1959 July 1, Ordbend, Glenn, California established as a Rural Station of Glenn. Located 7 miles north of Glenn and named for E. O. C. Ord, rancher and operator of a ferry at a bend in the Sacramento River.

1966, Changed to Rural Branch.



Oriental > Alder Springs

1888 April 25, 4th Class Post Office established as Oriental, Colusa, California, located 19 miles northwest of Elk Creek.

George H. Baker was the first Postmaster.

1891 March 11, Into the newly created Glenn County.

1896 February 20, Luella Baker, Postmaster.

1897 November 11, Luella Chamberland, Postmaster.

1900 July 20, Thomas G. Perry, Postmaster.

1902 April 4, Walter Roden, Postmaster.

1906 February 26, Ruben W. Hartman, Postmaster.

1907 April 12, John Powell, Postmaster.

1917 November 20, 4th class established as Alder Springs, Glenn, California from what was first called Oriental. The name stems from the alder trees growing around the springs of the location 19 miles northwest of Elk Creek.

Ruben W. Hartman, First Postmaster.

1940 June 15, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Elk Creek.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Spring 2005, Volume 55, Number 1, Page 27.



1876 May 5, 1st Class Post Office established as Orland, Colusa, California located 22 miles west of Chico, Butte County, and 16 miles north of Willows (County Seat). One version:  named after the birthplace of an early settler.

Frederick W. Brown, First Postmaster.

1878 December 12, Silas R. Lewis, Postmaster.

1879 November 11, Mrs. Matilda J. Lewis, Postmaster.

1882 October 5, Elijah Nichols, Postmaster.

1891 March 11, Into the newly created Glenn County.

1891 December 12, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Clark, Postmaster.

1894 March 26, William K. Morrissey, Postmaster.

1898 June 20, Theodore W. Birch, Postmaster.

1902 August 11, Hattie M. Birch, Postmaster.

1904 April 27, Alzona Brown, Postmaster.

1908 April 30, Clyde L De Armon, Postmaster.

1914 March 10, John N. Tibessart, Postmaster.

1928 January 11, Frederick S. Lowden, Postmaster.

1930 July 31, San Diego Union, Orland, Cal., July 30- Mrs. Frances Miriam Price, Glenn County's oldest resident, celebrated her 99th birthday here. Mrs. Price came to California from Missouri 76 years ago and has lived in Glenn county nearly 60 years. She is the mother of 12 children, grandmother of 16, and great-grandmother of nine. ~

1948 July 1, John B. Heintz, Postmaster.



See:  Princeton under Colusa County.


Rixville > Germantown > Artois

1876 -"On the Northern Railway, six miles north of Willows and twelve miles south of the northern boundary line of the county is located Germantown, which derives its name from the large settlement of Germans in and about the town. It was a trading point before the advent of the railroad, M. Hagaman [Martin Hagemann] having built a store here in August 1876 and Eppinger & Co. the year later opened a general merchandise establishment. The place is surrounded by a fertile country, peopled by industrious, prosperous citizens, who ship their wheat and do their trading here. The town is supplied with one large merchandise store, one fruit and tobacco store, millinery, harness and undertaking, livery stable, meat market, boot and shoe shop, blacksmith and wagon shop, one hotel, the Union, and four saloons. A large warehouse, fifty by seven hundred feet, under the management of Hochheimer & Co., furnishes storage for grain. The place has a number of fine residences and a substantial, neat school building, and, although a small town, comparatively, it figures largely in the total prosperity of the county.

The firm of Eppinger & Co., Oscar C. Schulze manager, built up an extensive general merchandising business at this place, doing business with people from all over northern Colusa. Aside from general merchandising, the firm bought largely of wheat. In the spring of 1890, the firm sold their extensive business to Hochheimer & Co., of Willows. F.M. Leforgee has erected a high tank, which furnishes water for the town." - JHR published in 1891.~

1877 August 2 - At first called Rixville but without a post office and now called Artois, the 4th Class Post Office was established 2 August 1877 as Germantown in what was Colusa County and became a part of Glenn County on 11 March 1891. The post office name of Germantown was discontinued 21 May 1918.  The area was settled by a group of German farmers with Moses Hochheimer as the first Postmaster.~

1878 January 23, Carl Regensburger, Postmaster.

1880 April 5, Oscar C. Schulze, Postmaster.

1891 February 12, Michael Golden, Postmaster.

1891 March 11, Into the newly created Glenn County.

1895 July 16, Gustave A. Gutman, Postmaster.

1904 January 12, Meyer Blum, Postmaster.

1908 June 13, John Meyer, Postmaster.

1911 March 4, Edward J. Golden, Postmaster.

1918 May 21 - Germantown became a 3rd class post office and changed its name on 21 May 1918 to Artois, Glenn, California. Named for a province in France called Artois, the main reason for the name change was the strong feelings against Germany during World War I. Edward J. Golden was the first postmaster of the name-changed office.~

