"Glenn County"

1889 March 18, Evening News (San Jose, CA) - Willows, Cal., March 18 - The Glenn County special train left here for Sacramento at 11 o'clock this morning with a thousand people on board to urge the governor to sign the bill for a division of Glenn county. Two brass bands accompanied the excursionists and great enthusiasm prevailed.~

1891 March 11, Riverside Daily Press (Riverside, California) - The Governor this morning approved the Glenn County bill, and the election will take place on the first Tuesday in May. In the meantime the new county will be under the old county officers and five commissioners to be appointed by the Governor in a few days.~

1891 March 27, San Francisco Bulletin -Sacramento, Cal, March 26 - The Governor to-day appointed the following Commissioners to superintend the election for the organization of Glenn county:  J.R. Troxell, George H. Purkitt, Butler N. Schribner, J.N. Davis and Milton French.~

1891 April 21, San Francisco Bulletin - On the first Tuesday of next month a special election will be held in the proposed county of Glenn, on the question of creating that new county, and also for the election of a full set of officers.~

1891 May 12 Riverside Independent Enterprise (Riverside, California) - Willows, Cal,  May 11 - Glenn county commissioners met this afternoon and canvassed the recent vote. The official count gives Glenn county a majority of 273. The county is organized and all the officers are sworn in. Fifty-four guns are being fired in honor of Glenn county being the fifty-fourth county in the state.~

1891 May 13, Riverside Daily Press - Glenn County officers are installed, and California now has fifty-four counties.~

1892 January 7, New York Herald Tribune - A MISSING HEIRESS FOUND - Chico, Cal., Jan 6 - T.P. McIntyre, a private detective, of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, arrived here last Friday and went over to Glenn County in search of J.M. Martin and wife, the latter being the rightful heir to a fortune left by her father, ex-congressman Cross of Vermont. About ten years ago Miss Bertha Cross met Martin in Washington D.C. As the father opposed the marriage, the couple eloped. Several yearts later they came to California. The mother of the girl has since died, and last July the father died, leaving the entire fortune of about $1,000.000 to this only daughter. Detectives have been searching for her ever since her father's death, and finally located her in Glenn County. The Martins for several years lived in this city [Chico] in poor circumstances, and a moth ago moved to Glenn County. Martin, his wife and the detective left here today for St. Johnsbury.~

1892 December 5, Evening News (San Jose, CA) - Paul O. Burns, who was arrested in San Francisco yesterday on a warrant from Glenn County charging him with obtaining money from the New York Life Insurance Company, by false pretenses, was taken off the train en route last evening and brought to Sacramento on a writ of habeas corpus. This is the second time Burns has been arrested on Glenn County warrants. The first time he was released by Judge Murphy of San Francisco on habeas corpus. The second writ is returnable before Judge Catlin tomorrow.~

1895 December 23, Times Picayune - Wild geese are very plentiful in many parts of northern California this fall. It was estimated that fully 5000 were killed in Glenn county in about 10 days toward the end of November.~

1903 January 13, Boston Journal - San Francisco, Jan 11 - One of the largest specimens of the fossil Ichthyosaurus ever discovered in this country has been found by two prospectors in the coast range in the western part of Glenn County, California.

The bones of the ancient monster are imbedded in sandstone rock in a little canon on the western slope of the mountain. A portion of the remains were uncovered while blasting rock in search of minerals. The prospectors believed it to be the remains of a whale, judging from the gigantic head and jaws, but local scientists pronounce it the remains of the pre-historic fish lizard known as the Ichthyosaurus.

The full length of the fossil exceeds 30 feet. An effort will be made to preserve the bones intact for museum purposes. It this vicinity are many interesting fossiliferous remains of the Devonian and Silurian ages. Ammonites of a foot thick and three feet in diameter are found near the huge fossil, together with many other antediluvian bivalves.~

1905 May 11, Daily Herald - Dunkards from eastern states have bought 2,000 acres of farming land in Glenn County, California, and will settle there with their families. The land will be divided into 40 and 80 acre tracts.~

1912 July 21, San Jose Mercury News - The almond growers of Glenn county have organized the Almond Growers Association and have incorporated under that name.~

