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Hoopa Valley

AKA:  Hoopa, Hupa

1861 July 25, Post Office established as Hoopa Valley, Klamath, California. Located 32 miles northeast of Blue Lake on the Hoopa Indian Reservation.

Henry W. Lake, First Postmaster.

1865 June 22, Joseph Greenebaum, Postmaster.

1867 December 10, Bonnevis, Maxsen, Postmaster.

1869 January 27, William McHanna, Postmaster.

1870 September 28, Charles B. Stone, Postmaster.

1872 August 16, Henry Orman, Postmaster.

1873 March 26, J.P. Stokes, Postmaster.

1874 March 28, Post Office into Humboldt County when Klamath County dissolved. J. P. Stokes, Postmaster.

1876 October 6, Thomas Bair, Postmaster.

1884 October 16, Robert W. Gibson, Postmaster.

1885 January 21, Thomas Bair, Postmaster.

1893 April 24, Frederick W. Gent, Postmaster.

1894 January 23, Thomas C. Skaggs, Postmaster.

1895 July 8, Post Office name changed to Hoopa.

1900 December 28, Post Office name changed to Hupa.

1902 October 21, Post Office name changed back to Hoopa.

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