Lapen > Lassen

Supposedly an application for a particular post office from Lassen County, California was submitted as Lassen, California in handwriting that was misinterpreted by the Post Office Department as Lapen. Therefore no post office.

1874 June 19, 4th Class Post Office established as Lassen, Lassen, California located 20 miles north of Susanville.

Edward Bonyman, First Postmaster.

1875 July 14, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Susanville.




1913 June 3, Sacramento Union - The first wool of the season in Lassen county and the first to be shipped from Leavitt has arrived at this depot on the Fernley and Lassen railroad. Nearly all the wool of northern Lassen will be shipped by rail from Leavitt. Heretofore it has been hauled to Hot Springs on the Nevada, California and Oregon railroad or to Doyle on the Western Pacific.

1914 October 12, 4th Class Post Office establsihed as Leavitt, Lassen, California located 9 miles east of Susanville and 7 miles west of Litchfield per the Postal Route Map. Named for the Leavitt family who settled the area.

Mary L. Leavitt, First Postmaster.

1915 February 24, Nellie J. Morton, Postmaster.

1915 October 21, Nellie J. Rockoff, Postmaster.

1916 August 29, Ada M. Leavitt, Postmaster.

1920 December 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Litchfield.



1890 July 16, 4th Class Post Office established as Liegan, Lassen, California. "Liegan" is the Greek word for "terminus" and this location was the terminus of the Nevada-California-Oregon Railway for a short time. It was located on the east side of Honey Lake and north of Herlong in what became the Sierra Ordnance (Army) Depot reservation.

Samuel McM. Sample, First Postmaster.

1891 April 9, Post Office discontinued. No Record of operation.



1914 January 30, 3rd Class Post Office established as Litchfield, Lassen, California located 15 miles east of Susanville per the Postal Route Map. Name honored the Litchfield family, pioneer settlers of the area.

Andrew Johnson, First Postmaster.

1941 March 25, Post Office moved approximately 1/2 mile north.

1941 April 1, Mrs. Mary E. Nixon, Postmaster.

1941 June 21, Mrs. Linda Davie, Postmaster.

1942 July 4, Mrs. Linda Davie, Postmaster.

1960 August 2, Linda Davie Salisbury, Postmaster.

1961 December 30, Mrs. Jane Chandler, Postmaster.

1962 November 2, Mrs. Jane Chandler, Postmaster.


Little Valley

1948 February 1, 4th Class Post Office established as Little Valley, Lassen, California located 18 miles southeast of McArthur. Name described a little valley within the big valley area.

Carrol M. Hawkins, First Postmaster.

1950 May 9, Lester Joseph Crawford, Postmaster.

1951 May 15, Lester Joseph Crawford, Postmaster.

1952 February 13, Joe Everett Hanger, Postmaster.

1952 November 12, Mrs. Lola Lee Bade, Postmaster.

1953 June 30, Mrs. Edna F. McGehee, Postmaster.

1953 November 10, Mrs. Edna F. McGehee, Postmaster.

1955 June 17, Fred D. Hinds, Postmaster.

1957 January 9, Katherine E. Hinds, Postmaster.

1958 June 27, Vera S. Cox, Postmaster.

1961 August 11, Mrs. Rose Mary Phillips, Postmaster.

1965 April 13, Mrs. Rose Mary White, Postmaster.

1965 May 10, Mrs. Rose Mary Phillips, Postmaster.

1965 December 3, Rose Mary Snyder, Postmaster.

1967 April 7, the 4th class post office was changed to a county rural branch of McArthur, Shasta County.



Long Valley > Constantia

1869 December 29, 4th Class Post Office establsihed as Long Valley, Lassen, California located 19 miles southeast of Milford per Postal Route Map.

John W. Doyle, First Postmaster.

1893 January 27, Caroline H. Doyle, Postmaster.

1898 October 30, Post Office moved 5 miles to the southeast.

1898 December 30, David S. Edwards, Postmaster.

1902 April 24, Albert F. Peters, Postmaster.

1902 August 16, Thomas P. Crowder, Postmaster.

1906 March 22, Lyman G. Stiles, Postmaster.

1908 April 16, Albert J. Hall, Postmaster.

1910 February 4, Arlington C. Herring, Postmaster.

1910 April 12, Thomas O. Burrrus, Postmaster.

1912 April 5, Post Office discontinued, moved and the name changed to Constantia.

1912 April 5, 4th Class Post Office establsihed as Constantia, Lassen, California from Long Valley Post Office. The location was 8 miles southeast of Doyle and a Western Pacific Railroad Station.

