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1915 August 24, 4th Class Post Office established as Rayle, Lassen, California, named for David Rayl, hotel and general store owner. Located 9 miles north of Doyle.

Stanley G. Rayl, First Postmaster.

1916 June 13, Sacramento Union, DOYLE WILL LOSE FREIGHT BUSINESS - The Western Pacific is preparing to remove the sidings and the greater part of its freight business from Doyle to Rayl, the point where the Western Pacific crosses the Nevada-California-Oregon. The resident of Doyle have entered a protest with the state railway commission, but no action has yet been taken by that body. So far as known there is no intention to change the passenger business, but all freight transfers will be made at the new station.~

1917 October 18, Marin Journal, California News Items in Brief - On his mission of inspecting possible locations for additional training camps, Major Parks made an extensive examination of the 2000-acre site at Rayl in Lassen County.~

1921 July 8, Cyrus B. Helman, Postmaster at Rayl.

1922 March 28, Post Office discontinued and name changed to Hackstaff.

1922 March 28, 4th Class Post Office established as Hackstaff, Lassen, California, formerly known as Rayl.

Cyrus S. Helman, First Postmaster.

1922 December 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Doyle.

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