Secret > Karlo

1892 September 5, 4th Class Post Office established as Secret, Lassen, California located in Secret Valley about 22 miles north of Amedee and 28 miles south of Red Rock per the Postal Route Map.

Frank Walker, First Postmaster.

1895 June 22, Post Office discontinued.

1896 May 9, Post Office re-established with Jasper T. Tipton as Postmaster.

1905 December 27, Martha M. Tipton, Postmaster.

1911 August 23, Secret Post Office discontinued as name changed to Karlo.

1911 August 23, 4th Class Post Office established as Karlo, Lassen, California, located 18 miles northwest of Wendel. Named for Frank DeCarlow, an 1886 pioneer.

Martha M. Vincent, First Postmaster.

1912 December 30, William E. Vincent, Postmaster.

1914 February 28, Martha M. Tipton, Postmaster.

1916 November 28, Cleon C. Swart, Postmaster.

1918 December 16, Kate Merrill, Postmaster.

1923 January 12, Mrs. Frances R. Enyart, Postmaster.

1926 February 20, Harvey O. Middleton, Postmaster.

1929 January 20, John Hawkins, Postmaster.

1929 February 12, George T. Wood, Postmaster.

1929 July 30, John Hawkins, Postmaster.

1933 July 1, Miss Florence Hawkins, Postmaster.

1934 April 14, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Wendel.




1887 May 13, 4th Class Post Office established as Shumway, Lassen, California located 15 miles northeast of Merrillville. Named for Susie Shumway the first postmaster.

Miss Susie Shumway, First Postmaster.

1887 December 14, George Walters, Postmaster.

1889 April 12, George Walters, Postmaster.

1895 August 19, Margaret E. Long, Postmaster.

1903 November 23, George B. Long, Postmaster.

1904 March 26, William O. Long, Postmaster.

1909 August 17, John C. Long, Postmaster.

1913 October 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Ravendale.




Sierra Ordnance Depot

See:  Herlong


Soldier's Bridge

1864 August 22, A Post Office establsihed as Soldier's Bridge, Lassen, California located 16 miles southeast of Susanville. Lieutendent Hamilton's soldiers built a bridge here for the camp/community.

John N. Pine, First Postmaster.

1867 September 24, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Susanville.


Spoonville > Edgemont

1903 January 27, 4th Class Post Office established as Spoonville, Lassen, California located 4 miles southwest of Standish. Named for Florella A. Spoon.

James I. Christie, First Postmaster.

1904 November 22, William E. Spoon, Postmaster.

1905 May 19, Chester B. Toombs, Postmaster.

1905 December 19, Ebenezer C. Brown, Postmaster.

1909 April 3, Alice E. Moore, Postmaster.

1910 February 1, Florella A. Spoon, Postmaster.

1910 December 28, Marion A. Miller, Postmaster.

1912 October 19, William H. Grass, Postmaster.

1913 November 20, Spoonville Post Office discontinued and the name changed to Edgemont.

1913 November 20, 4th Class post Office established as Edgemont, Lassen, California located 4 miles northeast of Buntingville.

William H. Grass, First Postmaster.

1914 November 24, Asa L. Brown, Postmaster.

1916 March 4, Jennie L. Lanigir, Postmaster.

1918 August 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Buntingville.



1912 July 11, 4th Class Post office establshed as Stacy, Lassen, California, located 14 1/2 miles  by rail southeast of Wendel. Named for Mrs. Stacy Spoon.

Grover F. Spoon, First Postmaster.

1914 February 26, Carl R. Caudle, Postmaster.

1916 July 14, Orlo J. Hartwell, Postmaster.

1920 October 2, Alson H. Newman, Postmaster.

1945 November 14, Oliver C. Reynolds, Postmaster.

1948 December 16, Albert Lee Snyder, Postmaster.

1951 June 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Wendel.



See:  Datura > Standish


Susan River

1863, "In the spring or early summer H. C. Stockton brought a sawmill from near Horsetown in Shasta county and set it up on Susan River a mile and a half above the Devil's Corral bridge. It was a water mill and was run until the end of the century." - Fairfield



AKA:  Roop's Fort; Rooptown (no post offices)

1853, Susanville settled and named by Isaac N. Roop for his daughter, Susan Roop.

1856 April 26, the residents of the area seceded from California naming it the Territory of Nataqua. The secession was short lived.

1858 November, Renamed Susanville. 

1859 March 17, Post Office established as Susanville.

Isaac N. Roop, First Postmaster.

1860 July 16, discontinued.

1860 October 16, Post Office established as Susanville, Plumas County with Post Office Department Note:  "Late in Lake County, Nevada." Isaac N. Roop, Postmaster.

1860 October 25, Constitution, Post Office Operations:   Susanville - Utah Territory.

1862, "The first post office in the county was established at Susanville. Governor Roop was appointed postmaster and he held the office until his death in 1869. His office was always in a little building on the north side of Main Street about the middle of the street between Lassen and Gay."

"Previous to July 1862 the mail and express were brought from Oroville to the valley this year by a man named Fargo." - Fairfield

1864 April 1, Lassen County created, therefore Susanville became Susanville, Lassen County, California.

1865 March 7, Idaho Statesman - A contract for carrying of the mail between this place [Boise] and Susanville, in Lassen County, California, 500 miles and back, twice a month, was to be let at Washington City on the 6th inst.~

1866, Quotes from Fairfield's Pioneer History of Lassen County, California - In 1866 "the government established the first United States mail route between Susanville and Virginia City. Granville Woods had the contract which began in July. He ran a stage line and carried the mail until that fall or the next spring, and then Charles Cramer bought the line and ran it until July 1870. In 1869, he had a partner named Kline."