Auguste C. Drayeur, First Postmaster.

1912 July 11, Auguste C. Drayeur, Postmaster.

1913 January 15, George B. Fife, Postmaster.

1914 March 26, Charles W. Stark, Postmaster.

1915 July 1, Herbert F. Smart, Postmaster.

1915 November 9, Frank W. Bartlett, Postmaster.

1919 November 21, Parley Peterson, Postmaster.

1922 April 12, William A. Merrill, Postmaster.

1926 September 23, Daniel M. Lecron, Postmaster.

1927 June 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Doyle.





1875 September 16, 4th Class Post Office established as Madeline, Lassen, California located 20 miles south of Hayden Hill and  23 miles north of Merrillville per Postasl Route Map. Named for a little girl killed in an 1850 Indian attack on the community.

Herrick L. Cheney, First Postmaster.

1878 April 16, George R. Walker, Postmaster.

1878 August 26, Post Office discontinued.

1879 May 2, Post Office re-established with George O. Ford as Postmaster.

1882 July 3, William T. Summers, Postmaster.

1882 October 17, Post Office discontinued.

1887 May 14, Post Office re-established with Elmer Van Loan as Postmaster.

1895 July 9, Ollie Loomis, Postmaster.

1897 October 2, Ollie Van Loan, Postmaster.

1899 March 8, Edward Pinkston, Postmaster.

1899 August 31, Maggie Trimble, Postmaster.

1900 October 13, Edward Pinkston, Postmaster.

1902 April 30, Post Office moved 4 miles north and Charles G. Sprague became Postmaster.

1905 December 14, Robert W. Brasher, Postmaster.

1912 March 26, John L. Berkey, Postmaster.

1921 July 27, Esther Mae Evans, Postmaster.

1922 April 4, Laura B. Evans, Postmaster.

1923 June 14, Mrs. Nora P. Stewart, Postmaster.

1926 October 12, Mrs. Lennice F. Kerr, Postmaster.

1929 January 10, Nellie S. Stilson, Postmaster.

1929 April 30, Oro H. smith, Postmaster.

1930 January 22, Mrs. Flora W. Olsen, Postmaster.

1930 December 3, Clara M. Carman, Postmaster.

1931 November 4, Mrs. Anna H. Bradford, Postmaster.

1946 December 31, Mrs. Laudine M. Allen, Postmaster.





1875 April 1, 4th Class Post Office established as Merrillville, Lassen, California located 12 miles north of Susanville per the 1885 Postal Route Map. Named for C. A. Merrill, an 1874 settler.

Osman Folsom, First Postmaster.

1876 March 20, Lewis Knudson, Postmaster.

1879 December 26, Perrin D. Hurlbut, Postmaster.

1886 July 13, Benjamin Newhaus, Postmaster.

1898 December 24, Robert W. Hurlbut, Postmaster.

1902 March 9, San Francisco Call - Postmasters Appointed: P. Deloss Hurlbut, Merrillville, Lassen county, vice R. W. Hurlbert, resigned.~

1902 May 8, Perrin D. Hurlbut, Postmaster.

1903 October 1, Timothy J. Hurlbut, Postmaster.

1904 June 18, Robert W. Hurlbut, Postmaster.

1905 March 16, Post Officed moved 1 mile southeast and Perry W. Smothers appointed Postmaster.

1907 July 17,  Post Office moved 1 1/4 miles northwest. Robert W. Hurlbut, Postmaster.

1909 June 29, Post Office moved 6 miles southeast. Hattie C. Williams, Postmaster.

1911 March 4, Clarence A. Williams, Postmaster.

1912 September 30, Post Office discontinued.

1913 June 7, Post Office re-established.  Robert W. Hurlbut, Postmaster.

1918 July 13, Mary S. Murrer, Postmaster.

1928 October 26, Willis C. Stone, Postmaster.

1928 November 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Susanville.



1864 June 20, 4th Class Post Office established as Milford, Lassen, California, located 25 miles southeast of Susanville. A flour mill at the ford across Mill Creek motivated the name.