1921 June 15, Arthur F. Remter, Postmaster.

1925 January 20, Harold E. Fosdick, Postmaster.

1929 February 11, Nalter S. Nade, Postmaster.

1929 April 23, Survema Nade, Postmaster.

1929 December 14, Raymond N. Sunbury, Postmaster.

1942 October 15, Michael J. Frederick Matthias, Postmaster.

1955 February 28, Mrs. Marian B. Farnsworth, Postmaster.

See also: Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Fall 2008, Volume 58, Number 2, Page 52.



Sheep Corral Creek

Rises in Glenn County, in the western part of T. 21 N., R 5 W.; flows southeast to the South Fork of Willows Creek (which discharges through Willows Creek to the Colusa Basin); Intermittent. ~

- Gazetteer of Surface Waters of California, Part I, Sacramento River Basin By B.D. Wood under direction of John C. Hoyt (U.S. Geological Survey Water Supply Paper 295, January 1912)


St. John

AKA:  Saint John

1864 December 14, 4th Class Post Office established as St. John, Colusa, California located 12 miles northeast of Willows. Named for Adin Cady St. John, an 1850 settler of Colusi County.

Adin Cady St. John, First Postmaster.

1868 June 24, Charles J. Papst.

1891 March 11, Into newly created Glenn County.

1892 May 25, William J. Applegate, Postmaster.

1907 August 5, William D. McCune, Postmaster.

1911 May 10, Everett R. Cottle, Postmaster.

1915 April 20, Duncan Livingston, Postmaster.

1917 February 28, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Hamilton City.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Spring 2007, Volume 57, Number 1, Page 50.


SWIFT, Granville P. Swift Adobe

No. 345 - Granville P. Swift crossed the plains to Oregon in 1843 and entered California with the Kelsey party in 1844. In 1849, in partnership with Frank Sears, he purchased the cattle and brand of the Larkin Children's Grant from J. S. Williams. Swift soon had droves of cattle herded by Indian vaqueros, and rodeos were held annually at this adobe site.

Location:  Old Highway 99 W at Hambright Creek, 1.0 mile north of Orland


Willow > Willows

1876 July 26, 1st Class Post Office established as Willow, Colusa, California. Located 32 miles north of Colusa the name stems from the willow tree springs and creek, a landmark to travelers at the time.

William Johnson, First Postmaster.

1890 March 20, John Calder, Postmaster.

1891 March 11, Post Office now in newly created  Glenn County.

1892 February 29, Mrs. Lizzie M. Calder, Postmaster.

1901 January 16, John J. West, Postmaster.

1916 May 15, "s" added making Willow now Willows. Isidore J. Proulx, Postmaster.

1920 July 12, Salt Lake Telegram - Willows, Cal - Fire, which started here late yesterday afternoon, practically swept away the entire business section of the little agricultural city, causing a loss variously estimated at from $560,00 to $1,000,000, temporarily isolating the town because all wires went down, and exposing more than 100 persons, guests hotels to the discomforts of open air life until they could make their way to other towns.

The business section was in ruins, only three buildings have escaped. They were the Southern Pacific depot, the Glenn County courthouse and a new post office building.

Relief trains were hurried here from Orland and Tehama.

While many persons were deprived of shelter for a night and much discomfort resulted, there was little real hardship. The destruction of the hotels and restaurants made meals for non-residents a problem, but many of them went to other towns with autoists who came here to view the fire and relief trains took others away, so that by this morning all had been cared for.

Hochheimer & Co., owners of a department store, were the heaviest losers. They estimated their loss at $150,000. partly insured. The First National Bank building was also a total loss, as were about thirty other business establishments of varying classes.~

1925 February 17, John J. West, Postmaster.

1930 April 22, Charles E. Kline, Postmaster.

1936 June 2, Edward Marion Sehorn, Postmaster.

1944 June 1, James Alvan Angle, Postmaster.

1954 October 31, Robert L. Reifel, Postmaster.

See also:  Wagon Wheels, Journal of the Colusi County Historical Society, Spring 2010, Volume 60, Number 1, Page 52.




AKA:  Bridgeport (no Post Office)

1901 March 6, 4th Class Post Office established as Winslow, Glenn, California, located on Stony Creek 1 mile northeast of Elk Creek and 6 miles northwest of Fruto per the Postal Route Map.

George H. Laraway, First Postmaster.

1907 January 30, Joseph T. Tale, Postmaster.

1913 April 7, Charles A. Butler, Postmaster.

1915 January 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Elk Creek.

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