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Capay Rancho Women's Club

Monthly meetings on the first Tuesday at 1:00 pm at the Friends Community Church corner of 4th Ave and Moller unless otherwise designated. If interested in attending, please call Janet Joksch @ 530 865-3015.

An on-going charity project for the club is to collect aluminum pull-tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Sacramento. You may take them to the container at Capay's Country Store on Cutting Ave. or give them to any member.

*Breaking News! We have already surpassed our 2 gallons of pull-tabs to the Ronald McDonald House of April 5th, 2014! Thanks all and please keep saving for the 2015 delivery!

The 2014-15 Officers are Nina Bates, President; Carolyn Carpenter, Vice President; Janet Joksch Secretary, Nancy Osborne, Treasurer, Ida Lepp, Auditor, and Connie Uhyrek, Past-President

A little history is being compiled by Jo Giessner as the Capay Rancho Women's Club is in her 95th Year of existence. Please feel free to contact Jo with pertinent information either by email jogiessner@yahoo.com or telephone 530 945-4864.

Also please see the Fall 2014 Wagon Wheels, publication of the Colusi County Historical Society, for an interesting article about WYO.

Historical Dates & Minutes Summaries:

1890 April 24 -Formation of the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC), now the largest women's volunteer organization worldwide.

1900 January, California Federation of Women's Clubs (CFWC) organized and became the 37th State to join the General Federation of Women's Clubs in May of the same year.

1906, Northern District of the California Federation of Women's Clubs formed.

Records Book 1 - 29 January 1919 to 28 April 1920

1919 January 29 - Women of the Capay community met at the Baymiiller home (original Cleek-Reager ranch house) for the purpose of forming a club. This was at the time of the great land sales promotion for the area (Sacramento Valley Colony, 1917-1920), so many of the women new to the  fast growing community were eager to meet their neighbors and establish friendships, social activities and service to their community.

Officers were elected: Alma Stubbs, President; Estella Collins, Vice-President, and Elizabeth Baker, Secretary.

1919 February 12 - At the second meeting A Club Woman's Creed (nationally known as Collect for Club Women written in April 1904 by Mary Stewart) was adopted to be read at the beginning of each meeting; the group was to be known as Capay Rancho Women's Home Improvement Club; the amount for dues was set at ten cents per month for each member; the Constitution was read and adopted; the By-Laws were read and adopted and the Secretary was instructed to purchase a suitable book for keeping minutes and records.

1919 February 26 -The programs for each meeting of the club from February to May inclusive was read. It was also decided to continue the meetings through the summer months for those that wanted. The hostesses of the different meetings were to place the refreshment recipes in conspicuous places for members to copy should they desire and the President was to be addressed as "Madame President" at all times during the business meetings.

1919 March 12 - "The motion was made and carried - that in cases of illness, when flowers were not available from the Club members own gardens, they be purchased with money from the general club funds."

1919 April 9 - "The motion was made and carried to have singing at the regular meetings of the club. Mrs. Clark announced there was Red Cross work to be done."

1919 April 23 - Nominations for new club officers were made.

1919 May 14 - Election of officers for the following year was held: Edith Smith, President; Ella Hughes, Vice President; and Hazel Butler, Secretary-Treasurer.

No formal meetings in June, July, August 1919

1919 September 10 - Discussion was held on exhibiting at the fair; making the school library a public library; and taking up the study of home nursing and dietetics.

1919 October 8 -Motion made and carried for club to file application for membership into the California Federation of Women's Club. Elizabeth Baker reported members could check out books from School Library. Hettie Hauert reported on Red Cross Nursing course to begin at November's meeting.

1919 November 12- Maud Clark read the list of meeting hostesses through January 1920. By-Law change voted and approved to change meeting dates. Thank You to be written to Orland Women's Club for entertainment provided. By-Law change voted and approved making dues payable on first meeting of the month rather than 2nd meeting of each month.

1919 November 19 - No old or new business, so meeting adjourned.

1919 December 17- Motion made and carried to pay General Federation Women's Club (GFWC) dues from treasury. Elizabeth Baker to take place of Hazel Butler as Secretary-Treasurer. Program Committee and Refreshment sub-committee assigned for party on January 1, 1920.

1920 January 7 - Capay Rancho Women's Home Improvement Club affiliated with the Northern District and California Federation of Women's Clubs and with the General Federation of Women's Clubs.