1912 July 21, San Jose Mercury News - Experiments are being made in Glenn County with German Millet as a second crop following barley. About 300 acres have been planted on land from which a barley crop has already been harvested. The millet crop will be irrigated.~

1918 November 11, Evening Tribune - San Francisco, Nov. 9 - Glenn County claims the honor of being the first county in California to subscribe its quota of the United War work campaign which opens officially next Monday. Ernest L. Mogge, California state campaign director, today announced the receipt of a telegram from George R. Freeman, president of the board of supervisors of Glenn County and Chairman of the county campaign committee, that Glenn County had subscribed its full amount $18,300.~

1922 November 26, Oregonian (Portland, Oregon) - TREES TO ADORN ROADS - . . . Artois Development Association, walnut trees for planting three miles in Glenn County. . .[Highway 99]~

1923 August 29, Oregonian (Portland, Oregon) Vancouver, Wash., Aug 28 - Portland Attorney Who Resided in Vancouver Succumbs - Oval Pirkey, ex-superior court judge of California and for a short time Vancouver City librarian, died this morning at the St. Joseph Hospital after a brief illness. Although he lived here, Mr. Pirkey practiced law in Portland. His widow, Mrs. Marian Pirkey, has been librarian here for many years succeeding her husband in 1913.

Mr. Pirkey was born in Tennessee 63 years ago. In  1898 he was elected Superior Judge of Glenn County, California, and served on the bench for six years. He and his family came to Vancouver in 1913. Besides his widow, the deceased is survived by one son, Oval Pirkey, Jr. who is appearing in vaudeville on the Keith circuit.

Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 o'clock in the Limber Chapel. The body will be taken to Blaine, Washington for burial.~

1926 June 19, Evening Tribune (San Diego, California) - S.M. Chaney has withdrawn as a candidate for the office of superintendent of Glenn county schools. Chaney said he desired to give those working under him a chance to make a race. The only candidate now is Edgar Mapes of Artois.~

1927 August 18, Riverside Daily Press (Riverside, California) - GLENN COUNTY TRIES RUBBER PLANT -Automobile tires, overshoes and raincoats may be products of Glenn county in the next few years, if culture of the guayule rubber shrub proves as successful in the future as it has here recently.

Thus declares H. R. Hastings, representing the Inter-Continental Rubber Company, conducting experimental plots at Red Bluff, Artois, Arbuckle and Woodland.

Grasshoppers caused a little trouble in the Artois tract, but were successfully combated by importing a flock of trained turkeys to guard the rubber plantation.~



1887 April 28, , 4th class post office established as Afton, Colusa, California, located 6 miles south of Butte City.  Afton was said to be named by an early settler for his home town [perhaps, Afton, Nelson County, Virginia].

David Etter, First Postmaster.

1888 December 10, Basile Charlebois, Postmaster.

1891 March 11, Post Office now in newly created Glenn County.

1899 February 2, James N. Davis, Postmaster.

1903 May 23, Basile Charlebois, Postmaster.

1907 April 22, Bertha Charlebois, Postmaster.

1907 November 5, Willis E. Armstrong, Postmaster.

1908 December 29, John B. Bochsner, Postmaster.

1909 October 8, Elmer A. Annand, Postmaster.

1910 December 15, Post Office discontinued.

1915 January or June 20, Post Office re-established with Mrs. Dena Tubbergen as Postmaster.

1923 April 30,  Post Office discontinued and service moved to Butte City.


Alder Springs

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1959 August 1 - Postal Service established as a rural station of Glenn (community and post office). Bayliss is located 6 miles northwest of Glenn.

1966 August 6, Changed to a rural branch without personnel.

1974, Dropped from Department of Post Offices .



Belvidere > Norman

1879 June 9, 4th Class Post Office established as Belvidere, Colusa, California located 12 miles southeast of Willows and 6 miles west of Princeton. Name means "beautiful view" in Italian.

George D'Autrevil, First Postmaster.

1879 August 25, Belvidere Post Office discontinued and the name changed to Norman. Named for Norman Rideout whose father owned 11,640 acres of farm land in the area.

