1907 July 31, 4th Class Post Office established as Dixie, Lassen, California, located 20 miles southeast of Pitville. The name was set forth by a group of settlers from the Southern United States.

Belle Clark, First Postmaster.

1912 May 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Pitville.



1908 January 29, 3rd Class Post Office established as Doyle, Lassen County, California located 19 miles southeast of Milford and 24 miles north of Plumas Junction, per Postal Route Map. Named for John W. and Stephan A. Doyle, 1860's settlers.

? First Postmaster.

1913 April 29, Alice M. Bearup, Postmaster.

1920 January 20, Anna M. Dixon, Postmaster.

1921 September 5, Sacramento Union - Lassen Stage is Sold - George B. Long has been authorized by the Railroad Commission ro sell to Smith and Ramsey operative rights of an automobile passenger stage line between Doyle and Susanville, Lassen County.

1945 April 16, Mrs. Jessie M. Boyett, Postmaster.


Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is a natural lake located about 15 miles north of Susanville in Lassen County, California. It is the second largest natural lake in California located entirely within the state. At at elevation of just over 5,000 feet, Eagle lake is unique in that one end is in pine forest and the other in the desert. About 14 miles long and shaped like a bird's large wing span, the lake may have been mistakenly named for the Eagle when it was really an Osprey. The lake's history is ripe with natural curiosities and man's attempts to change her natural state.~

1873 February 21, San Francisco Bulletin - The Lassen Advocate of February 15th says:  Merrill, the agent of a number of capitalists in this State, has been with us this past week. It is the intention of this gentleman to run a tunnel from Willow Creek Valley to tap the waters of Eagle Lake, a distance of over one mile, by which operations it is estimated 1,000,000 acres of land will be reclaimed in and about Eagle Lake and over 500,00 acres made valuable for agricultural purposes by irrigation in Willow Creek and Honey Lake valleys which are now worthless. The project, though immense, is feasible and once completed, will prove one of the most gigantic and remunerative constructions in the State.  It will not only make valuable one and a half million acres of land which is now worthless, but will furnish a supply of water by which hundreds of acres of valuable mineral lands in the county can be worked, which is now of no value because water cannot be obtained. An effort is now being made to secure the establishment of a daily mail from Reno to Susanville.~

1880 January 10, San Francisco Bulletin- Eagle Lake, lying 10 miles south of Susanville, is as fine a body of water as there is in the State, being about 60 miles in circumference and in form like an eagle with wings extended, from which and the great number of eagles around there, the lake derived its name. Game of all kinds is abundant, while the water is thick with very fine fish, among which are salmon trout, mullet of three different kinds and a native white fish. Commissioner B. B. Redding last winter forwarded to Sanders & Dow 130,000 Lake Michigan white fish, which they successfully planted in the lake this summer. The same gentlemen have planted 1,000 Hudson River catfish in the waters of the county, a part of them being put in Honey and Eagle lakes. - Corr. Reno Gazette.~

1921 May 7, Evening Tribune (San Diego, CA) - J. B. Christie of Eagle Lake recently visited Susanville. He says an auto can easily make it to the foot of the grade on either side, but from there over the summit a horse is needed. Christie thinks it will be a week or more before cars can get through.~



See:  Spoonville > Edgemont


Evan's Ranch

1866 May 28, 4th Class Post Office established as Evan's Ranch, Lassen, California, located 25 miles southeast of Milford and 16 miles north of Summit, Plumas County per Application for Post Office. Named for Alvira Evans.

(Alvira, Alvaro, Alvano) A. Evans, First Postmaster.

1868 June 24, Post Office discontinued.



1893 November 21, 4th Class Post Office established as Gest, Lassen, California located 12 miles south of Long Valley and 8 miles north of Chat. Named for Erasmus Gest, manager of the Nevada-California-Oregon Railroad as a station on the line.

Mary L. McNamara, First Postmaster.

1894 May 8, Agnes Millar, Postmaster of the office that was moved 1/2 mile north.

1895 March 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Long Valley.




1908 August 11, 4th Class Post Office established as Glade, Lassen, California located 17 miles northeast of Ravendale. An old Germanic term for an open space in a forest appropriate for the location.

William R. Horne, First Postmaster.

1910 October 31, Post Office moved 3 miles north.

1912 March 29, Thomas J. Cox, Postmaster.

1913 March 19, Wiliam R. Horne, Postmaster.

1913 September 13, Francis E. Newberry, Postmaster.

1918 June 29, Post Office closed and the service moved to Ravendale.



See: Rayl > Hackstaff



*Sometimes spelled Hansen.

