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Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 11:00AM
Jo Giessner

1869 July 26, 4th class Post Office established as Junction House, Lassen, California located 18 miles northwest of Reno, Nevada and 6 miles southeast of Summit. Junction meant the meeting of the Reno to Oregon trail and the Beckwourth Pass trail to the west. Later the junction of the Nevada-California-Oregon Railway and the Sierra & Mohawk Railway.

William E. Jones, First Postmaster.

1872 December 23, L. Stinson, Postmaster.

1874 January 22, Post Office discontinued.

1874 March 6, Post Office re-established with William E. Jones as Postmaster.

1875 August 27, Abraham Lent, Postmaster.

1876 January 5, Post Office discontinued.

1879 October 15, Post Office re-established as "Junction" with Abraham Lent as Postmaster.

1880 September 2, S. M. Roberts, Postmaster.

1881 March 25, Post Office discontinued.

1881 April 4, Post Office re-establsihed with Bertrand Dilharregary as Postmaster.

1882 March 20, I. Roberts, Postmaster.

1882 October 5, Post Office dioscontinued and the service moved to Summit.

1908 May 26, 4th Class Post Office established as Plumas Junction, Lassen, California located 7 miles north of Purdy and 5 miles east of Chilcoot. The junction meant the meeting of the Nevada-California-Oregon Railway with the Sierra-Mohawk Railway.

Grace Curley, First Postmaster.

1913 November 3, Leo B. Cole, Postmaster.

1918 March 28, Beatrice McDonald, Postmaster.

1918 June 29, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Chilcoot, Plumas County.



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