1883 December 6, John M. abbott, Postmaster.

1889 December 15, Post Office discontinued.

1890 October 20, Post Office re-established.

1890 October 30, Samuel K. N. Patton, Postmaster.

1891 March 11, Into Glenn County.

1898 June 30, Elbert P. Willard, Postmaster.

1901 February 26, Henry S. Keeran, Postmaster.

1902 October 7, John G. Greenleaf, Postmaster.

1914 May 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Willows.




1905 June 30, 4th Class Post Office established as Bickford, Glenn, California with no record of operation or record of location according to the United States Postal Department.

Named for Octavius F. Bickford, also the first postmaster.

1905 November 10, Post Office discontinued.


Butte City

1850 Founded as a river shipping point originally in Colusa County and the only town site laid out on the East side of the Sacramento River, Butte City was named for the nearby Sutter Buttes and was 5 1/2 miles NE of Princeton and 6 1/2 miles SE of Glenn. There was a ferry crossing at this location established by the Marysville-Shasta Stage Line in 1875.

1873 May 28, The third class Post Office was established as Butte City, Colusa, California.

A. W. Cooly was the first Postmaster.

1875 April 14, William F. Miller, Postmaster.

1891 March 11, Butte City now in newly created Glenn County.

At one time, Butte City contained a church, school, hotel, saloon, blacksmith shop, two general merchandise stores and a large warehouse. The agricultural land was considered very rich and capable of good crop production.~

1894 July 27, Melville H. Wangenheim, Postmaster.

1897 April 24, Michael Blum, Postmaster.

1897 December 31, Charles O. Davidson, Postmaster.

1902 June 18, Birdie M. Miller, Postmaster.

1906 November 28, Achsah D. Miller, Postmaster.

1909 October 7, Ed Barham, Postmaster.

1914 January 9, Jackson James, Postmaster.

1925 February 23, Nellys R. Squier, Postmaster.

1943 August 3, Lester Guy Squier, Postmaster.

1955 October 22, Genese H. Mason, Postmaster.

1956 October 30, Mrs. Myrtie M. Morris, Postmaster.

1957 August 29, Mrs. Eldrude E. Case, Postmaster.

1965 June 11, Mrs. Alyce J. Clay, Postmaster.

1967 September 30, Geraldine M. Glassgow, Postmaster.


Elk Creek

1872 June 19, 3rd Class Post Office established as Elk Creek, Colusa, California located 23 miles northwest of Willows. Named for the abundance of Elk in the area.

Leon Newman, First Postmaster.

? June 26, Thomas McGetrick, Postmaster.

1875 September 17, John E. Holland, Postmaster.

1877 August 6, Perley Dunlap, Postmaster.

1879 January 30, William H. Pyle, Postmaster.

1889 January 23, William H. Sale, Postmaster.

1889 November 1, John J. West, Postmaster.

1891 March 11, Elk Creek Post Office into Glenn County.

1891 September 3, Abel H. Martin, Postmaster.

1892 January 14, Harry S. Gibbs, Postmaster.

1901 July 26, John Knight, Postmaster.

1911 March 6, Alonzo R. Bickford, Postmaster.

1913 November 14, James L. Lucas, Postmaster.

1927 November 3, Mrs. Georgia T. Provence, Postmaster.

1930 October 11, Mrs. Electa M. Butler, Postmaster.

1936 February 9, Mrs. Rena A. Sale, Postmaster.

1938 October 1, Lyle G. Sale, Postmaster.

1948 May 7, Mrs. Betty J. Harper, Postmaster.

1948 September 16, Mrs. Fern N. Peace, Postmaster.

1951 November 15, Mrs. LeNette E. Yarwood, Postmaster.



1906 January 9, 4th Class Post Office established as Floyd, Glenn, California located 12 miles west of Orland and 10 miles east of Newville.

John R. Hunt, First Postmaster.

1907 December 14, James M. Floyd, Postmaster.

1909 November 4, George W. Markham, Postmaster.

1911 March 31, Post office discontinued and the service moved to Orland.



1888 July 2, 4th Class Post Office established as Fruto, Colusa, California located 7 miles east of Elk Creek and 19 miles northwest of Willows. Fruto is the Spanish word for fruit. There was an abundance of fruit orchards in the vicinity.

Andrew W. Sehorn, First Postmaster.

