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1900 September 18, 4th Class Post Office established as Termo, Lassen, California located 12 miles east of Addington and 14 1/2 miles south of Madeline. A Nevada-California-Oregon railroad station name.

Jasper E. Plank, First Postmaster.

1901 January 23, Application rescinded.

1908 August 1,  Post Office re-established with Edmund F. Welch as Postmaster..

1912 January 4, Linda Z. Brack, Postmaster.

1914 April 15, Post office discontinued.

1915 September 2, Post office re-established with Jean Boulade, Postmaster.

1920 November 30, Inez Maud Long, Postmaster.

1924 October 4, Mrs. Elizabeth M. Green, Postmaster.

1926 March 25, Mrs. Rose Wood, Postmaster.

1940 June 19, Mrs. Evelyn Wood, Postmaster.

1945 December, Mrs. Evelyn Hill, Postmaster.

1946 January 4, Mrs. Myrtle H. Lakso, Postmaster.

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