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Jo Giessner

1890 December 31, 4th Class Post Office established as Amedee, Lassen, California and was named for Amedee Moran of the Nevada- California-Oregon Railroad. The location was the terminus of the line. Located 4 miles south of Wendel.

Lewis W. Brubeck, First Postmaster.

1892 March 29, Sacramento Daily Union - Notaries Public - Governor Markham appointed the following Notaries yesterday:  Charles Teague, Amedee, Lassen County.~

1894 December 29, Mrs. Bessie A. Keser, Postmaster.

1894 December 30, San Francisco Call, The following postmasters have been appointed:  At Amedee, Lassen County, Mrs. B. A. Keser, vice L. W. Brubeck...

1897 December 23, Jacob H. Hart, Postmaster.

1900 February 27, Samuel A. Johnstone, Postmaster.

1900 May 31, Lewis A. Myers, Postmaster.

1901 July 22, Thomas C. Riggs, Postmaster.

1901 July 23, San Francisco Call, The following postmasters have been appointed: California - Thomas C. Riggs, Amedee, Lassen County vice Lewis A. Meyers resigned.~

1901 November 7, Carrie A. Shirley, Postmaster.

1905 February 2, Claude P. James, Postmaster.

1905 February 3, San Francisco Call, New Postmaster Appointed:  Claude P. James, Amedee, Lassen, county.

1907 January 19, Arlington C. Herring, Postmaster.

1908 November 10, George L. Clayton, Postmaster.

1913 August 18, Sacramento Union - Amedee (Lassen County) Aug 17th - FIRE DESTROYS WAREHOUSE - The large warehouse on Main Street, opposite the Amadee Hotel, was destroyed by fire yesterday. A large quantity of grain in storage was burned also. The  loss is about $3000.~

1915 January 27, Arlington C. Herring, Postmaster.

1919 April 28, Joseph C. Riesenman, Postmaster.

1921 October 6, Alda C. Riesenman, Postmaster.

1921 October 31, Elizabeth H. Riesenman, Postmaster.

1922 July 6, Alice J. McCarthy, Postmaster.

1923 October 23, Mrs. Kate M. Smith, Postmaster.

1924 February 20, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Wendel.

"Amedee Moran was one of the Moran brothers (Moran Brothers Bank of New York) who obtained the N-C-O railroad through a foreclosure sale. The town of Amedee was named after him. The town of Wendell was named by Amedee's brother, Thomas Moran, on behalf of a friend." - Randall C. Lorenz~


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