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Butte City

1850 Founded as a river shipping point originally in Colusa County and the only town site laid out on the East side of the Sacramento River, Butte City was named for the nearby Sutter Buttes and was 5 1/2 miles NE of Princeton and 6 1/2 miles SE of Glenn. There was a ferry crossing at this location established by the Marysville-Shasta Stage Line in 1875.

1873 May 28, The third class Post Office was established as Butte City, Colusa, California.

A. W. Cooly was the first Postmaster.

1875 April 14, William F. Miller, Postmaster.

1891 March 11, Butte City now in newly created Glenn County.

At one time, Butte City contained a church, school, hotel, saloon, blacksmith shop, two general merchandise stores and a large warehouse. The agricultural land was considered very rich and capable of good crop production.~

1894 July 27, Melville H. Wangenheim, Postmaster.

1897 April 24, Michael Blum, Postmaster.

1897 December 31, Charles O. Davidson, Postmaster.

1902 June 18, Birdie M. Miller, Postmaster.

1906 November 28, Achsah D. Miller, Postmaster.

1909 October 7, Ed Barham, Postmaster.

1914 January 9, Jackson James, Postmaster.

1925 February 23, Nellys R. Squier, Postmaster.

1943 August 3, Lester Guy Squier, Postmaster.

1955 October 22, Genese H. Mason, Postmaster.

1956 October 30, Mrs. Myrtie M. Morris, Postmaster.

1957 August 29, Mrs. Eldrude E. Case, Postmaster.

1965 June 11, Mrs. Alyce J. Clay, Postmaster.

1967 September 30, Geraldine M. Glassgow, Postmaster.

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