1885 November 10, 4th Class Post Office established as Hausen, Lassen, California located 12 miles south of Eagleville and 40 miles northwest of Buffalo Meadows.

William Coppersmith, First Postmaster.

1887 November 30, Post Office discontinued.

1890 October 6, Post Office re-established with William Coppersmith as Postmaster..

1898 April 28, Post Office moved 3 miles east into Washoe County, Nevada.


Hayden > Hayden Hill > Haydenhill

AKA:  Providence City (without a post office) for nearby Providence Mine.

AKA:  Mount Hope (no post office)

1871 April 13, 4th Class Hayden, Lassen, California established 26 miles southeast of Bieber per 1884 Postal Route Map. Named for J. W. Hayden, who with others, discovered gold in 1869. 

Augustine W. Blair, First Postmaster.

1871 July 26, Henry J. Ehlers, Postmaster.

1873 June 25, Samuel Fair, Postmaster.

1873 June 30, San Francisco Bulletin, Postal Changes in California, Washington, June 29th - Postmasters appointed at Hayden Lassen county, California, Samuel Fair...

1874 June 12, Albert Ament, Postmaster.

1875 October 15, Post Office discontinued.

1878 August 12, Post Office re-established this time as Hayden Hill with Leonidas H. Hopkins as Postmaster.

1880 February 20, William E. Donnellan, Postmaster.

1880 October 11, John L. Peck, Postmaster.

1883 March 3, Shasta Courier - Bill Burgett, after whom the town of Burgettville is named, proposes to open a blacksmith shop at Hayden Hill.~

1884 September 23, Clara A. Willis, Postmaster.

1886 March 2, Willis C. Howard, Postmaster.

1886 November 9, Harmon P. Anderson, Postmaster.

1887 April 2,Post Office discontinued.

1888 March 9, Post Office Re-established with William F. Harbert as Postmaster.

1889 October 11, Willis C. Howard, Postmaster.

1890 June 4, William T. Summers, Postmaster.

1891 November 18, Virginia Summers, Postmaster.

1895 June 21, From Hayden Hill to one-word, Haydenhill.

1899 August 31, Harmon P. Anderson, Postmaster.

1906 July 9, Hazel D. Anderson, Postmaster.

1912 June 30, Post Office discontinued.

1915 February 9, Post Office re-established.

1918 December 24, Raymond R. Anderson, Postmaster.

1919 July 31, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Bieber.



1895 May 14, 4th Class Post Office application as Hazel, Lassen, California.

1895 July 9, Application rescinded.

No record of actual existance in Post Office Department.



AKA:  Sierra Ordnance Depot /or/ Sierra Army Depot (1963)

1942 June 26, Shown on Military Post Office list as Sierra Ordnance Depot.

1942 November 18, 2nd Class Post Office established as Herlong, Lassen, California located 12 miles north of Doyle and 35 miles southeast of Susanville.  Name honors Captain Henry W. Herlong, the first ordnance officer to be killed in World War II.

Mrs. Grace E. McIntire, First Postmaster.

1945 August 21, Mrs. Lenis E. Brown, Postmaster.

1949 March 16, Mrs. Beatrice K. Geiger, Postmaster.

1955 July 15, Eugene M. Freitas, Postmaster.

1968 April 4, Mrs. Grace E. McIntire, Postmaster.



1880 October 21, 4th Class Post Office established as Hillside, Lassen, California, 12 miles south of Lookout and 12 miles north of Fall River Mills located on the side of a hill.

William Burgett, First Postmaster.

1881 April 26, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Lookout.


Janesville > Lassen > Janesville

*Not to be confused with Janesville, Shasta County.

1861 December 19, 3rd Class Post Office established as Janesville, Lassen, California located 13 miles southeast of Susanville. 

L. N. Breed, First Postmaster.

1861, According to Henry E. Lomas the settlement at Bankhead's was named Janesville in the fall of 1861 in honor of Mrs. Jane Bankhead, the wife of Malcom Bankhead. Malcolm Bankhead built a hotel in 1857 that became the nucleus of the town.

In 1863, Mr. and Mrs. Smith J. Hill stated that in May, when their daughter Jane Agnes was a year old, Hill and L. N. Breed named the place where she was born "Janesville" in her honor.

