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1864 June 20, 4th Class Post Office established as Milford, Lassen, California, located 25 miles southeast of Susanville. A flour mill at the ford across Mill Creek motivated the name.

Perry B. Bronson, First Postmaster.

1866 April 30, Charles A. Patterson, Postmaster.

1868 February 26, Samuel Peyser, Postmaster.

1871 February 27, J. H. Breed, Postmaster.

1872 April 22. Lewis (Louis) M. Crill, Postmaster.

1873 July 14, Charles P. McClelland, Postmaster.

1877 May 15, Michael Harrison, Postmaster.

1879 September 8, Post Office discontinued.

1879 October 15, Post Office re-established with Stephen A. Doyle, Postmaster.

1886 September 16, J. C. Roberts, Postmaster.

1886 December 10, S. M. Roberts, Postmaster.

1887 October 27, Stephen A. Doyle., Postmaster.

1888 October 12, San Francisco Bulletin - Milford, Lassen county, post office for postal notes only per the U.S. Postal Department.~

1890 December 15, Mrs. Josephine Lindsay, Postmaster.

1891 June 10, John B. Christie, Postmaster.

1893 June 1, Abbie E. Wemple, Postmaster.

1899 July 1, John B. Christie, Postmaster.

1903 November 17, N. V. Wemple, Postmaster.

1905 February 7, James M. Doyle, Postmaster.

1933 October 2, Mrs. Edna M. Wemple, Postmaster.

1938 November 6, Miss Narnia Wemple, Postmaster.

1947 August 6, Mrs. Flora M. Clark, Postmaster.

1950 September 20, Mrs. Elma L. Singleton, Postmaster.

1971 April 3, Mrs. Elma K. Ellis, Postmaster.

1971 JUly 31, Mrs. Muriel L. Rodrigues, Postmaster.

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