left town, about 1920. There was a new building with an addition to house a library when Verne Hall was there."

- Kaveney, Denise. (1992). The Story of Sycamore. Colusi County Historical Society Wagon Wheels, 1992.Vol XXXXII, Spring Edition, Number 1, 9-27.

Sycamore Postmasters:

1871 June 30, Howell Davis, Postmaster.

1888 May 24, Mary Jeffreys, Postmaster.

1893 September 6, Annie E. Nelson, Postmaster.

1902 October 23, Minnie Spect, Postmaster.

1905 October 3, John C. Burtis, Postmaster.

1908 March 18, Minnie Spect, Postmaster.

1916 December 5, Kitty Luella Boyd, Postmaster.

1934 May 26, Mrs. Verne Hall, Postmaster.

1960 April 30, Sycamore Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Meridian, Sutter County.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Volume 64, Number 2, Fall 2014, Page 54.

1883 April 16, Grimes was named for Cleaton Grimes. The Grimes Post Office was established 16 April 1883, although Mr. Grimes had settled the location much earlier. Grimes is within Colusa County 1 mile north of Grand Island and 6 1/2 miles south of Sycamore. Elias C. Peart was the first Postmaster.

Postmasters for Grimes:

1883 April 16, Elias C. Peart, Postmaster.

1887 July 5, Frank G. McLean, Postmaster.

1915 March 6, Edward Smith, Postmaster.

1922 April 5, Irene Beckley, Postmaster.

1960 November 30, Ward A. Peart, Postmaster.

Eddy's Landing (No Post Office), about 1 mile below Grimes on the Sacramento River was the location of a ferry for communications to the east side of the river. The Marysville Road came to this ferry location. Steamboats used the landing area also.~

1859, According to the State Register and Year Book of Facts, California, 1859, there were 2 grist mills in Colusa County. COLUSA - owned by Dunlap & Suydam - 2 stones - steam - worth $10,000; and, GRAND ISLAND - owned by G. Wilson - 3 stones - worth $20,000~

1874 January 26, San Francisco Bulletin - O. F. Cook, of the Grand Island Mills, Colusa, has patented his process of preparing wheat for manufacture into flour. It consists of taking off an unusally thin flake of bran.~

1874 August 7, Territorial Enterprise (Virginia City, Nevada) - MARRIED - In Grand Island, Colusa County, July 29, W.A. Sublett to Mrs. M.V. Welch. On the same day, Clarence C. Hicok to Cora Agnew.

1876 December 19, San Francisco Bulletin-  Colusa County Grange Officers elected: H. D. Strother, Master; M. Eddy, Overseer; J. Hearn, Lecturer; William Ogden, Steward; E. Potter, Assistant Steward; P. A. Earp, Chaplain; J. Welsh, Treasurer; J.C. Wilkins, Secretary; C.C. Hicock, Gate Keeper; Mrs. A. J. Walpool, Ceres; Mrs. C. Graham, Pomona; Mrs. M. Gleason, Flora; Mrs. M. Strother, Lady Assistant Steward.~



See:  Grand Island - Sycamore - Grimes


Hall's Ranch

See:  Tehama under Tehama County.

Hall's Ranch, Colusa County, California established prior to October 7, 1851, located 12 miles south of Red Bluff.

1851 October 7, The date the first postmaster was confirmed in Washington Postal Department:  Newell Hall. Hall owned the ferry across the Sacramento River at the site.

1851 November 29, Post Office discontinued as the name of the community changed to Tehama.

1856, Location within newly created  Tehama County.



1864  June 29, Post Office established as Hopewell, Colusa, California, located 15 miles south of Colusa and 12 miles northeast of Antelope, Yolo County. 

William Sherin, First Postmaster.

1864 September 28, William Kaerth, Postmaster.

1865 September 11, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Colusa.



See:  Jacinto under Glenn County

Also see:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Volume 66, Number 1, Spring 2016, Page 53.



1871 January 31, 4th Class Post Office established as Kanawha, Colusa, California, located 4 miles west of Willow(s). Named after a river in West Virginia.

Levi Welch, First Postmaster.

1874 September 18, John Anderson, Postmaster.

1878 February 21, George E. Diefendorf, Postmaster.

1879 June 9, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Willow(s).

1891 March 11, Site now in Glenn County.



1874 June 24, 4th Class Post Office established as Leesville, Colusa, California located 22 miles northwest of Williams. Named for Lee Harl, pioneer landowner.

