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Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 7:55AM
Jo Giessner

*Not to be confused with Janesville, Shasta County.

1861 December 19, 3rd Class Post Office established as Janesville, Lassen, California located 13 miles southeast of Susanville. 

L. N. Breed, First Postmaster.

1861, According to Henry E. Lomas the settlement at Bankhead's was named Janesville in the fall of 1861 in honor of Mrs. Jane Bankhead, the wife of Malcom Bankhead. Malcolm Bankhead built a hotel in 1857 that became the nucleus of the town.

In 1863, Mr. and Mrs. Smith J. Hill stated that in May, when their daughter Jane Agnes was a year old, Hill and L. N. Breed named the place where she was born "Janesville" in her honor.

Various people "swear by" each version. - Fairfield's  Pioneer History of Lassen County, California.~

1864 January 19, Post Office discontinued.

1864 June 15, Post Office re-established with Levi N. Breed as Postmaster.

1882 November 13, Howard W. Meybert, Postmaster.

1884 June 18, Abraham Alexander, Postmaster.

1884 December 3, Howard W. Meybert, Postmaster.

1886 July 13, Justus R. Bailey, Postmaster.

1887 February 7, Hiram H. Dakin, Postmaster.

1898 May 9, Howard W. Meybert, Postmaster.

1904 November 22, John B. Christie, Postmaster.

1907 April 16, George B. Fife, Postmaster.

1911 June 14, Frank O. Wemple, Postmaster.

1914 July 2, Post Office discontinued when name changed to Lassen.

1923 September 22, Laurence A. Wemple, Postmaster of Janesville, as name restored by petition..

1924 April 19, Charles A. Mitchell, Postmaster.

1925 November 5, Miss Marie McMurphy, Postmaster.

1926 October 20, Mrs. Bertha Gotchy, Postmaster.

1929 July 18, Gladys M. Adams, Postmaster.

1929 September 6, Fannie E. Martin, Postmaster.

1929 December 16, Mrs. Fannie E. Martin, Postmaster.

1957 July 31, Mrs. Victoria M. Casperoni, Postmaster.

1958 July 16, Edward G. Garza, Postmaster.


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