1890 October 2, Gustave F. Behrens, Postmaster.

1891 March 11, Fruto Post Office now in the newly created Glenn County.

1905 November 30, Harry S. Gibbs, Postmaster.

1911 December 5, Hardy J. Haskell, Postmaster.

1917 September 14, Amiel Landberg, Postmaster.

1946 November 15, Mrs. Cleo L. Spence, Postmaster.

1949 January 16, Mrs. Nedra A. Wier, Postmaster.

1951 September 13, Charlotte C. Boone, Postmaster.

1953 August 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Willows.



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1903 November 11 or/ November 8, 3rd Class Post Office established as Glenn, Glenn, California located 6 miles north of Butte City and 4 miles south of Jacinto. Name honors Dr. Hugh James Glenn, large land holder, stockraiser and wheat grower, and for whom the county was named.

Samuel Givens, First Postmaster.


Glenn, Dr. Hugh J. - Family - Ranch 

1873 October 11, San Francisco Bulletin - Dr. Glenn, of the Glenn ranch, Colusa county, contemplates sowing 20,000 acres of wheat the coming season.~

1883 February 19Philadelphia Enquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - ASSASSINATED - A Prominent California Ranchman and Politician Killed - San Francisco, Feb 18 - A dispatch from Princeton, Colusa county, says:  Dr. H. J. Glenn, the largest wheat raiser of the State, who ran for Governor on the Democratic ticket in 1879, was shot on his ranch, at Jacinto, yesterday, by H. Miller, his book-keeper, and died today. Miller refused to surrender until shot in the knee by R.M. Cochrane, Glenn's superintendent, when he was arrested. The only cause yet known for the shooting is that Miller did not give satisfaction as book-keeper and was discharged.~

1890 January 22San Francisco Bulletin (San Francisco, California) - Royal Glenn, aged twenty years, the youngest son of the late Hugh J. Glenn died at Jacinto, Colusa County, Monday [20 January 1890] from an attack of pneumonia.~

1909 August 31, Boston Journal - ". . .The famous Glenn Ranch, which at one time was the biggest wheat ranch in the world, now has more alfalfa farms than hen ranches. It has been from time to time, subdivided and sold in small holdings, and each holding has invariably been planted by the buyer to alfalfa. The old home place of the late Dr. Glenn has alfalfa growing on three sides of the house and on the other side flows the Sacramento River. Mr. Frank Glenn, son of the late Dr. Glenn, who lives north of the old home place in a magnificent mansion built there recently by him, is giving up the growing of wheat and is planting this home place as rapidly as possible to alfalfa. He has recently sold two sections of the best land to the Alfalfa Land Company who have so subdivided this land into 10, 20 and 40 acre tracts that each one faces a road. They are planting the entire 1300 acres and putting it under irrigation and are selling these 10, 20 and 40-acre farms on easy terms of payment to persons who are ambitious either to become farmers or to own a safe, lucrative, income-paying property that can be bought on easy terms of payment.

The Alfalfa Land Company harvests and markets the crops raised on the land and credits the buyer with the net proceeds of the sale of the alfalfa. They have in charge a competent alfalfa planter and irrigator, who gives his entire attention to the irrigating of this tract and the raising of alfalfa."~

1938 November 22, Oregonian - EARLY OREGONIAN DIES IN BAY CITY - MRS. ELLA LEONARD, WIDOW OF PETER FRENCH - WILLOWS, CAL., Nov 21 -  Mrs. Ella Leonard, last surviving child of the late Dr. Hugh Glenn, after whom Glenn County was named, died Monday in San Francisco of a long illness.

She was born on the family's ranch home near Willows about 80 years ago, when her father was one of the world's wheat barons, raising nearly a million bushels in one season.

She was twice married. Her first husband was the late Peter French, owner of one of Oregon's most famous ranches. Her second husband was the late Charles Leonard, San Francisco Banker.

Two nieces and a nephew survive - Mrs. William Hatch, Woodland, Cal.; Mrs. Nancy Small, New York City; and Gleeve Glenn, San Francisco.

Mrs. Leonard was the widow of "Pete" French, early Oregon cattle king, who built up the largest land holdings of any man in the northwest. She divorced him in the early '80's and went to California. French was murdered in December 1897, at the age of 48, leaving the largest estate ever put together in the northwest.~

1939 June 6, GLENN - In this city [San Francisco] June 6, 1939, Alphoinso Gleave Glenn, beloved husband of Helen M. Glenn, loving father of Mrs. Hubert Inch, Mrs. Leigh Athearn and Hugh James Glenn, brother of Mrs. W.K. Hatch.

