"Del Norte County"
Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 7:40PM
Jo Giessner

1857 March 2, Del Norte County, California created.

In February 1850, the new California State Legislature passed an act creating twenty-seven counties. Trinity County was one of the original counties and held the land that would one day be divided out to become Del Norte County. But before that happened, Klamath County was carved out of northern Trinity County in 1851 and Siskiyou was formed in 1852 from parts of Shasta and Klamath counties. In 1853, Humboldt County formed from coastal Trinity County. Then in 1857, the citizens of far northern Klamath County became enraged at the moving of the county seat from Crescent City to Orleans Bar and demanded a new county. At first called Buchanan, for the then President of the United States, the people finally settled on the Spanish language words, Del Norte (DEHL NOHR-tay) for the far northern position within the state. In 1887 a large northeastern area was surrendered to Siskiyou including Happy Camp and Klamath River area. Del Norte recovered a small portion in 1901 when boundary lines were also adjusted with Humboldt. By the time all the county boundary changes in California finally ceased in 1907, little Del Norte was tucked in her Northern California corner bordering Humboldt to the South, the State of Oregon to the North, Siskiyou to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Klamath County ceased to exist in 1874 as Humboldt and Siskiyou absorbed her territory as a result of population shifts.- [Notes from: Historical Atlas of California, 1974, Beck & Haase.]~

As early as 1853, Crescent City and vicinity residents were talking of their own identity:

1853 December 13, Crescent City correspondent of the Yreka Herald says: "The question of the propriety of forming a new State or Territory from northern California and southern Oregon is being agitated here, and from what appears to present meets with favor with the majority of our citizens. No portion of the State is at present more rapidly developing its resources or increasing its population, and it is certainly entitled to consideration accordingly, both from the State and Federal Governments."~

1880 January 29, San Francisco Bulletin - Subscriptions for the Crescent City wagon road are being circulated in Del Norte County.~

1889 March 14, San Diego Union (San Diego, California) - On the last day of the publication of the Del Norte county delinquent tax list there were but twelve delinquents.~

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