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"Humboldt County"

1853, Humboldt County created. Named for Alexander von Humboldt, Prussian Scientist.

1855 April 24, Daily Democratic State Journal- The Humboldt county papers speak in very encouraging terms of business prospects in that region. Every man appears to be profitably employed, and the loafers of the large California cities are invited to travel thitherward and try their fortune.~

1859, According to The State Register and Year Book of Facts, California, 1859 -  Humboldt County had the following post offices:  Bucksport, Eel River, Eureka, and Uniontown. She later gained a few early established post offices when Klamath County was eliminated.~

1859, According to the State Register and Year Book of Facts, California, 1859 , there were 5 Grist Mills in Humboldt County:  EEL RIVER - called Cooper's - owned by Cooper, Newell & Co - 1 stone - run by water - worth $5,000.; EUREKA - owned by W. R. Duff - 2 stones - steam - worth $20,000.; HOOPA VALLEY - (Klamath Co.) owned by J. Akileson - 3 stones - water - worth $7,000.; MAD RIVER - owned by Septhen Hopkins - 1 stone -water - worth $5,000.; UNION - owned by T.J. Titlow & Co. - 1 stone - steam - worth $5,000.~

1865 October 9, Lowell Daily Citizen and News -The ladies of a social circle in Humboldt county, California, have forwarded a novel present to General Grant. It is a silk bedspread, one side of which is composed of red and white silk stripes, while the other is a blue silk ground, upon which are neatly wrought, in the national colors, thirty-six miniature flags - one for each state- with the name of each embroidered upon the blue ground of each little flag. In the centre is the national coat of arms and motto:  "E pluribus unum," with other appropriate inscriptions. The article brought eight hundred dollars at a sanitary fair in California.~

1875 April 1, Sacramento Daily Union - Location of the Granges of the Patrons of Husbandry in this State (California) by Name, Post Office, County:

Elk River, Eureka, Humboldt

Ferndale, Ferndale, Humboldt

Kimelattah, Arcata, Humboldt

Mattole, Petrolia, Humboldt

Rohnerville, Rohnerville, Humboldt

Table Bluff, Table Bluff, Humboldt.~

1915, Panama-Pacific International Exposition San Francisco February to December 1915 - Visitor Booklet - The main feature of the exhibit of Humboldt County at the exposition will be a log and stump house. The log and stamp will be twenty feet in diameter taken from a section of a tree 2000 years old. Inside of the stump will be an art exhibit representing oil painting of the forests of Humboldt, also the dairying and agricultural lands, and fishing and hunting scenes. There will be exhibited one of Mr. C.T. Wilson's celebrated oil paintings of the Redwoods, painted specially for the exposition at a cost of $1,000. Inside of the log, which is twenty feet in diameter and twenty feet high, will be exhibited the lumber products of the county, both in finished and unfinished state.

Immediately on entering the Humboldt section will be seen a relief map of the county, seven and a half feet wide by fifteen feet long, to be set on a pedestal of native woods of the county, very highly finished, hand carved. Back of this will be featured the dairy and agricultural exhibits, also a display of hortocultural products and a very attractive mining display.

The county will have a miniature lighthouse, representing Cape Mendocino light, with a revolving tower made exclusively of apple jelly in glasses.~

Humboldt County also had a 1/2 page advertisement in the booklet ON PAGE 116:

"HUMBOLDT COUNTY, California - The Land of Opportunity, The Playground of the West -Its 2,325,760 acres offer greater and more varied resources than any other county in the State. Leads all the counties in lumber and dairy products - NO IRRIGATION - The cool and refreshing summer climate and abundance of fish and game make it the unrivaled Camping Ground of California - For information and description literature, apply to the HUMBOLDT BOOTH IN THE CALIFORNIA BUILDING OR HUMBOLDT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, EUREKA, CALIF."~

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