Fort Dick
Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 1:52PM
Jo Giessner

AKA:  Fort Dick Landing; Newburg (no post offices)

1917 December 31, 3rd Class Post Office established  as Fort Dick, Del Norte, California located 8 miles northofCrescent City.  The "fort" consisted of a log cabin built by the settlers as a protection from the Indians, circa 1860. Named after one of the community leaders.

John H. Johnson, First Postmaster.~

1923 February 14, John L. Lucas, Postmaster.

1923 August 28, Mrs. Edna M. Duley, Postmaster.

1925 May 7, Mrs. Hulda J. Ashley, Postmaster.

1929 September 9, Ruth Adams, Postmaster.

1936 February 25, Mrs. Glenna Smith, Postmaster.

1937 February 12, Miss Margaret J. Younker, Postmaster.

1939 May 22, Margaret J. Hanson, Postmaster.

1966 October 5, Jack W. Anderson, Postmaster.

1973 November 10, Changed from 3rd Class Post Office to Community Post Office of Crescent City.



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