Bulwinkle > Crannell

1909 May 7, 4th Class Post Office established as Bulwinkle, Humboldt, California located 7 miles southeast of Trinidad and 6 miles northeast of McKinleyville. Site was owned by Conrad Bulwinkle.

Craigie S. Sharp, First Postmaster.

1922 September 9, Post Office discontinued and the name changed to Crannell.

1922 September 9, 3rd Class Post Office established as Crannell, Humboldt, California located 5 miles southeast of Trinidad. Named for Levi Crannell, President, Little River Redwood Company. Was a lumber company owned town.

Craigie S. Sharp, First Postmaster.

1926 July 2, Marjorie E. Stover, Postmaster.

1948 February 1, Mrs. Helen M. Heitman, Postmaster.

1955 December 13, Barbara P. O'Neill, Postmaster.

1969 November 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Trinidad.



See:  Bulwinkle > Crannell


Eel River > Rohnerville

1849 December 20,  Eel River was named by Dr. Josiah Gregg as the river cointained eels.

1857 September 4, 4th class Post Office established as Eel River, Humboldt, California located 2 miles south of Fortuna.

Henry Rohner, First Postmaster and still serving a such in 1859.

1864 June 7, Benedict Feigenbaum, Postmaster.

1868 April 23, Joseph Feigenbaum, Postmaster.

1869 December 6,  James I. Coates, Postmaster.

1874 January 26, Post Office disocntinued and the name changed to Rohnerville. 

1874 January 26, Post Office established as Rohnerville, Humboldt, Califiornia located 2 miles south of Fortuna. Named for Henry Rohner who opened a general merchandise store in the vicinity in 1859.

John P. Coates, First Postmaster.

1895 August 17, Riverside Daily Press- HUMBOLDT COUNTY TOWN BURNED - Eureka, August 17 - This morning a fire broke out in the beautiful little village of Rohnerville, which destroyed about half the business portion of the town. The fire started in Chase & Moore's livery stable and spread rapidly. Two large stores, a shop, a saloon and the Central Hotel were consumed before the fire could be stopped. The loss is estimated at $25,000 with only $5,000 insurance. Rohnerville is the location of the fair ground where the annual fairs of the ninth district agricultural society are held. The origin of the fire is a mystery.~


Eel Rock

1915 January 20, 4th Class Post Office established as Eel Rock, Humboldt, California located 11 miles east of Myers Flat. Named for landmark in the Eel River.

Roger C. Douglass, First Postmaster.

1916 March 1, Arthur Doyle, Postmaster.

1917 November 10, George W. Filkins, Postmaster.

1920 April 22, William F. Jackson, Postmaster.

1921 December 6, Fred H. Fitch, Postmaster.

1922 June 26, William F. Jackson, Postmaster.

1923 October 17, John Filkins, Postmaster.

1923 November 7, Mrs. Mattie A. Nunnemaker, Postmaster.

1924 March 15, Burleigh B. Roberts, Postmaster.

1924 December 8, William F. Jackson, Postmaster.

1929 January 7, Sadie H. Nunnemaker, Postmaster.

1937 April 1, William H. Nunnemaker, Postmaster.

1958 April 30, Myrtle D. Hansen, Postmaster.

1960 October 28, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Myers Flat.




1853, EUREKA- 1st class post office established 21 January 1853. Was Bucksport in Trinity County coming into Humboldt County when it was created 11 March 1853. "Eureka" is a Greek word meaning "I have found it!" and was applied to the area by James T. Ryan on 13 May 1850. Eureka became the County Seat in 1856. Harry W. Bean was the first Postmaster and E.J. Vail was serving in the capacity in 1859.~

1862 November 12, Deseret News -The Oregon Mill at Eureka, Humboldt county, which originally cost one hundred and twenty thousand dollars, and which has produced large quantities of lumber annually since its erection in 1852, was recently burned.

