Moon's Ranch

See: Moon's Ranch under Tehama County.



1887 April 28, 4th Class Post Office established as Moulton, colusa, California located 5 miles south of Princeton.

Peter V. Berkey, First Postmaster.

1888 July 23, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Afton.



See:  Newville under Glenn County



See: Belvidere > Norman under Glenn County



1872 December 31, 4th Class Post Office established as 6 miles northwest of Orland. Spanish phoenetic version of a Miwok Indian word.

Fountain C. Graves, First Postmaster.

1883 March 22, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Orland.

1891 March 11, Site became a part of Glenn County.



See:  Oriental > Alder Springs under Glenn County



See:  Orland under Glenn County


Placer City

Today's "Plaza" School name is said to be a corruption of the word "Placer" as in Placer City.

1850 - In November 1850 it was reported there were two two-story houses located at Placer City on the Sacramento River. (Bruff)

"Placer City was located on the Sacramento River about one and one half above Jacinto, the site selected because of a riffle where the river could be forded during low water, which gave promise of a monopoly of East and West traffic before ferries and bridges were thought of; but as the river turned sharply to the West just below the town, the teamsters preferred to camp at the site of Jacinto rather than pull into the city and retrace the mile next morning. However, there was quite a squatter settlement there that kept the town alive, and Pratt established a ferry for the better accommodation of cross country travelers, though the school and post office were located out nearer the teamster road. When the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the Mexican grant was valid, most of the squatters moved away, but Sparks, Pratt and King, in 1858 purchased the land they had hoped to homestead, and the city retained its name until Dr. H. J. Glenn purchased all the land." - Frank S. Reager, Ghost Towns of Old Colusi County, published in the Colusi County Historical Society's Wagon Wheels, April 1952, Vol II, No 2.



1854 -

1855 November 2,   A 3rd class post office was established in Colusi County, moved into Glenn County with county line establishment of 1891 and moved back to Colusa County with the later boundary line change of 6 July 1893. At first a mining camp, then a stage stop along the Colusa-Red Bluff Road, eventually a busy shipping point on the Sacramento River located 15 miles N of Colusa. Almon Lull, MD, is credited with naming the town and applying for the post office. He had about fifty signatures on the petition he circulated. Throughout local history writings, it is said Dr. Lull graduated from Princeton University and thus the name. This is not proven, and it doesn't appear that he attended Princeton or even lived in New Jersey. Robert S. Arnett was the first postmaster. Mr. John Helphenstine was the second postmaster.~

1857 September 19, Henry Van Sicle, Postmaster.

1859 March 31, Albert Munsell, Postmaster.

1862 July 11, Almond Lull, Postmaster.

1868 March 20, James H. Riddle, Postmaster.

1872 August 16, Louis Mendleson, Postmaster.

1873 January 20, David Bentley, Postmaster.

1873 May 5, San Francisco Bulletin, Princeton, May 5th - The Princeton, Colusa and Grand Island Telegraph Company has opened an office at Boggs' ranch and at Princeton today. There is great rejoicing and a jolly time over the event here.

1874 August 25, Territorial Enterprise (Virginia City, Nevada) - Princeton, August 24 - About 2 p.m. yesterday at the Prairie Saloon kept by one Murray, five miles from Jacinto on the Chico road, a shooting affray occurred. A man named Driscoll in company with two others on horseback, came to the saloon and attempted to ride inside the place, but were prevented and driven out. Driscoll then went back a few rods, got off, tied his horse and proceeded back to enter the saloon again. Finding the door closed he commenced to kick it; at the same time Murray fired at him with a rifle, the ball taking effect in his left side, killing him instantly. Murray went to Colusa and surrendered himself. An inquest was held and a verdict rendered that deceased came to his death from a rifle shot by the hands of Murray.~

1885 November 24, Nelson Butler, Postmaster.

1887 March 11, Portney P. Tapscott, Postmaster.

1888 March 24, Henry H. Etter, Postmaster.

1891 October 7, Nelson Butler, Postmaster.

1901 September 27, Henry H. Etter, Postmaster.

1905 June 16, Nelson Butler, Postmaster.

1915 March 6, Edna J. Keeran, Postmaster.

1937 July 22, Mrs. Mary E. Shear, Postmaster.

1952 March 31, Mrs. Gladys J. Oylear, Postmaster.



1900 July 6, 4th Class Post Office established as Prize, Colusa, California located 5 miles northeast of Arbuckle.

John Widderrick, Postmaster.