Perry B. Bronson, First Postmaster.

1866 April 30, Charles A. Patterson, Postmaster.

1868 February 26, Samuel Peyser, Postmaster.

1871 February 27, J. H. Breed, Postmaster.

1872 April 22. Lewis (Louis) M. Crill, Postmaster.

1873 July 14, Charles P. McClelland, Postmaster.

1877 May 15, Michael Harrison, Postmaster.

1879 September 8, Post Office discontinued.

1879 October 15, Post Office re-established with Stephen A. Doyle, Postmaster.

1886 September 16, J. C. Roberts, Postmaster.

1886 December 10, S. M. Roberts, Postmaster.

1887 October 27, Stephen A. Doyle., Postmaster.

1888 October 12, San Francisco Bulletin - Milford, Lassen county, post office for postal notes only per the U.S. Postal Department.~

1890 December 15, Mrs. Josephine Lindsay, Postmaster.

1891 June 10, John B. Christie, Postmaster.

1893 June 1, Abbie E. Wemple, Postmaster.

1899 July 1, John B. Christie, Postmaster.

1903 November 17, N. V. Wemple, Postmaster.

1905 February 7, James M. Doyle, Postmaster.

1933 October 2, Mrs. Edna M. Wemple, Postmaster.

1938 November 6, Miss Narnia Wemple, Postmaster.

1947 August 6, Mrs. Flora M. Clark, Postmaster.

1950 September 20, Mrs. Elma L. Singleton, Postmaster.

1971 April 3, Mrs. Elma K. Ellis, Postmaster.

1971 JUly 31, Mrs. Muriel L. Rodrigues, Postmaster.



1931 October 8, 3rd Class Post Office established as Nubieber, Lassen, California, located 2 1/2 miles southwest of Bieber around the railroad depot. Name coined from New Bieber. Nathan Bieber was an 1877 pioneer merchant in Bieber.

Arthur W. Peterson, First Postmaster.

1932 April 7, Irene Crane, Postmaster.

1939 April 3, Mrs. Irene Crane Jones, Postmaster.

1947 August 16, Mrs. Eva M. Oates, Postmaster.

1953 July 31, Mrs. Retta L. Moslander, Postmaster.

1955 February 15, Mrs. Ethel R. Sherrill, Postmaster.

1968 February 29, Mrs. Leona E. Darnell, Postmaster.




1910 April 20, 4th Class Post Office established as Omira, Lassen, California located 3 miles northeast of Long Valley. The story goes that the Western Pacific Railroad Company named the location for a woman who promised to build a church for the community if the site was named for her.

Stella M. Stiles, First Postmaster.

1911 January 21, Post Office discontinued.

1915 July 21, Post Office re-established with George B. Shaver, Postmaster.

1918 June 29, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Constantia.



Peninsula Village

1966 June 1, Contract Rural Branch established as Peninsula Village located 7 miles west of Westwood, it was in Plumas County, but considered Lassen County for administrative purposes as Westwood is in Lassen County. The resort community is sheltered by the Lake Almanor Peninsula, hence the name.

1971 January 11, Administrative convenience changed to Plumas County.


Pitville, Pittville

See:  Shasta County for Post Offices and Postmasters.


Plumas Junction

See:  Junction House > Junction > Plumas Junction


Purser > Wendel

1902 March 27, 4th Class Post Office established as Purser, Lassen, California located 5 miles north of Amedee and 8 miles east of Standish. Named for rancher and irrigation system developer, Edward T. Purseer of Honey Lake Valley.

Tillie M. Vale, First Postmaster.

1903 January 21, Adaline Ripley, Postmaster.

1903 June 15, Post Office discontinued.

1908 June 30, Post Office re-established with Gail H. V. James as Postmaster.

1915 February 10, Post Office discontinued. The Post Office was then moved 3 miles east and the name changed to Wendel.

1915 February 10,  4th Class Post Office established as Wendel, Lassen, California located 3 1/2 miles northeast of Amedee on the Nevada-California-Oregon railway. Supposedly named for a good friend of the Railway president.

