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"Lassen County"

1864 April 1, Created as a County of California.

1875 March 23, Owyhee Daily Avalanche - A Law was passed by the late Congress providing for the sale of desert lands in Lassen County, California. Under its provisions any person may become possessed of 600 acres or more of sage brush land in that region by introducing water upon the same within two years and then paying one dollar and a quarter per acre for the section thus taken possession of. Quite a number of families from the Eastern States will go out there soon and locate.~

1880 January 10, San Francisco Bulletin - Growth of the Vicinity of Susanville. Large numbers of sage brush farms have been located in Lassen County this season. All the sawmills have been busy sawing fencing, which is hauled away almost as fast as sawed. Winter grain did well as far as tried on the new land. This was an unusually dry season; however, ten bushels per acre were raised on dry sage land.~

1880 May 18, San Francisco Bulletin, State News in Brief - A Literary Society has been organized in Susanville. A lady named Mrs. Ford is President of the Lassen County Board of Education. The Susanville and Taylorsville telegraph line has been sold to E. A. Weed of the Lassen Advocate.~

1880 September 23, San Francisco Bulletin, State News in Brief - Much sickness in Susanville. Cold nights and frosts in portions of Lassen.~

1882 January 25, San Francisco Bulletin - J. D. Byers of Lassen County, recently shipped to Oakland 180 head of choice beeves, it being his third shipment, amounting in all to 600 head.~

1908 December 19, Sacramento Union - Early Settler of Lassen - L. N. Breed, an early setler of this state, who was identified with its early history, passed away recently at his late residence, 3100 Washington Street, San Francisco, after a short illness. He was 77 years of age. The decedent was a native of Onondaga county, New York. He came to California in 1853 and worked in the mines. He settled in Honey Lake valley, which is now Lassen county, being the third white settler in that section. He lived there twenty-five years and in that time took an active part in the Indian out-break and California-Nevada boundary troubles. He helped organize Lassen county.~

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