Elias C. Peart, First Postmaster.

1874 June 29, San Francisco Bulletin - The following postal changes have been ordered:  At Leesville, Colusa co., Cal, Elias C. Peart, postmaster...~

1874 December 17, James H. Clark, Postmaster.

1878 December 12, William M. tucker, Postmaster.

1886 July 21, Peter S. Perdue, Postmaster.

1891 March 14, William F. Kirk, Postmaster.

1893 July 20, William J. King, Postmaster.

1896 August 18, Thomas E. Stockford, Postmaster.

1904 June 2, Jay J. Clark, Postmaster.

1910 July 20, Edward F. Clark, Postmaster.

1914 March 19, Robert F. Keegan, Postmaster.

1915 October 21, Charles J. Perdue, Postmaster.

1916 November 23, Walter C. Buckminster, Postmaster.

1918 May 22, Earl P. Nordyke, Postmaster.

1920 June 10, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Williams.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Volume 61, Number 1, Spring 2011, Page 53.


Little Stony >Stony Ford > Stonyford

1863 - The town of Smithville on Stony Creek was established and named by John L. Smith in 1863. No Post Office.

1879 January 2, 4th Class Post Office established as Little Stony, Colusa, California, located on Little Stony Creek 15 miles north of Leesville. Original site inundated by East Park Reservoir.

James R. Davis, First Postmaster.

1880 June 14, M. C. Hungerford, Postmaster.

1880 August 12, David C. Goulding, Postmaster.

1880 August 13, Post Office moved 4 miles northwest.

1882 March 15, Elbert G. Smith, Postmaster.

1882 October 11, Richard L. Burgett, Postmaster.

1886 November 15, Post Office moved 1/4 mile northwest.

1889 August 20, Charles S. Ragains, Postmaster.

1890 - The Stony Creek Improvement Company bought the place and moved the town 1/2 mile to a new site called Stony Ford.

1890 June 30, Little Stony Post Office discontinued. 

1891 June 30, 3rd Class Post Office established as Stony Ford, Colusa, California, at the crossing (ford) of Stony Creek 24 miles northwest of Sites. Originally known as "Little Stony" the name changed to "Stony Ford."

Charles L. Ragains, First Postmaster.

1894 August 9, Andrew L. Mason, Postmaster.

1894 August 9, Stony Ford changed to one word, Stonyford.

1896 September 5, Oscar H. Greene, Postmaster.

1899 February 2, Orlando A. Burrows, Postmaster.

1912 July 12, Alta Durham,. Postmaster.

1914 January 21, May Z. Durham, Postmaster.

1915 January 5, May Z. Morrill, Postmaster.

1915 August 10, Herbert O Westapher, Postmaster.

1921 August 9, Charles A. Butler, Postmaster.

1940 November 29, San Diego Union, Willows, Nov 28 - Stony Ford, tiny community in the foothills of Glenn County [s/b Colusa Co.] celebrated Thanksgiving today despite the fact the remainder of California observed the holiday a week ago. The town took a straw vote at the Nov. 5 general election and decided almost unanimously to celebrate the traditional last Thursday of the month.~

1949 October 1, Mrs. Thelma E. Sconyers, Postmaster.

1950 November 30, Mrs. Zita M. Bezio, Postmaster.

1958 August 12, Mrs. Zita M. Duke, Postmaster.



1898 February 1, 4th Class Post office established as Lodoga, Colusa, California, located 9 miles southeast of Stonyford per the Postal Route Map. Named after a lake in Finland.

William H. Ragain, First Postmaster.

1899 May 26, Post Office moved 3 1/2 miles southeast.

1900 May 18, Andrew A. Mason, Postmaster.

1901 June 21, John A. Lovelay, Postmaster.

1913 May 19, Sacramento Union - Post Offices discontinued:  Lodoga, Colusa County; mail to Sites.

1913 May 31 Post office discontinued.

1913 September 12, Post Office re-established. Charles H. Totman, Postmaster.

1917 June 30, Post Office discontinued.

1924 February 12, Post Office re-established. Mrs. Sarah D. Nordyke, Postmaster.

1937 October 1, Cecil F. Pickle, Postmaster.

1942 January 12, Mrs. Marie Newton, Postmaster.

1946 April 30, Mrs. Hazel Hulsizer, Postmaster.

1949 March 25, Mrs. Shirley E. Martin, Postmaster.

1951 May 15, Donald A. Duckworth, Postmaster.

1951 November 16, Post office discontinued and the service moved to Stonyford.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Volume 63, Number 2, Fall 2013, Page 52.



