Siskiyou County Museum

Exhibits from prehistoric times through early 1900's, historical manuscripts, educational programs, Native American artifacts, trapping and military history. Open Tuesday - Saturday 9-5

Address:  910 South Main Street, Yreka, CA 96097

Tele:  530 842-3836


The Siskiyou Pioneer is the yearly publication of the Siskiyou County Historical Society.


Sisters of Mercy

1827, Catherine McAuley (1778-1841) established the House of Mercy on Baggott Street, Dublin, Ireland.~

1831 December 12, Catherine McAuley, Mary Ann Doyle and Elizabeth Harley pronounced their vows as Sisters of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland.~

1831-1841, Catherine McAuley founded 14 convents in Ireland and England.~

1841 November 11, Sister Catherine McAuley died. At the time of her death 140 members carried on the mission of Mercy.~

1843, Catherine's dear friend, Frances Ward, and seven companions founded the first Convent of Mercy in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America.~

1854 November 20, Richmond Whig- DEPARTURE OF MISSIONARIES FOR CALIFORNIA - On Monday last the Rev. H.P. Ghallagher, the Rev. Mr. Congiati, S.J., eight Sisters of Mercy, five Sisters of Notre Dame, and a number of friends of the parties, sailed from New York, in the steamer Star of the West, for San Francisco.~

1857 May 2, San Joaquin Republican (Stockton, California) - The Sisters of Mercy are about establishing an Academy at Sacramento, California.~

1862 August 23, San Francisco Bulletin (San Francisco, California) - The Superioress of the Convent of Mercy in this city is now at Grass Valley to determine whether it be advisable to establish a house of that order there.~

1863 August 20, Five Sisters of Mercy arrived in Grass Valley, California through the contact of Father Thomas Dalton to Mother Russell, the Superioress of the Sisters of Mercy in San Francisco. Father Dalton gave up his place of residence to house the Sisters and they set to work immediately to open a day school in the old frame church on Chapel Street. The school opened with sixty-six girls and forty-four boys in attendance. The Sisters of Mercy who opened the classes were:  Sister Mary Theresa King, Superior; Sister M. Joseph O'Rourke; Sister M. Josephine Dennis; Sister M. Felix Carr, Novice; Sister M. Peter, Postulant.~

1864 November, Father Dalton returned from a trip to Ireland and with him were three Sisters of Mercy.~

1865 May 6, San Francisco Bulletin - The cornerstone of a new Catholic Orphan Asylum at Grass Valley was laid last Monday [1865 May 1]. Mass was celebrated on the occasion by the Right Rev. Dr. O'Connell, assisted by Father Dalton and Father Griffen. An address was subsequently made by Father Dalton. He was followed by the Bishop of the Diocese in a few pertinent remarks.~

1866 March 20, Sisters of Mercy moved into newly built Convent in Grass Valley. The building, Mount St. Mary's, served as an orphanage from 1866 to 1932, as an academy from 1868 to 1965 and as the living quarters/convent for the Sisters of Mercy from 1866 to 1968. It was three stories with the lower floor holding the kitchen, dining room, storerooms, laundry, lavatory and primary classrooms. The second floor contained the library, parlors, a Chapel for the Sisters of Mercy and additional classrooms. The third floor was for the childrens' dormitories, Sisters' sleeping quarters and the infirmary.~

1871 February 2, Seven Sisters of Mercy having left Manchester, New Hampshire, arrived in Yreka, Siskiyou, California. They were:  Mary Camillus McGarr (Sister Camillus), Mary Helena Dickson (Sister Helena), Mary Pauline Whelan (Sister Pauline), Mary Monica Delaney (Sister Monica), Sr. Mary Gertrude Callaghan, Emily Davis (Sister Mary Joseph), and Stanislaus Kerrigan (Sister Stanislaus).~