The property has been in litigation some five years, and had of late been decided to belong to a man named Duff, who is of the opinion that the burning was not the result of an accident.~

1874 January 26, San Francisco Bulletin - The Sentinel says the juviniles of Eureka may be seen roaming about town, haunting bar-rooms, dance-houses, and other places of evil resort, often till after midnight.~

1878 February 11, San Francisco Bulletin -A Eureka, Humboldt county, correspondent writes as follows, under date of February 6th:  "This morning at 8:15 o'clock the boiler at Vance's Mills exploded. No one was killed, but three men were hurt very seriously, mostly about the head and shoulders. Pieces of the boiler, scantling and brick were thrown for a distance of two blocks. It shook us up like an earthquake. Ed Brown and J. Brannon, firemen, were badly cut and bruised. The name of the other person hurt is unknown as yet.  He had just stepped into the fire-room to talk with one of the men, and was completely buried by the roof and debris."~

1881 September 10, San Francisco Bulletin -Odd Fellows at Eureka have made arrangements to erect a fine building.~

1881 September 10, San Francisco Bulletin - a new three-masted schooner, the Lottie Carson, arrived at Eureka on the 6th, her first trip.~

1882 January 25, San Francisco Bulletin - Last year, it is said, the Humboldt Pork Packing Company, Eureka, handled 400,000 pounds of pork.~



1862 June 20, a 2nd. class post office was located in the dairy products and sheep raising area of large wild ferns growing 20 miles S of Eureka, Humboldt county. Seth L. Shaw was the first postmaster.~

1884 July 19, San Francisco Bulletin (San Francisco, California) - A good Congregational Sunday School has been established among the Danes, about three miles from Ferndale in Humboldt county.~


Fort Seward



See:  Slide > Fortuna


Hansen > Alton 

1888 June 29, 4th Class Post Office established as Hansen, Humboldt, California located 3 miles west of Hydesville and 4 miles south of Slide. Named for M. P. Hansen the first postmaster.

Mads P. Hansen First Postmaster.

1889 July 22, Post Office disocntinued and the name changed to Alton.

1889 July 22, 3rd Class Post Office established as Alton, Humboldt, California located 3 miles west of Hydesville and 4 miles south of Slide (now Fortuna) It was named after Alton, Illinois.

Frank W. Beckwith, First Postmaster.

1890 June 26, Frank W. Luther, Postmaster.

1898 August 29, A. S. Johnston, Postmaster.

1899 April 10, Harold A. Dinsmore, Postmaster.

1902 February 28, Frank W. Luther, Postmaster.

1922 February 21, Elsie A. Parks, Postmaster.

1932 June 27, Perry A. Barnes, Postmaster.

1937 February 19, Mrs. Lois Edith Rollins, Postmaster.

1940 March 9, Hugh Thornton, Postmaster.

1942 April 24, Lester B. Thornton, Postmaster.

1948 July 1, Mrs. Lillian Taylor, Postmaster.

1965 April 9, Post Office discontinued when the service moved to Fortuna.



Humboldt Bay

1850, Humboldt Bay was named in honor of Baron Friedrich Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1869). The works of the noted German philosopher and naturalist were popular with the educated men from the trading vessel, Laura Virginia, who voted to name the bay in his honor. The name has lasted - here and in many places throughout the world.~

1859, State Register and Year Book of Facts, California, 1859 - "The most extensive lumber district in the State is in the vicinity of Humboldt Bay. There are located near that point ten steam mills, which are almost constantly employed in the manufacture of the different varieties of lumber. The export trade is mostly supplied from this point. Amount sawed in 1857, 25 million feet." The names of the sawmills listed: Cooper's at Eel River; Vance's, White's, Muley, Eureka, Hinkley's, Bay, & Bean's all at Eureka; Mad River at Mad River and Union at Union.~

1888, "The Pacific Lumber Company of Humboldt Bay owned or partially owned ten vessels:  The Allen A., 22 Feb. 1888; John A., 21 June 1893; Helen N Kimball, 1881; National City, 1888; Aberdeen, 1899; Despatch, 1899; Prentiss, 1902; Temple E. Dorr, 1907; William H. Murphy, 1907; The Scotia, 1919 (purchased 1935).- Redwood Pioneer, 1972 (pages 65-74)~

1899 December 4, Bismarck Tribune - Eureka, Cal., Dec. 4 - The steamer Weeott lies a total wreck on the south jetty of Humboldt Bay, having struck the rocks there, and of twenty-four souls on board all are safe but two.

One passenger, Mrs. Carmichael, a resident of Ferndale, this county, and Gus Nelson, a seaman of the steamer lost their lives.