AKA:  Occident (No Post Office)

1877 March 19, 2nd Class Post Office established as Maxwell, Colusa, California, located 9 miles north of Williams and 13 miles northwest of Colusa. Named for George Maxwell, pioneer settler.

John McCoy, First Postmaster.

1877 November 6, Robert S. Spaulding, Postmaster.

1878 October 4, James D. Bacon, Postmaster.

1888 March 24, Enoch E. Scott, Postmaster.

1888 October 12, San Francisco Bulletin - Maxwell, Colusa County post office became a new money-order office per the U.S. Postal Department.

1889 December 7, Lizzie Robie, Postmaster.

1895 April 12, Mrs. Louisa A. Sutton, Postmaster.

1915 March 6, Samuel E. Crutcher, Postmaster.

1921 October 3, Charles E. Wells, Postmaster.

1935 February 12, Miss Hazel B. Stites, Postmaster.

1961 May 31, Mrs. Evelyn R. Shearin, Postmaster.



The site of Monroeville in Colusi County located at the mouth of Stony Creek and the Sacramento River approximately 36 miles from Colusi was named by Uriah P. Monroe for himself. He may have camped at the site on the Rancho Capay Mexican Land Grant as early as 1848.

According to the U. S. Postal Bulletin Archives, Monroeville had a Post Office from 1851 to 1862.

1850 July 1 to 1851 June 30, Post Office listed in Register of Officers and Agents during this period.

J. B. Shank, First Postmaster. 

1851 July 29, Per Daily Alta California Newspaper, Monroeville Post Office in operation.

1851 September 6, The California Gazette - Post Offices in Colusi County:  Colusi, Monroeville (designated as County Seat), Moon's Ranch.

1851 December, Monroeville shown on Postal Route Map.

1852 January 31, Daily Alta California - FOR MONROEVILLE (Steamer advertisement) Carrying the Upper Sacramento and Shasta U. S. Mail, the splendid steamer Express, Captain Snow, will henceforth run regularly between Sacramento City and Monroeville, calling on Fremont and Colusa and leaving Sacramento City every Tuesday and Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock and connecting at Monroeville with the Shasta Mail stages, thence to Shasta in 12 hours, and at Sacramento City with the Union line of steamers.

Fare from Sacramento City to Monroeville, $8.

Freight, $30. per ton. Through tickets for passengers from Shasta to Sacramento City, $20.

The Express is unsurpassed for speed and accommodation.

Apply to JOHN F. OSGOOD, Agent, California st. Wharf.~

1852 February 1, Daily Alta California - Cities of the Upper Sacramento - Colusi contains about a dozen houses. Monroeville, the county seat of Colusi, has yet but one domicile. Tehama, at the topmost head of high water navigation, is twice as large a place as Monreoville.~

1852 September 1, Per Shasta Courier, Monroeville Post Office operating.

1852 November 20, Sacramento Union Daily, Monroe Post Office operating.

1852 December 19, William Brown Ide died of complications of Smallpox and is buried in Monroeville Cemetery.

1853 December 14, Robert H. Pratt, Postmaster.

1855 January 26, Daily Democartic State Journal, Sacramento, California - Postmaster/Offices as of the 15th Day April 1854:  "Munroeville, Colusa, R. F. Pratt."

1855 July 13, F. L. Pierpont, Postmaster.

1856 January 12, Mail Conveyance let to R. H. Pratt for Monroeville, Colusi.

1856 February 18, Jubal Weston, Jr., Postmaster.

1858 May 20, Daily Globe, San Francisco - "Mail conveyance: From Sac. city by Fremont, Grafton, Prairie, Antelope, Grand Island, Colusis, Princeton, Monroeville and Moore's Ranch [s/b Moon's Ranch] to Tehama, 127 miles and back once per week."

1860 January 16, Robert B. Ord, Postmaster.

1862 September 18, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Colusa.

1862 October 16, Sacramento Daily Union - The following named post offices have been discontinued:  ". . . Monroeville, Colusa county, California."

1891 March 11, Site now in Glenn County.