1871 February 13, St. Joseph's Academy for Young Ladies, Yreka, California, held its first classes.~

1876 October 19, Weekly Rescue (Sacramento, California) - In an article comparing Nevada (Nevada City) and Grass Valley:  ". . . The American population of each is very nearly the same, though at Grass Valley is gathered a larger portion of Roman Catholics, Irish, and others. In each is a large Roman Catholic church, while Grass Valley adds to the church a well-built Nunnery and Orphans' school. . ."~

1881 December 3, Mother Mary Helena Dickson with Sisters Monica Delaney, Mary Camillus Mone, and Mary Bernard Davidson arrived by train in Red Bluff, California from Yreka, California.~

1882 February 2, the last contingent of Sisters of Mercy from Yreka, having closed up the school and convent there, arrived in Red Bluff. This was eleven years to the day of their arrival to Yreka.~

1882 March 3, The Academy of our Lady of Mercy was opened in Red Bluff, Tehama County, California, by the Sisters of Mercy.~

1883 December 29, San Francisco Bulletin- On Wednesday, the 19th instant, the solemn and interesting ceremony of Religious Profession took place in the Chapel attached to Mount St. Mary's Academy, Grass Valley. On that occasion Miss Annie Keating, known in religion as Sister Ignatius, renounced the world forever and pronounced her vows as Sister of Mercy.~

1899 February 16, Searchlight, Redding, California - A YREKA PRIEST ADVANCED - Rev. Father Quinn, of Yreka, Siskiyou county, one of the oldest and best known priests of Northern California, has been selected to act as parish priest in this city [Sacramento], succeeding the late Father Walsh, says the Sacramento Bee of Tuesday. Father Quinn is a man of fine presence and an able and eloquent pulpit orator. It will be remembered by many that he delivered the oration at the funeral of the late Bishop Manogue. Father Quinn will be begin his duties in Sacramento in a very short time.~

1907 September 24, Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Red Bluff, California, operated and staffed by the Sisters of Mercy was formally dedicated.~

1929, Union of the Sisters of Mercy was established bringing a number of motherhouses into one unit. Nine provinces were established under one central government. Omaha, Nebraska was the western-most province in the Union.~



Southwest Shasta County Historical Group

Southwest Shasta County Historical Group dedicated to the history and genealogy of the southwest portion of Shasta County, California, meets every other month. The months are February, April, June, August, October and December. The location is the Ono Grange Hall.  Anyone interested in local history, especially that of southwest Shasta County is invited to attend. Please contact Ron Jolliff @ 530 396-2692 for date and time.

The Southwest Shasta County Historical  Group came into existence on 22 April 2008.

Prior to 22 April 2008, Merla Clark, Jim Willson and Ron Joliff took care of the Igo Cemetery and Nola Shoup, Merla Clark and Ron Joliff worked on gathering, framing and displaying historical photographs on the Grange Hall walls.

Nola and Ron were approached by the County Coroner's office to assist in the locating and cataloguing of Shasta County grave sites.

As these individuals worked they recognized more to be done. Also during this time the area lost two historical buildings.

Being active Grange members the four petitioned the Ono Grange at-large to have a standing committee. In March 2008, the approval was granted.

The goals stated under the 501 (C- 3) were:

To protect both historical and pre-historical sites within the local community;

To act as a central location to preserve artifacts as well as photographic and oral history of the local community;

To foster an appreciation for the local history and research

Membership was to be open to Grange and non-Grange persons interested in the stated goals.

A meeting of interested persons was called on 22 April 2008.

Ron and Candace Joliff, Al and Marilyn Carter, Eddie and Patricia Payne, Nola Shoup, Merla Clark, Jim Willson, Cathy Scott, Bobbi Tucker, Carol Pomponio, Donna Lucas, and Jo Giessner attended the first meeting at the Ono Grange Hall in Ono, Shasta, California.

Everyone at the meeting had a connection to the area and a project they were working on. Those in attendance approved the formation and the goals and another aspect of history took form.