To the bravery of Matt Morgan is largely due the rescue. He plunged into the breakers, managed to get to the rocks of the jetty, climbed upon them and upon the piling, carrying a line with him. Soon the life saving crew arrived, and rescued all the passengers with the exception of Mrs. Carmichael, who was torn from the basket by a wave.~



Humboldt Point

1857 March 16San Francisco Bulletin, from Humboldt Times -There has been considerable interest manifested at the other end of the Bay, in consequence of the discovery of black sand, containing gold at Humboldt Point. It is found on the beach, on the east side of the Bay, and is similar to that found at Trinidad and Gold Bluff, and so fine as to require the use of quick silver to separate it from the sand. The existence of gold at the place mentioned, has been known to some for a long time, but they supposed it so sparsely distributed in the sand as to render it of no practical importance.~



1857 December 2, Post Office established as Orleans, Klamath, California located 8 miles southwest of Somes Bar and 28 miles northeast of Hoopa. Named for 1850 Mining camp on Klamath River named New Orleans Bar.

Hugh Anderson, First Postmaster.

1859 October 31, John A. Pearch, Postmaster.

1874 March 28, Post Office into Humboldt County when Klamath County dissolved.

1874 July 16, Edwin Benjamin, Postmaster.

1877 April 4, Henry P. scott, Postmaster.

1890 April 2, William H. Bowersox, Postmaster.

1894 February 12, August F. Rissling, Postmaster.

1898 January 13, William H. Bowersox, Postmaster.

1903 February 16, William H. Meherin, Postmaster.

1903 March 17, Frederick T. Hale, Postmaster.

1915 March 6, Fred W. Grant, Postmaster.

1932 October 28, Ernest J. Anderson, Postmaster.

1933 March 2, Hendricks A. Salstrom, Postmaster.

1951 January 31, Eva E. Starritt, Postmaster.

1952 June 18, Jerome E.Kuenster, Postmaster.

1960 February 3, Eva E. Starritt, Postmaster.

1961 August 31, Mrs. Libby A. Medaris, Postmaster.

1966 August 9, Gary Grant Gilkison, Postmaster.

1967 November 29, Jack G. Clark, Postmaster.

1971 March 6, Jack G. Clark, Postmaster.




1906 March 17, Post Office established as Shively, Humboldt, California located 1 1/2 miles southeast of Pepperwood. Named for William R. Shively, 1852 settler.

George Gribble, First Postmaster.

1907 November 27, Matilda Gribble, Postmaster.

1911 February 2, Bertram F. Morgan, Postmaster.

1912 September 9, Jeptha C. Phillips, Postmaster.

1912 October 25, George W. Yuill, Postmaster.

1913 November 29, Joseph S. Phillips, Postmaster.

1918 September 11, Seth A. Frank, Postmaster.

1919 November 5, Bert Ruddick, Postmaster.

1920 December 2, Josiah M. McKnight, Postmaster.

1923 June 4, Mrs. Maude H. Jennings, Postmaster.

1924 January 9, Seth A. Frank, Postmaster.

1924 November 15, Gerald L. Worthley, Postmaster.

1925 July 24, Seth A. Frank, Postmaster.

1926 October 5, Trenton Evening Times, Eureka, Cal., Oct 3. - JOHN BROWN SURVIVOR IS CALLED BY DEATH - Mrs. Annie Brown Adams, 87, only surviving daughter of John Brown of Harper's Ferry fame, died today [3 October 1926] at the home of her daughter at Shively, Humboldt County. Mrs. Adams was the only member of the family of John Brown to witness the hanging of her father in 1859. Eight children of Mrs. Adams survive.~

1927 February 23, John A. McKeown, Postmaster.

1928 December 8, Maude Fulmore, Postmaster.

1931 February 21, Emma Smith, Postmaster.

1937 January 20, Mrs. Myrtle Kemp. Postmaster.

1947 August 15, Fred H. Chappell, Postmaster.

1950 September 30, Mrs. Florence V. Turgeon, Postmaster.

1955 June 21, Paul L. Turgeon, Postmaster.

1964 July 3, Changed from 4th Class Post Office to Independent Rural Station of Scotia.

1965 May 31, discontinued.


Slide > Fortuna

1876 May 24, 4th Class Slide, Humboldt, California Post Office established located 17 miles south of Eureka. Name stems from the slipping of the hillside at the site.

Seymour G. Steele, First Postmaster.