1920 January 21- "Motion made and carried to have a committee appointed to interview Mr. Cutler, also those in authority, concerning the condition of Capay Avenue. Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Giles and Mrs. Wheelock were named as the committee."

1920 Febraury 4- Motion made and carried to have cups and saucers for club use purchased at The Fair Store in Orland.

1920 February 25 - Cups purchase report and committee investigating road repairs were the only items of business.

1920 March 3 - "Report of the road committee by chairman. Motion made and carried to present the proposition of road repair in writing to the road committee in Orland."

1920 March 17- Minutes adjusted; Purchasing Committee of Hettie Hauert, Margaret Baymiller, and Elizabeth Baker appointed. Home Dietetics course to cease until after the party.

1920 April 21- Invitation from Orland Women's Club accepted; Invitation from Red Bluff Women's Club declined; Picnic to be held at El Camino; Thank You to Mr. Clark for work done on dining tables.

1920 April 28- Motion made and carried to let Farm Center picnic committee use the club's tables. New officers nominated and elected:  President, Elizabeth Baker, Vice-President Hettie Hauert, Secretary-Treasurer Ella Hughes;  retiring officers to receive Thank You's and tin spoons were to be purchased.

Records Book 2 -  12 May 1920 - 7 June 1922

1920 May 12 - Plans made for picnic to be held May 26th at the Rice Creek picnic grounds. Motion made and carried to invite husbands.

1920 May 26 - Meeting called to order by newly elected president Estella Collins at the Rice Creek picnic grounds. Annual report read and accepted. A Program Committee and a Courtesy Committee were appointed by the president.

1920 June 9- Social at Hettie Hauert's home.

1920 June 23- Discussion about obtaining trees to plant at school grounds and as windbreaks along the roads.

1920 July 7- Surprise farewell social for "Della" Towne and her daughter Ethel Towne, members who were moving. Continued plans for planting trees.

1920 July 21 - Continued tree planting report; Four new members joined (not named in minutes);  Minnie Smith presented a program on diet and exercise.

1920 August 4 - Minnie Smith continued "home dietetics and physical training" report series; Eucalyptus trees could be obtained at Mills Orchard Co. in April 1921.

1920 August 18- Decision made to purchase "Mementos" of the Club Creed on quality paper. A fern plant was purchased for Doris Pratt. Ella Hughes to meet with McIntosh School trustees and Frieda Kuster with Capay Trustees regarding beautifying the school grounds. Short discussion on exhibiting at the fair.

1920 September 1- Thank You to Ray Stubbs for beautiful lettering on booklets. Thank You to Mr. Jones for donation of Song Booklets. Motion made and carried to inquire about the club obtaining a County Branch Library. Program on California Laws presented by Edith Smith, Gertie Sullivan and Maud Clark.

1920 September 15 -Communication from County Librarian re: establishing a branch in Maud Clark's home read. Communication from California Federation of Women's Club read and discussed; Committee to meet with Farm center re: community property law; Discussion regarding taking children to the Fair. Two new members:  Eva Cox and Mrs. Charles B. Steward.

1920 October 13 - Agnes Giles reported from Road Committee and of visits to see the sick. Committee to draw up resolutions about daily Bible readings in the schools. One new member:  Mrs. J. G. Depew.

1920 October 27- Jessie Clark recalled the resolution regarding Bible Readings. The ideas of a Club House and a Fair Booth were discussed. Four new members:  Mayme Novak, Jessie Hale, Clara Carrico and Mrs. Randell.

1920 November 10- Ways and Means Committee reported; Invitation from Chico Art Club respectfully declined; Miss Middleton gave a talk on children's library books. Two new members:  Louisa Fairchild and Helen Heller.

1920 December 1- Agnes Giles reported work was being done on Capay Avenue. Agnes Giles also reported visiting Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Agnes Day and presenting ferns to each on behalf of the club.

1920 December 15- Motions made and carried to have the Ways and Means Committee decide about booth in the fair and for the Secretary to pay the dues to State and District Federated Women's Clubs. Hettie Hauert demonstrated making Fondant.

1920 December 29 - Club voted to have a chicken booth at the fair. (Assuming this meant selling fried chicken for people to eat.)

1921 January 12 - Ways and Means Committee decided to have a "Hard Times" dinner at the McIntosh School to raise funds to pay for beautifying the school grounds. The supper would be baked beans, steamed brown bread, pumpkin pie and coffee - adults 25 cents and children under 12 years, 15 cents.

to be continued

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