"About this time a post office was established at Janesville with L.N. Breed as post master. . ." -

". . .one at Milford with Charles Patterson as post master, . . ."

". . .and another at the Evans Ranch in the north end of Long Valley. Alvaro Evans was post master at the latter place for a couple of years, and then the post office was moved to the ranch of John W. Doyle who was the post master for a great many years."~

1869 March 26, William T. Ward, Postmaster.

1873 December 16, Trowbridge H. Ward, Postmaster.

1875 February 15, John C. Partridge, Postmaster.

1881 August 2, Albert A. Smith, Postmaster.

1883 July 17, William D. Minckler, Postmaster.

1885 March 17, James Branham, Postmaster.

1887 October 27, Charles A. Forkner, Postmaster.

1889 June 15, Noble S. McTierny, Postmaster.

1892 July 29, Noble S. McTierny, Postmaster.

1897 March 1, David C. Hyer, Postmaster.

1901 March 2, Frank H. Baughan, Postmaster.

1913 August 19, David C. Hyer, Postmaster.

1914 February 20, Ivar B. Clark, Postmaster.

1917 October 1, San Jose Mercury News, Susanville, Cal., Sep 30 - Several hundred delegates from northern California, southern Oregon and Nevada were on hand her today at the opening of the annual meeting of the Northern California Counties Association.

One of the features of the meeting will be the dedication of a monument marking the resting place of Peter Lassen, in honor of whom the county and America's only active volcano is named. Lassen brought the first Masonic charter into California for the lodge formed at the old mining town of Shasta, Shasta county.  Vice President Jules Alexander of the Northern California Counties' body collected the funds to build the Lassen Monument.

Among the prominent speakers will be:  State Market Director Harris Weinstock. Frederick J. Koster, President of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce; Albert Lindsey of the Practical Farmers League; Fred Shaffer of the Yolo County Board of Trade; Judge Francis Carr of Redding and others.~

1918 September 5, Ivar B. Clark, Postmaster.

1921 April 17, Oregonian- Susanville, Cal - E. W. Hayden, one-time associate in Virginia City of Mark Twain, retired here recently after 55 continuous years as printer and editor in California. he has been publisher of the Lassen Advocate here for years.~

1922 September 19, Chester D. Mathews, Postmaster.

1933 September 6, Elmer R. Winchell, Postmaster.

1947 July 1, Ivor E. Lanigar, Postmaster.

1965 June 14, Omaha World Herald (Omaha, Nebraska) Susanville, Cal - A fire raged for seven hours through the Eagle Lake Lumber Company Sunday morning. Damage was estimated at six million dollars.

A complex of five interconnected buildings was leveled and millions of board feet of kiln-dried lumber were destroyed.

The inferno raced through 40 acres of buildings and yards. The facility-one of the major industries of this Sierra Nevada community-was a total loss, a spokesman said. There were no injuries.~

1965 August 26, Henry S. Wright, Postmaster.



1900 September 18, 4th Class Post Office established as Termo, Lassen, California located 12 miles east of Addington and 14 1/2 miles south of Madeline. A Nevada-California-Oregon railroad station name.

Jasper E. Plank, First Postmaster.

1901 January 23, Application rescinded.

1908 August 1,  Post Office re-established with Edmund F. Welch as Postmaster..

1912 January 4, Linda Z. Brack, Postmaster.

1914 April 15, Post office discontinued.

1915 September 2, Post office re-established with Jean Boulade, Postmaster.

1920 November 30, Inez Maud Long, Postmaster.

1924 October 4, Mrs. Elizabeth M. Green, Postmaster.

1926 March 25, Mrs. Rose Wood, Postmaster.

1940 June 19, Mrs. Evelyn Wood, Postmaster.

1945 December, Mrs. Evelyn Hill, Postmaster.

1946 January 4, Mrs. Myrtle H. Lakso, Postmaster.


Toadtown > Johnstonville

1863, According to Daniel W. Bryant:  "In 1863 P.W. Cunningham and Fred S. Johnson agreed to move a grist mill belonging to Dr. John M. Briceland [a physician of Shasta City] from Cow Creek near Millville [Shasta County] to Toadtown (Johnstonville) [Lassen County]."

"Briceland's mill had been undermined by the stream and was about to fall into it. . ."Briceland agreed with the two men from Honey Lake to take the grist mill machinery for one half interest. - Fairfield's Pioneer History of Lassen County, California.~

1902 November 15, 4th class post office established as Johnstonville, Lassen, California honored Robert Johnston, Pioneer and Developer of the community. Located 3 miles west of Clinton and 5 miles southeast of Susanville.

Andrew L. Spoon, First Postmaster.

1905 December 30, Archie Gaynor, Postmaster.

1908 May 4, Frank O. Wemple, Postmaster.

1911 May 5, Charley L. Ramsey, Postmaster.

1913 November 17, Ruby Mankins, Postmaster.

1916 October 10, Mary Ravenscraft, Postmaster.

1921 February 15, John Todd Bonner, Postmaster.

1923 January 12, Jens W. Jansen, Postmaster.

1927 November 7, William T. Stark, Postmaster.

1931 September 2, Mrs. Sadie Stark, Postmaster.

1943 October 27, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Susanville.



See:  Purser > Wendel



1913 August 28,  2nd Class Post Office established as Westwood, Lassen, California located 33 miles by rail southwest of Susanville (1913). Western Headquarters for the Red River Lumber Company of Eastwood, Minnesota.

Hugh Countryman, First Postmaster.

1915 October 20, William E. Taylor, Postmaster.

1923 September 5, Alfred T. Taylor, Postmaster.

1933 September 4, Frank A. Lauer, Postmaster.

1957 March 31, Medford C. Eggleston, Postmaster.

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