Various people "swear by" each version. - Fairfield's  Pioneer History of Lassen County, California.~

1864 January 19, Post Office discontinued.

1864 June 15, Post Office re-established with Levi N. Breed as Postmaster.

1882 November 13, Howard W. Meybert, Postmaster.

1884 June 18, Abraham Alexander, Postmaster.

1884 December 3, Howard W. Meybert, Postmaster.

1886 July 13, Justus R. Bailey, Postmaster.

1887 February 7, Hiram H. Dakin, Postmaster.

1898 May 9, Howard W. Meybert, Postmaster.

1904 November 22, John B. Christie, Postmaster.

1907 April 16, George B. Fife, Postmaster.

1911 June 14, Frank O. Wemple, Postmaster.

1914 July 2, Post Office discontinued when name changed to Lassen.

1923 September 22, Laurence A. Wemple, Postmaster of Janesville, as name restored by petition..

1924 April 19, Charles A. Mitchell, Postmaster.

1925 November 5, Miss Marie McMurphy, Postmaster.

1926 October 20, Mrs. Bertha Gotchy, Postmaster.

1929 July 18, Gladys M. Adams, Postmaster.

1929 September 6, Fannie E. Martin, Postmaster.

1929 December 16, Mrs. Fannie E. Martin, Postmaster.

1957 July 31, Mrs. Victoria M. Casperoni, Postmaster.

1958 July 16, Edward G. Garza, Postmaster.




See:  Toadtown > Johnstonville

*Sometimes spelled Johnsonville


Junction House > Junction > Plumas Junction

1869 July 26, 4th class Post Office established as Junction House, Lassen, California located 18 miles northwest of Reno, Nevada and 6 miles southeast of Summit. Junction meant the meeting of the Reno to Oregon trail and the Beckwourth Pass trail to the west. Later the junction of the Nevada-California-Oregon Railway and the Sierra & Mohawk Railway.

William E. Jones, First Postmaster.

1872 December 23, L. Stinson, Postmaster.

1874 January 22, Post Office discontinued.

1874 March 6, Post Office re-established with William E. Jones as Postmaster.

1875 August 27, Abraham Lent, Postmaster.

1876 January 5, Post Office discontinued.

1879 October 15, Post Office re-established as "Junction" with Abraham Lent as Postmaster.

1880 September 2, S. M. Roberts, Postmaster.

1881 March 25, Post Office discontinued.

1881 April 4, Post Office re-establsihed with Bertrand Dilharregary as Postmaster.

1882 March 20, I. Roberts, Postmaster.

1882 October 5, Post Office dioscontinued and the service moved to Summit.

1908 May 26, 4th Class Post Office established as Plumas Junction, Lassen, California located 7 miles north of Purdy and 5 miles east of Chilcoot. The junction meant the meeting of the Nevada-California-Oregon Railway with the Sierra-Mohawk Railway.

Grace Curley, First Postmaster.

1913 November 3, Leo B. Cole, Postmaster.

1918 March 28, Beatrice McDonald, Postmaster.

1918 June 29, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Chilcoot, Plumas County.





AKA:  Fairview (no Post Office)

1888 May 8, 4th Class Post Office established as Juniper, Lassen, California located 10 miles southwest of Bieber per the Postal Route Map. Named for the Juniper trees growing in the vicinity.

Frank I. Brown, First Postmaster.

1888 May 31, Frank I. Brown changed to Francis I. Brown on Postal Department records.

1902 August 5, Emma F. Brown, Postmaster.

1903 August 15, Post Office discontinued.

1924 November 12, Post Office re-established with Charles P. Snell as Postmaster.

1934 November 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Pitville, Shasta County.



See:  Secret > Karlo


Lake Greeno

1892 February 12, 4th Class Post Office established as Lake Greeno, Lassen, California located 7 miles north of Long Valley. Named for George Greeno who built a reservoir on Long Valley Creek.

Harriet Haley, First Postmaster.

1896 March 31, Post Office moved 3 miles west with Miss Inez Thompson as the Postmaster.

1903 July 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Milford.


Lake Nokopen

1938 May 3, Mrs. Lurah M. Stubblefield, Postmaster.

1938 May 28, 4th Class Post Office established as Lake Nokopen, Lassen, California located at the summer resort 21 miles northwest of Westwood and 33 miles northeast of Chester.

Mrs. Lurah M. Stubblefield, First Postmaster.

1940 June 29, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Westwood.