Little Valley
Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 11:03AM
Jo Giessner

1948 February 1, 4th Class Post Office established as Little Valley, Lassen, California located 18 miles southeast of McArthur. Name described a little valley within the big valley area.

Carrol M. Hawkins, First Postmaster.

1950 May 9, Lester Joseph Crawford, Postmaster.

1951 May 15, Lester Joseph Crawford, Postmaster.

1952 February 13, Joe Everett Hanger, Postmaster.

1952 November 12, Mrs. Lola Lee Bade, Postmaster.

1953 June 30, Mrs. Edna F. McGehee, Postmaster.

1953 November 10, Mrs. Edna F. McGehee, Postmaster.

1955 June 17, Fred D. Hinds, Postmaster.

1957 January 9, Katherine E. Hinds, Postmaster.

1958 June 27, Vera S. Cox, Postmaster.

1961 August 11, Mrs. Rose Mary Phillips, Postmaster.

1965 April 13, Mrs. Rose Mary White, Postmaster.

1965 May 10, Mrs. Rose Mary Phillips, Postmaster.

1965 December 3, Rose Mary Snyder, Postmaster.

1967 April 7, the 4th class post office was changed to a county rural branch of McArthur, Shasta County.


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