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Jo Giessner

1852, BUCKSPORT- "Established 1 September 1852. The Shasta Courier (3/19/1853) and the Sacramento Daily Union (11/20/1852) lists the Post Office as established 1 September 1852. The Post Office Department lists established date as 2 November 1855, actually the date it became an independent Post Office. It operated as the Post Office for Eureka until 21 January 1853. To add to the confusion, covers exist addressed and dispatched to both Post Offices within and prior to the dates given. Discontinued 15 April 1863. Re-established 16 August 1918. To Central Station of Eureka 1 September 1926. Discontinued 31 March 1934. Named for David A. Buck, who discovered Humboldt Bay, from the landslide, on 20 December 1849."

William Roberts, First Postmaster.

1855 November 3, William Roberts, Postmaster.

1857 January 16, Robert M. Stokes, Postmaster.

1859 March 18, John Shanahan, Postmaster.

1861 September 24, William Roberts, Postmaster.

1981 Sept-Oct, The Humboldt Historian -Place Name, BUCKSPORT.

Town lay-out in 1851 by David A. Buck. It immediately took a position in the ranks of the then rival towns of Humboldt Bay. In 1854 the Masons built a two-story hall with school rooms on the second floor.

At this time the four towns of the bay were Bucksport, Humboldt, Eureka and Union.

Bucksport was made the port of entry and in 1856 contained a church, two hotels, a sawmill, store, and private residences.

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