"Del Norte County"

1857 March 2, Del Norte County, California created.

In February 1850, the new California State Legislature passed an act creating twenty-seven counties. Trinity County was one of the original counties and held the land that would one day be divided out to become Del Norte County. But before that happened, Klamath County was carved out of northern Trinity County in 1851 and Siskiyou was formed in 1852 from parts of Shasta and Klamath counties. In 1853, Humboldt County formed from coastal Trinity County. Then in 1857, the citizens of far northern Klamath County became enraged at the moving of the county seat from Crescent City to Orleans Bar and demanded a new county. At first called Buchanan, for the then President of the United States, the people finally settled on the Spanish language words, Del Norte (DEHL NOHR-tay) for the far northern position within the state. In 1887 a large northeastern area was surrendered to Siskiyou including Happy Camp and Klamath River area. Del Norte recovered a small portion in 1901 when boundary lines were also adjusted with Humboldt. By the time all the county boundary changes in California finally ceased in 1907, little Del Norte was tucked in her Northern California corner bordering Humboldt to the South, the State of Oregon to the North, Siskiyou to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Klamath County ceased to exist in 1874 as Humboldt and Siskiyou absorbed her territory as a result of population shifts.- [Notes from: Historical Atlas of California, 1974, Beck & Haase.]~

As early as 1853, Crescent City and vicinity residents were talking of their own identity:

1853 December 13, Crescent City correspondent of the Yreka Herald says: "The question of the propriety of forming a new State or Territory from northern California and southern Oregon is being agitated here, and from what appears to present meets with favor with the majority of our citizens. No portion of the State is at present more rapidly developing its resources or increasing its population, and it is certainly entitled to consideration accordingly, both from the State and Federal Governments."~

1880 January 29, San Francisco Bulletin - Subscriptions for the Crescent City wagon road are being circulated in Del Norte County.~

1889 March 14, San Diego Union (San Diego, California) - On the last day of the publication of the Del Norte county delinquent tax list there were but twelve delinquents.~


Crescent City

1853 October 12, 1st Class Post Office established as, Crescent City, Klamath County, California, located 75 miles north of Eureka. Named for the crescent shape bay of the Pacific Ocean.

 Beverly Miller first Postmaster.~

1854 June 1, David Hoover, Postmaster.

1855 May 26, David C. Lewis, Postmaster.

1857 March 2, Del Norte County created by the California State Legislature. Crescent City now located in Del Norte County.

1858 June 3, Benjamin Reynolds, Postmaster.

1861 July 25, Henry H. Johnson, Postmaster.

1865 March 17, William H. Woodbury, Postmaster.

1874 March 28, Klamath County dissolved.

1887 March 22, Dugald S. Sartwell, Postmaster. 

1887 May 14, Frank Burtschel, Postmaster.

1889 March 14, San Diego Union (San Diego, California) - There are thirteen saloons in Crescent City and one blacksmith-shop.~

1889 December 7, William H. Woodbury, Postmaster.

1897 September 16, James Brookfield, Postmaster.

1901 December 30, William F. Wulf, Postmaster.

1910 May 18, W. A. Howe, Postmaster.

1914 August 11, T.B. Cutler, Postmaster.

1921 August 24, Joseph M. Hamilton, Postmaster.

1922 April 1, John L. Childs, Postmaster.

1922 September 1, William J. Ohlheiser, Postmaster.

1925 May 2, Joseph M. Hamilton, Postmaster.

1930 April 22, Joseph M. Hamilton, Postmaster.

1934 August 13, Carlton T. Hansen, Postmaster.

1951 August 31, Michael E. Neish, Postmaster.

1954 July 28, Myles B. Ellis, Postmaster.

1964 February 14, Michael E. Neish, Postmaster.

See:  Crescent City, Klamath County



Ferry Point

1858 April 29, Post Office established as Ferry Point, Del Norte, California located where there was a ferry crossing of the Klamath River. Located on the east bank of the river eleven miles north of Cottage Grove and fourteen miles south of Happy Camp.

Richard Humphreys, First Postmaster.

1860 December 26, John Titus, Postmaster.

1867 July 5, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Happy Camp.

1887, County boundary adjustment makes the site located in Siskiyou County.



Fort Dick

AKA:  Fort Dick Landing; Newburg (no post offices)

1917 December 31, 3rd Class Post Office established  as Fort Dick, Del Norte, California located 8 miles northofCrescent City.  The "fort" consisted of a log cabin built by the settlers as a protection from the Indians, circa 1860. Named after one of the community leaders.