1876 December 6, Peter McGeorge, Postmaster.

1877 February 5, Benjamin Campton, Postmaster.

1878 April 19, Michael N. Weber, Postmaster.

1878 April 22, San Francisco Bulletin, Pacific Coast Postal Changes - Postmaster Appointed - M.N. Weber at Slide, Humboldt county.

1880 August 5, William J. Swortzel, Postmaster.

1884 July 8, John L. Maurer, Postmaster.

1888 July 13, Post Office discontinued and name changed to Fortuna.

1888 July 13,  First Class Post Office established as Fortuna, Humboldt, California located 18 miles south of Eureka. Named for the goddess of good fortune, Italian mythology. Originally a lumbering community, now a dairy industry center.

John L. Maurer, First Postmaster.

1889 January 17, Mrs. Bertie McNulty, Postmaster.

1894 June 20, Bertie Hanson, Postmaster.

1898 June 23, Charles E. Tucker, Postmaster.

1916 May 24, Charles F. Evers, Postmaster.

1934 July 1, Paul W. Hunter, Postmaster.

1949 February 1, Clarence L. Batten, Postmaster.

1961 October 31, Nathaniel R. Evans, Postmaster.



Trinidad has the distinction of being located in three different counties in succession: Trinity, Klamath, and Humboldt.

1851 April 25, Klamath becomes a county from a part of Trinity County.

1851 July 28, Records show a post office established as Trinidad, Trinity, California, at least four months prior to the appointment of L. B. Gilkey, the first postmaster on 28 July 1851, in Trinidad, Klamath County.

1854 March 31, Eliakim C. Darling, Postmaster.

1860 March 28, Robert F. Parker, Postmaster.

1860 July 5, Bernard Nordheimer, Postmaster.

1862 January 23, George Slocum, Postmaster.

1864 March 14, William Childs, Postmaster.

1868 August 17, William F. Shelton, Postmaster.

1869 August 4, Charles R. Nichols, Postmaster.

1873 May 29, James S. Baker, Postmaster.

1874 March 28, Klamath County dissolved. Post Office now in Humboldt County. James S. Baker still the Postmaster.

1875 May 10, William Childs, Postmaster.

1875 July 6, William Childs, Jr., Postmaster.

1882 January 27, William Childs, Postmaster.

1887 January 21, Michael Hanrahan, Postmaster.

1889 May 10, Warren Watkins, Postmaster.

1889 August 13, James Sangster, Postmaster.

1890 June 3, Martha A. Watkins, Postmaster.

1897 June 17, Alexander C. Sangster, Postmaster.

1901 November 21, San Francisco Call, Washington D. C., Nov 20 - Postmaster appointed: "California, William Beach, Trinidad, Humboldt County, vice A. C. Sangster, resigned."~

1907 April 11, Emma Scott, Postmaster.


Union Town, Uniontown or Union > Arcata

1852 October 19, Post office established in first Trinity County and came into Humboldt County when it was created 12 March 1853. Discontinued 5 May 1860 when name changed to Arcata. The town was founded April 1850 by the Union Company as a lumber processing and shipping center. Located 6 miles northeast of Eureka.

Albert H. Murdock, First Postmaster.

1860 May 5, 1st Class Post Office established as Arcata, Humboldt, California located 6 miles northeast of Eureka. Was Union Town. Lumber processing and shipping center.

Albert H. Murdock, First Postmaster.

1862 December 13, John A. Whaley, Postmaster.

1868 February 10, Isaac Parry, Postmaster.

1870 January 10, Isaac Culberg, Postmaster.

1873 January 27, Charles Smith, Postmaster.

1885 September 17, Jasper N. Davies, Postmaster.

1891 May 21, John C. Bull, Postmaster.

1893 April 20, James M. Menefee, Postmaster.

1897 September 14, Austin, Wiley, Postmaster.

1907 May 15, Frank A. Smith, Postmaster.

1914 January 27, George Marken, Postmaster.

1923 January 31, Daniel W. McGowan, Postmaster.

1924 January 31, Jeremiah R. Brown, Postmaster.

1933 October 1, Miss Juanita M. Durdan, Postmaster.

1934 September 1, Stuart J. Titlow, Postmaster.

1941 November 3, Howard E. Frakes, Postmaster.

1971 June 12, Allen R. Horner, Postmaster.


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