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Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is a natural lake located about 15 miles north of Susanville in Lassen County, California. It is the second largest natural lake in California located entirely within the state. At at elevation of just over 5,000 feet, Eagle lake is unique in that one end is in pine forest and the other in the desert. About 14 miles long and shaped like a bird's large wing span, the lake may have been mistakenly named for the Eagle when it was really an Osprey. The lake's history is ripe with natural curiosities and man's attempts to change her natural state.~

1873 February 21, San Francisco Bulletin - The Lassen Advocate of February 15th says:  Merrill, the agent of a number of capitalists in this State, has been with us this past week. It is the intention of this gentleman to run a tunnel from Willow Creek Valley to tap the waters of Eagle Lake, a distance of over one mile, by which operations it is estimated 1,000,000 acres of land will be reclaimed in and about Eagle Lake and over 500,00 acres made valuable for agricultural purposes by irrigation in Willow Creek and Honey Lake valleys which are now worthless. The project, though immense, is feasible and once completed, will prove one of the most gigantic and remunerative constructions in the State.  It will not only make valuable one and a half million acres of land which is now worthless, but will furnish a supply of water by which hundreds of acres of valuable mineral lands in the county can be worked, which is now of no value because water cannot be obtained. An effort is now being made to secure the establishment of a daily mail from Reno to Susanville.~

1880 January 10, San Francisco Bulletin- Eagle Lake, lying 10 miles south of Susanville, is as fine a body of water as there is in the State, being about 60 miles in circumference and in form like an eagle with wings extended, from which and the great number of eagles around there, the lake derived its name. Game of all kinds is abundant, while the water is thick with very fine fish, among which are salmon trout, mullet of three different kinds and a native white fish. Commissioner B. B. Redding last winter forwarded to Sanders & Dow 130,000 Lake Michigan white fish, which they successfully planted in the lake this summer. The same gentlemen have planted 1,000 Hudson River catfish in the waters of the county, a part of them being put in Honey and Eagle lakes. - Corr. Reno Gazette.~

1921 May 7, Evening Tribune (San Diego, CA) - J. B. Christie of Eagle Lake recently visited Susanville. He says an auto can easily make it to the foot of the grade on either side, but from there over the summit a horse is needed. Christie thinks it will be a week or more before cars can get through.~

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