John H. Johnson, First Postmaster.~

1923 February 14, John L. Lucas, Postmaster.

1923 August 28, Mrs. Edna M. Duley, Postmaster.

1925 May 7, Mrs. Hulda J. Ashley, Postmaster.

1929 September 9, Ruth Adams, Postmaster.

1936 February 25, Mrs. Glenna Smith, Postmaster.

1937 February 12, Miss Margaret J. Younker, Postmaster.

1939 May 22, Margaret J. Hanson, Postmaster.

1966 October 5, Jack W. Anderson, Postmaster.

1973 November 10, Changed from 3rd Class Post Office to Community Post Office of Crescent City.




Fort Ter-Waw > Turwah > Terwah

1855, "In November 1855 the United States government established an Indian Reservation on the Klamath River. It gave the tribes one mile of river frontage on both sides of the Klamath River and extended 20 miles back.

Fort Ter-Waw was built six miles upstream from the mouth of the Klamath where the soldiers could keep an eye on the Indians. The name 'Ter-Waw' was Indian for 'nice place.' The soil was rich and vegetable gardens were planted. A sawmill was set up to make the lumber for the camp. By 1861 the fort was a flourishing community but things were to change.

That winter it rained and rained. Roads were washed out and the gardens disappeared under flood waters. As the waters continued to rise, twenty buildings were swept away leaving only three officers' quarters. These went a few days later. Meanwhile all the improvements at the Indian Reservation went downstream.

As the waters receded, all sorts of debris lined the river banks, some of it reclaimable. But that was the end of Camp Ter-Waw. With the water down, the men were marched out to take up new quarters north of Crescent City." - McBeth, Frances Turner (1950) Lower Klamath Country. Berkeley, California~

1898 August 6, Post Office at Terwer Flat - "A petition is being circulated and numerously signed to be presented to the Post Office Department asking that a Post Office be established and J.A. Johnson be appointed postmaster at Terwer Flat --seven miles up the Klamath from Requa. The offfice is needed for the convenience of the settlers, and we hope to see the office established."- Del Norte Record

1898 December 5,  4th class Post Office established as Turwah located 7 miles east of Requa.

James A. Johnson, First Postmaster.

1899 September 15,  Turwah Post Office discontinued. (service moved to Requa 31 Aug 1899)

1905 February 21, Post Office re-established as Terwah with Andrew G. Taylor as Postmaster.

1905 August 26, Terwah Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Requa. 



1878 November 29, 3rd Class Post Office established as Gasquet, Del Norte, California located 18 miles northeast of Crescent City per the Postal Route Map. Named fro Horace Gasquet who settled at the location in the 1850's and operated a stage stop.

Horace Gasquet, first Postmaster.

1888 July 17, Lawrent Bonnez, Postmaster.

1889 June 28, Horace Gasquet, Postmaster.

1891 July 18, Alfred Gondon (Gardon), Postmaster.

1896 July 23, Zedediah W. Shirley, Postmaster.

1897 September 15, John Eudert, Postmaster.

1902 July 15, Post Office disocntinued and the service moved to Crescent City.

1949 June 17, Post Office re-established with Mrs. Irene Symns as Postmaster.

1964 June 30, Adeline Anson Fitzgerald, Postmaster.




Happy Camp

1858 March 19,  2nd Class Post Office established as  Happy Camp, Del Norte, California. (in Siskiyou County with boundary change of 1887; recorded by Post Office Department 1888).  Located 57 miles northwest of Fort Jones. Named by the happy gold prospectors in 1851.

Henry Doolittle, First Postmaster and in same capacity in 1859.

1860 December 6, Peter H. Peverler, Postmaster.

1864 June 6, Henry Doolittle, Postmaster.

1870 February 28, James Camp, Postmaster.

1888 February 18, Gregor Von Drachenfels, Postmaster when changed from Del Norte County to Siskiyou County.

 See:  Happy Camp, Siskiyou County



1851 April 25, Current spelling of KLAMATH adopted from Chinook Indian word.

1887 March 25, Post Office established near mouth of Klamath River area and for Postal Administrative purposes was listed in Humboldt County.

Charles H. Johnson, First Postmaster.

1915 January 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Orick, Humboldt County.

1927 December 3, Klamath Post Office established in Del Norte County, located 18 miles north of Orick and 18 miles south of Crescent City.