1903 November 30, Fred Ohrt, Postmaster.

1918 November 16, Gladys H. Hanks, Postmaster.

1919 April 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Arbuckle.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Fall 2007, Volume 57, Number 2, Pages 50-51.


Red Gate Oak Monument


Marks the entrance to Freshwater Creek Canyon about ten miles west of Williams and is located near the site of the wide spreading oak tree under which weary travelers rested enroute to the hills.

It is said that the oak was different from other oak trees that grew in the vicinity. No trace of the trre remains.

The gate near the oak was painted bright red thus the tree became known as the "Red Gate Oak."

Erected and dedicated by the Women's Club of Williams, Colusa County, California in 1932 with project acknowledgment going to the Willows Public Library; the Willows Daily Journal; Mrs. Agnes Martens; Mrs. Martha Nelson; Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards; Mrs. Charles Beck; Mrs, Olga Heidrick; Mrs. Nedra Wier; Henry J. Schafer; Iran Gibbons; and the Kelly-Griggs Museum Association (Red Bluff) for the loan of pictures and other assistance.~

Ref:  Wagon Wheels, Vol XIV, No. 1 Undated (1964); Vol XII, No. 1, Aug 1963.


Saint John

AKA: St. John

See:  St. John under Glenn County


Sheet Iron

1879 October 24, 4th Class Post Office established as Sheet Iron, Colusa, California located 4 miles northwest of Little Stony. So named because a sheet iron hut was the first building.

William E. Read, First Postmaster.

1880 March 16, Wright F. Green, Postmaster.

1880 August 16, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Little Stony.

1891 March 11, Site into Glenn County.



1855 - John Sites brought the Fisher and Sites cattle into Antelope Valley in about 1855.

1858 - John Sites located his home place in Antelope Valley.

1862 - John Sites sold the cattle and went into the sheep business. He also added acreage to his home place and began a little farming.

1887 February 11 - A 4th Class Post Office was established as Sites, Colusa, California at the location named for John H. Sites, 12 miles east of Little Stony and 13 miles west of Colusa Junction.

James A. McDonald, First Postmaster.

1887 November 19, John Sites, Postmaster.

1889 June 10, George J. Ogden, Postmaster.

1898 October 27, Willis A. Kruger, Postmaster.

1903 April 3, William J. Fryer, Postmaster.

1906 March 8, Louis N. Mikkelson, Postmaster.

1908 December 28, William W. Woodard, Postmaster.

1913 May 27, Edgar N. Jaquish, Postmaster.

1915 March 6, Leo L. Burrows, Postmaster.

1925 July 25, Charles H. Sites, Postmaster.

1927 October 28, Mrs. Georgia Icanberry, Postmaster.

1929 January 7, Louis Earl Sites, Postmaster.

1937 August 1, Mrs. Laura E. Harman, Postmaster.

1939 September 5, Mrs. Martha L. Holloway, Postmaster.

1946 February 6, Mrs. Vona E. Young, Postmaster.

1946 August 15, Mrs. Eula D. Shearin, Postmaster.

1949 October 15, Mrs. Marjorie McClutchen, Postmaster.

1957 April 5, Richard T. Williams, Postmaster.

1962 November 21, Miss Ruth Higgins, Postmaster.

1968 January 12, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Stonyford.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Volume 61, Number 2, Fall 2011, Page 53.



Spring Valley

1852 - "M. A. Britton located his home in Spring Valley, to the southwest of Williams in 1852." -JHR~

1856 - Cyrus Arbuckle was born the first child to Tacitus and Amanda Tinker Arbuckle on 14 April 1856 in Spring Valley, Colusa, California, later known as Arbuckle. He was the first of 13 children and established himself as a carpenter at the age of 13 years.