Funeral Services will be held Wednesday at 2 o'clock p.m. from the mortuary of Halstead & Co., 1123 Sutter St., near Polk,. Interment private.~



Hamilton City

1906 May 26, 2nd Class Post Office established as Hamilton City, Glenn, California, located 3 miles north of Saint John.

Edwin E. Parker, First Postmaster.

1907 February 1, George C. Cowart, Postmaster.

1907 October 24, William J. Applegate, Postmaster.

1912 June 8, Patrick S. Quigley, Postmaster.

1920 February 11, Laurence A. Murray, Postmaster.

1923 April 15, John H. McAnally, Postmaster.

1924 January 9, Blanche M. Staton, Postmaster.

1927 September 1, Herma L. McBain, Postmaster.

1931 June 10, Blanche Lowery, Postmaster.

1931 October 7, Charles M. Rice, Postmaster.

1948 October 1, John R. Daugherty, Postmaster.




1858 March 19, 4th Class Post Office established as Jacinto, Colusa, California located 14 miles northeast of Willow(s). Named for Jacinto Rodriquez, grantee of the Rancho Jacinto Mexican Land Grant of 1844.

Byron O. Smith, First Postmaster.

1862 July 25, Stephen Smith, Postmaster.

1873 July 10, P. N. Aronson, Postmaster.

1873 July 14, San Francisco Bulletin - POSTAL CHANGES FOR THE PACIFIC COAST - WASHINGTOn, JULY 13 -- (ORDERED DURING LAST WEEK) Postmasters Appointed:  ... Jacinto, Colusa County, California, P. R. N. Aroncon...

1882 March 7, Hugh J. Glenn, Postmaster.

1883 April 9, Alphones G. Glenn, Postmaster.

1888 May 28, Charles H. Glenn, Postmaster.

1891 March 11, Into Glenn County.

1908 July 24, Charles Lee Leonard, Postmaster.

1910 November 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Glenn.




1894 April 26, 4th Class Post Office established as Millsaps, Glenn, California located 10 miles north of Elk Creek. Honors George W. Millsaps, an 1854 settler.

Walter Roden, First Postmaster.

1896 October 31, O. C. Cooper, Postmaster.

1900 November 23, George W. Millsaps, Jr., Postmaster.

1912 April 23, Walter Roden, Postmaster.

1926 February 5, Walter Roden, Jr., Postmaster.

1927 June 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Orland.


Millsaps' Glenn County Mining Company

1915, The Siskiyou and Nightingale consists of 40 acres in the Shasta Forest Reserve, in Sec 2, T. 35N, R. 6 W., 7 miles west of Dog Creek Railroad, in the Dog Creek mining district. Elevation 2200 feet. Owners, Glenn County Mining Company; home office, Millsaps; George Millsaps, president; A. Luce, secretary. Five veins on the claims. Strike of main vein east and west, dip vertical, slate footwall and adequate hanging. Pay shoot 450 feet long and 3 feet wide, free milling. Workings consist of five tunnels on vein from 100 to 500 feet long and four drifts. Two men employed. Active development work to be pursued. Delta Consolidated to north and Trinity Consolidated to south.

From Mines and Mineral Resources (Shasta, Siskiyou, Trinity Counties), California State Mining Bureau; G. Chester Brown, Field Assistant; California State Printing Office, 1915.



See: under Colusi - Colusa County



1868 April 21, 4th Class Post Office established as Newville, Colusa, California located 22 miles northwest of Orland.

Moses M. Feder, First Postmaster.

1888 July 9, Stephen M. Conington, Postmaster.

1891 March 11, Into the newly created Glenn County.

1891 October 7, John Canty, Postmaster.

1893 July 25, Henry A. Scribner, Postmaster.

1897 May 12, Lafayette W. Warmouth, Jr., Postmaster.

1900 February 24, Alden B. Walker, Postmaster.

1907 December 14, James M. Floyd, Postmaster.

1908 November 16, David J. Mitchell, Postmaster.

1915 March 6, Laura R. Millsaps, Postmaster.

1918 January 14, George W. Millsaps, Postmaster.

1918 October 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Orland.