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Jo Giessner

1877 October 15, 3rd Class Post Office established as Bieber, Lassen, California located 19 miles northeast of Fall River Mills (Shasta County) and 13 miles southwest of Adin (Modoc County).

Michel Josephson, first Postmaster.

1879 March 26, Nathan Bieber, Postmaster.

"Post Office established and named for Nathan Bieber, who in 1877 built the first store and house at the crossing of Pit River known as Chalk Ford."- Erwin G. Gudde~

1886 July 13, Thomas P. Ford, Postmaster.

1889 April 20, Nathan Bieber, Postmaster.

1893 June 15, Jeremiah Packwood, Postmaster.

1894 November 30, Warren D. Packwood, Postmaster.

1897 August 21, Mrs. Luima Packwood, Postmaster.

1900 April 12, Luima Norwood, Postmaster.

1907 January 19, Augustus Smith, Postmaster.

1910 January 20, Shepard H. Paulk, Postmaster.

1912 May 8, Fred D. Gaylord, Postmaster.

1913 November 25, Thomas J. Durfee, Postmaster.

1915 June 28, Sacramento  Union - Arrangements are being made for the establishment of a branch of the Lassen county high school at Bieber during the coming winter. A teacher will be employed to take charge of the work there. He will be a member of the faculty of Lassen high school. A number of pupils in Bieber and vicinity have been given diplomas from the eighth grade and find it impossible to go to Susanville.~

1920 April 15, Sacramento Union - Webb Pinneo has been authorized by the railroad commission to operate an auto stage line between Bieber, Lassen county, and the state line between California and Oregon providing a link in the route to Klamath Falls, Oregon. At Bieber, Pinneo's stage will connect with the stage line to Susanville.~

1930 June 24, Thomas J. Durfee, Postmaster.

1930 July 1, Republic- CENSUS TAKER FINDS ONE RESIDENT IN TOWN, Redding, Cal., June 28 - Nevadaville, Colorado with one resident finds its equal or better in northern Lassen county where Asa McKenzie of Bieber, Cal., census enumerator, found only one resident. "The man I found said he was only 'visiting' so I lost 4 cents a name the government pays for making the census," said McKenzie.~

1935 February 6, Thomas J. Durfee, Postmaster.

1940 February 1, Aubrey C. Bieber, Postmaster.

1948 April 1, Mrs. Eva A. Harvey, Postmaster.

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