From that sharing and discussion time on there has been no stopping the energy and dedication to the group goals and what the interested people have been able to individually and collectively accomplish. Several projects are well underway, some are completed and others are beginning.

For more information, give Ron a call at 530 396-2692.



Tehama County Genealogical & Historical Society


Address:  P O Box 415, Red Bluff, CA  96080

Annual Publication:  Memories pertains to people, places or events of Tehama County. Submit manuscripts to TCGHS, P O Box 415, Red Bluff, CA 96080

Membership: May 1 - April 30. Dues include Memories & Newsletter.

Meetings: Usually held monthly, second Tuesday of month @ 6:30 pm at the Tehama County Library. No meetings in July, August & December.

The Tehama Co. Genealogical and Historical Society has announced the availability of their revised edition of the 2006 version of Tehama County, 1856 -2006: 150 Years of Photos and History. The 2011 edition has an index and a few corrections and additions. For more information, please call 527-6677.


Tehama County Museum

In the quaint City of Tehama, located near Los Molinos and the Sacramento River is a wonderful museum founded in 1979, housed in the 1859 Masonic Temple/School House building. The old jail house is nearby.

Mission Statement:  To illuminate and present Tehama County's past so those we serve can better understand the present and imagine the future.

Standard operating hours of 1-4 p.m. will continue every Saturday and Sunday during the open season. A docent is available for assistance.

Visit the displays and gift shop in one of the oldest buildings in Tehama County. Don't hesitate to attend one of the programs or power-point presentations by the TCM about Tehama County's wonderful history and don't miss the Annual Tehama County Museum Jubilee in September 2014.

Annual Membership dues: Student (10-18) $10; Individual $20; Family $30; Sustaining $50. Patron $100; Lifetime $300.

The TCM welcomes your $ donations through all and various venues. Ask about the Dedicated Donation for the building brick repair fund or "Diagnosis Mortar project; the use of the S.H.A.R.E.S. cards to shop at Foodmax; or the North Valley Community Foundation's Annie B's/Tehama County Museum program.

Volunteers are needed, welcomed and APPRECIATED!

Tehama County Museum, 275 C Street (P O Box 275) Tehama, CA 96090

Telephone:  530 384-2595






Trinity County Historical Society


P O Box 333, (780 Main Street) Weaverville, CA 96093-0333

(530) 623-5211

Fax:  (530) 623-5053

web site:


Membership includes the monthly newsletter, Trinity Trails. The membership year runs from January 1-December 31. Join today and help preserve Trinity County History!


Tulelake Butte Valley Fair & Museum

P O Box 866, 800 South Main St., Tulelake, CA 96134


Tele:  530 667-5312

Local History located on the Fairgrounds.


Weaverville Joss House

No. 709 State Historical Landmark. A State Historic Park located at 630 Main Street, Weaverville, Trinity County, California 96093. (SW corner of State Hwy 299 and Oregon Street in Weaverville.)

Tele:  (530) 623-5284.

Please call ahead for park hours and tour and fee information.

Supported in part through a nonprofit organization contact:  Weaverville Joss house Association, P O Box 2608, Weaverville, CA 96093-2608.

Tele:  (530) 623-4343.

"Temple of the Forest Beneath the Clouds" - the present temple building - construction began in February 1874.

"The ornate beauty of the Weaverville Joss House stands as a lasting tribute to Weaverville's Chinese pioneers." - Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park, 2007 California State Parks brochure.~


Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum

Exhibits a fine example of life in Weed during the historic lumber mill era. Also provides a walking tour of historic downtown Weed. Opens week of May to 30 September.

Address:  303 Gilman Avenue, Weed, CA 96094

Tele: 530 938-0550



Westwood Museum

Contact:  P O Box 355, 311 Ash Street, Westwood, California 96137

Telephone:  530 256-2233


Facebook:  Westwood Museum

Opens Memorial Day - Septemer 30; Wed - Sat; 11a.m. - 4 p.m.

Features displays of The Town, The People, The Mill, The Woods, Red River Lumber Company.

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