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Hayden > Hayden Hill > Haydenhill

AKA:  Providence City (without a post office) for nearby Providence Mine.

AKA:  Mount Hope (no post office)

1871 April 13, 4th Class Hayden, Lassen, California established 26 miles southeast of Bieber per 1884 Postal Route Map. Named for J. W. Hayden, who with others, discovered gold in 1869. 

Augustine W. Blair, First Postmaster.

1871 July 26, Henry J. Ehlers, Postmaster.

1873 June 25, Samuel Fair, Postmaster.

1873 June 30, San Francisco Bulletin, Postal Changes in California, Washington, June 29th - Postmasters appointed at Hayden Lassen county, California, Samuel Fair...

1874 June 12, Albert Ament, Postmaster.

1875 October 15, Post Office discontinued.

1878 August 12, Post Office re-established this time as Hayden Hill with Leonidas H. Hopkins as Postmaster.

1880 February 20, William E. Donnellan, Postmaster.

1880 October 11, John L. Peck, Postmaster.

1883 March 3, Shasta Courier - Bill Burgett, after whom the town of Burgettville is named, proposes to open a blacksmith shop at Hayden Hill.~

1884 September 23, Clara A. Willis, Postmaster.

1886 March 2, Willis C. Howard, Postmaster.

1886 November 9, Harmon P. Anderson, Postmaster.

1887 April 2,Post Office discontinued.

1888 March 9, Post Office Re-established with William F. Harbert as Postmaster.

1889 October 11, Willis C. Howard, Postmaster.

1890 June 4, William T. Summers, Postmaster.

1891 November 18, Virginia Summers, Postmaster.

1895 June 21, From Hayden Hill to one-word, Haydenhill.

1899 August 31, Harmon P. Anderson, Postmaster.

1906 July 9, Hazel D. Anderson, Postmaster.

1912 June 30, Post Office discontinued.

1915 February 9, Post Office re-established.

1918 December 24, Raymond R. Anderson, Postmaster.

1919 July 31, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Bieber.

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