He moved north to Shasta County sometime between 1880 and 1885. On 4 May 1885, he took Ida Mae Wildey as his bride at Shasta and the couple moved to Anderson after the birth of their first child, Rolla in 1887.

Cyrus was issued a Homestead of 160 acres in the Anderson, Shasta County area on 4 August 1893. He recorded his livestock brand, a quarter circle over the letter A, on 16 December 1889.

Cyrus and Ida had a family of five children:  Rolla "Rollie" (1887 - 1967); Gladdis Mae (1895 - 1983); Velma Juanita (1902 - 1989); Alvin (1905 -2009) and Lydia (1910 - 1999).

Ida died in 1921, while the children were still young, and is buried in the Anderson Cemetery, Shasta County, California. Ida's sister, Lydia, helped with the children. Cyrus married once more to Alice.

Cyrus was known for his carpentry skills and his large, three story house on Martha Street in Anderson was always being remodeled or added on to. Cyrus and eldest son Rollie, helped construct the Cow Creek, Balls Ferry and Sacramento River bridges near Anderson.

Cyrus also did custom rice harvesting with his harvester and 12 horse team in the Colusa area.

Cyrus P. Arbuckle lived to be 75 years old departing this world on 27 April 1931. He is buried in the Anderson Cemetery next to Ida Mae.~

1869 January 29- A 4th class post office established as Spring Valley, Colusa, California located 22 miles southwest of Colusa.

Christian R. Meyer, First Postmaster

1874 June 24, David Harris, Postmaster.

1874 June 27- ". . . Post offices were established at Spring Valley, David Harris postmaster; Leesville, E. C. Peart postmaster; and at Elk Creek, Thomas McGettrick postmaster." - JHR~

1875 March 23, Christian R. Meyer, Postmaster.

1875 July 2, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Colusa.


Stone Corral

Located 6 miles west of Maxwell on the south side of Maxwell-Sites Road, where it crosses Stone Corral Creek.

A natural hollow or "corral" formed by three sides of high hills, the site may have been used by vaqueros as early as 1848, to contain their cattle. The construction of the stone fence is generally credited to Granville P. Swift, whose cattle operations covered a vast area of the Sacramento Valley in the early 1850's. After 1855, John Steele used the corral and made further improvements.

Also known as the "Old Stone Corral" many of the stones in the original fence have been removed.

The Colusa Parlor, Native Sons of the Golden West, restored the fence for historical posterity.


Sulphur Creek

1874 November 16, 4th Class Post Office established as Sulphur Creek, Colusa, California located 1 1/2 miles southwest of Wilbur Springs. Named for the chemical content of the creek and the springs  around this resort.

Martin C. Blanck, First Postmaster.

1879 January 29, Mrs. Lottie Blanck.

1883 December 20, Lottie Reed, Postmaster.

1884 August 11, George H. Snow, Postmaster.

1887 August 3, Thomas B. Persons, Postmaster.

1891 October 7, Mrs. Lala Reed, Postmaster.

1901 November 11, Jean M. P. Poirier, Postmaster.

1904 April 18, Andrew J. Clayton, Postmaster.

1905 June 20, Samuel Sloan, Postmaster.

1905 October 26, Tilden Jones, Postmaster.

1915 January 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Wilbur Springs.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Volume 65, Number 2, Fall 2015, Page 53.



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See:  Under Tehama County.



1874 May 10, 4th Class Post Office established as Venada, Colusa, California located 14 miles west of Williams. "Venado" is a Spanish word for deer.

Hardin Goodman, first Postmaster.

1875 June 29, Phineas William, Postmaster.

1877 January 30, Post Office discontinued.

1881 April 21, Post Office re-established with John C. Statler as Postmaster.

1883 May 29, Daniel E. Hamblen, Postmaster.

1886 September 18, Walter H. Perdue, Postmaster.

1889 August 9, August Shuckman, Postmaster.

1895 March 5, Lizzie Christopher, Postmaster.

1897 July 23, Frank J. Schuckman, Postmaster.

1914 April 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Williams.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Volume 64, Number 1, Spring 2014, Page 53.