Mrs. Gail H. V. James, First Postmaster.

1919 March 14, Gail H. V. Oglivie, Poatmaster.

1920 May 15, Post office discontinued.

1921 November 19, Post Office re-established with Joseph St. Clair Riesenman as Postmaster.

1927 May 24, Mrs. Alda C. Riesenman, Postmaster.

1958 March 31, Donna G. Perez, Postmaster.

1962 April 19, Miss Peggy I. Tuttle, Postmaster.

1964 March 16, Mrs. Marcella E. Barigor, Postmaster.

1964 July 3, Changed from 4th class post office to independent rural station of Janesville.

1966, Changed to rural branch.




1910 February 2, 4th Class Post Office established as Ravendale, Lassen, California, located 7 miles southeast of Termo per the 1917 Postal Route Map. Named for the birds known as Ravens in the area.

William B. Edwards, First Postmaster.

1913 January 4, Roland C. Hunt, Postmaster.

1913 October 3, Alice Laura Evans, Postmaster.

1914 September 16, Amy B. Edwards, Postmaster.

1920 April 9, Walter Reinhardt, Postmaster.

1920 November 15, Post Office discontinued.

1921 May 19, Post Office re-established with Victor C. Fallgatter as Postmaster.

1933 September 19, Mrs. Mary E Fallgatter, Postmaster.

1934 August 28, John W. Reed, Postmaster.

1934 November 30, Mrs. Mary E. Fallgatter, Postmaster.

1944 June 21, Mrs. Berniece Margaret Edwards, Postmaster.

1944 November 20, Elizabeth May Donnelly, Postmaster.

1945 June 30, Mrs. Ruby R. Phelps, Postmaster.

1945 October 22, Mrs. Ruby R. Phelps, Postmaster.


Rayl > Hackstaff

1915 August 24, 4th Class Post Office established as Rayle, Lassen, California, named for David Rayl, hotel and general store owner. Located 9 miles north of Doyle.

Stanley G. Rayl, First Postmaster.

1916 June 13, Sacramento Union, DOYLE WILL LOSE FREIGHT BUSINESS - The Western Pacific is preparing to remove the sidings and the greater part of its freight business from Doyle to Rayl, the point where the Western Pacific crosses the Nevada-California-Oregon. The resident of Doyle have entered a protest with the state railway commission, but no action has yet been taken by that body. So far as known there is no intention to change the passenger business, but all freight transfers will be made at the new station.~

1917 October 18, Marin Journal, California News Items in Brief - On his mission of inspecting possible locations for additional training camps, Major Parks made an extensive examination of the 2000-acre site at Rayl in Lassen County.~

1921 July 8, Cyrus B. Helman, Postmaster at Rayl.

1922 March 28, Post Office discontinued and name changed to Hackstaff.

1922 March 28, 4th Class Post Office established as Hackstaff, Lassen, California, formerly known as Rayl.

Cyrus S. Helman, First Postmaster.

1922 December 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Doyle.


Redrock > Red Rock

1888 October 5, 4th Class Post Office established as Redrock, Lassen, California located 13 miles northeast of Ravendale. Named for the red rock (lava formations) of the area.

John Forsyth, First Postmaster.

1890 October 6, Daniel L. Moulton, Postmaster.

1905 December 9, Theresa H. Mounton, Postmaster.

1907 December 31, Post Office moved 6 miles west and the name changed to two words.  Wilber F. Spalding, Postmaster.

1913 July 28, Annie Spalding, Postmaster.

1914 January 5, John K. Eneboe, Postmaster.

1925 March 13, Elmer W. Anderson, Postmaster.

1929 April 23, Ira M. Anthony, Postmaster.

1933 November 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Ravendale.



1903 July 14, 4th Class Post Office established as Roscoe, Lassen, California located 21 miles east of Madeline.

Albert C. Pickard, First and Only  postmaster.

1905 March 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Madeline.



1912 August 23, 4th Class Post Office established as Scotts, Lassen, California located 8 1/2 miles northeast of Chilcoot. Named for Charles A. Scott, also the first postmaster.

Chales A. Scott, First and Only Postmaster.

1916 February 29, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Chilcoot, Plumas County.