William E. Barney, First Postmaster.

1933 August 25, Mrs. Edith A. Knudsen, Postmaster.

1946 September 19, Raymond F. Bresee, Postmaster.

1947 October 1, Mrs. Edwina M. Gray, Postmaster.

1948 January 16, Mrs. Marie D. Chaffey, Postmaster.

1963 March 1, Earl K. Morgan, Postmaster.




1904 July 29, 4th Class Post Office established as Monumental, Del Norte, California located 36 miles north of Crescent City. Name stems from the Monumental Consolidated Mine.

George F. Morgan, First Postmaster.

1904 November 22, Lulu E. Foules, Postmaster.

1911 September 15, Post Office discontinued when the service moved to Crescent City.



1878 April 10, 3rd Class Post Office established as Requa, Del Norte, California located 21 miles southeast of Crescent City and 42 miles north of Trinidad. A Yurok Indian village name "re-kwoi" meaning "Creek mouth."

Morgan G. Tucker, First Postmaster.

1882 March 6, Henry Albert, Postmaster.

1883 January 11, Post Office discontinued.

1883 February 11, Post Office re-established.

1883 February 27, E. D. Smith, Postmaster.

1883 June 28, Post Office discontinued.

1888 February 29, Post Office re-established with Mary Ann Fehely as Postmaster.

1891 September 24, Mrs. Mary A. Russ, Postmaster.

1892 May 9, Mrs. Marguerite Barrow, Postmaster.

1892 July 18, Mrs. Alida M. Leishman, Postmaster.

1894 December 17, William T. Bailey, Postmaster.

1895 October 10, Post Office moved 1/2 mile west.

1898 April 27, Post Office moved 1/2 mile east.

1898 March 24, James N. Otto, Postmaster.

1901 January 28, William T. Bailey, Postmaster.

1915 March 29, Albert M. Johnson, Postmaster.

1917 December 18, Augustus T. Smith, Postmaster.

1918 November 9, William T. Bailey, Postmaster.

1921 September 1, Edith A. Weber, Postmaster.

1930 April 15, Mrs. Fay T. Crone, Postmaster.

1937 August 24, Miss Helen A. Hall, Postmaster.

1938 April 1, William Crone, Postmaster.

1938 September 2, Mrs. Edna L. Luscombe, Postmaster.

1943 January 1, Mrs. Fay T. Crone, Postmaster.

1948 December 23, Mrs. Elsie M. Larson, Postmaster.

1949 July 19, Mrs. Elsie M. Larson, Postmaster.

1970 February 28, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Klamath.



1893 April 12, 4th Class Post Office established as Shakesville, Del Norte, California located 9 miles north of Crescent City and 5 miles south of Smith River per the Postal Route Map. Named for the principal product of the locale, shakes.

Joseph A. Bertsch, First Postmaster.

1894 November 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Crescent City.


Smith River

1863 August 12, 2nd Class Post Office established as Smith River, Del Norte, California located 15 miles north of Crescent City. Named for Jedediah S. Smith who discovered the river on June 19, 1828.

Samuel L. Grow, First Postmaster.

1869 April 25, Andrew B. Campbell, Postmaster.

1869 November 4, James Brooking, Postmaster.

1880 March 8, James Brooking, Postmaster.

1886 September 16, Elmer Jenkins, Postmaster.

1891 June 11, Lizzie Ella Hughes, Postmaster.

1893 November 4, John N. McVay, Postmaster.

1897 November 22, Joseph L. Lake, Postmaster.

1901 July 3, Daniel W. Finch, Postmaster.

1905 August 2, Frank V. Vincent, Postmaster.

1909 February 18, John A. Tyler, Postmaster.

1910 June 1, Frank V. Vincent, Postmaster.

1912 June 5, Anna Beam, Postmaster.

1924 February 14, Mrs. Ethel L. Goodlin, Postmaster.

1924 April 3, Ray A. Ferrill, Postmaster.

1929 December 19, Pearl M. Hight, Postmaster.

1939 March 7, Mrs. Pearl Bosch, Postmaster.

1965 September 10, Mrs. Mabel C. Maris, Postmaster.




1905 March 6, 4th Class Post Office established as Wakefield, Del Norte, California located 3 miles northeast of of Crescent City and 12 miles southwest of Smith River. Named for William Wakefield, the first postmaster.

William L. Wakefield, First Postmaster.

1913 July 14, Ida May Burnett, Postmaster.

1918 March 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Fort Dick.