"Mendocino County"

1850 February 15, Mendocino County was one of the original California counties.

1875 April 1, Sacramento Daily Union - Location of the Granges of the Patrons of Husbandry in this State (California) by Name; Post Office, County:

Cahto, Cahto, Mendocino

Manchester, Manchester, Mendocino

Mendocino, Ukiah City, Mendocino

Pomo, Pomo, Mendocino

Round Valley, Covelo, Mendocino

Sanel, Sanel, Mendocino.~



A List of Post Offices

Please enjoy a little information about the Post office names and locations serving the folks of Mendocino County. In alphabetical order and with reference to name change. Some Post Offices are still in existance. A work in progress, the listing of postmasters is additional and not considered complete. The title "Postmaster" is used very loosely. The title "Officer-in-Charge" appears in recent years and I chose to use "Postmaster" on all dates. In researching I found that very seldom did any lists match in regards to dates, name spellings and titles.

Albion, Anderson (See:  Anderson > Boonville), Andersonia, Arthur

Bell Springs, Bentley, Boonville (See:  Anderson > Boonville), Branscomb, Bucknell

Cahto, Calpella, Capehorn, Carey (See:  Carey > Jeram), Caspar, Christine, Cleone (See:  Kanuck > Cleone), Comfort, Comptche, Conway's Landing (See:  Conway's Landing > Fish Rock), Covelo, Cuffey's Cove, Cummings

Dos Rios (See:  Two Rivers > Dos Rios), Duffey

Eden, Elk

Fairbanks, Farley, Fish Rock (See:  Conway's Landing > Fish Rock), Fort Bragg, French

Glenblair, Glenmark (See:  Tomkiah > Glenmark), Gracy, Gualala

Haran, Hardyville > Hardy, Hearst, Hemlock, Hermitage, Hopland (See: Sanel > Hopland > Sanel > Hopland)

Inglenook, Irmulco, Iverson

Jeram (See: Carey > Jeram)

Kanuck (See:  Kanuck > Cleone), Kenny, Kibesillah

Largo, Laughlin, Laytonville, Leggett, Little Lake (See:  Little Lake > Willits), Little River > Littleriver, Longvale, Low Gap

Manchester, Manzanita (See:  Salsig > Manzanita), Melburne, Mendocino, Miller, Mina, Monroe, Moody

Nashmead, Navarro Ridge > Navarro & Wendling > Navarro, Northspur, Northwestern, Noyo River > Noyo

Ornbaun, Orrs, Outlet

Persevere, Philo, Piercy, Pieta, Point Arena (see:  Punta Arenas > Point Arenas > Point Arena), Pomo, Poonkiny, Potter Valley, Punta Arenas (See:  Punta Arenas > Point Arenas > Point Arena)

Redwine, Redwood Valley, Ridgewood, Rockport, Rockway, Russian River (See:  Russian River > Healdsburgh)

Salsig > Manzanita, Sanel > Hopland, Sawyers, Scottsville, Sherwood Valley > Sherwood,  Signal > Signal Port, Spyrock, Sylvandale

Talmage, Tilly, Tolson, Tomki, Tomkiah, Two Rivers > Dos Rios

Ukiah, Ulco, Usal

Vichy Springs

Weltmer, Wendling > Navarro, Westport, Whitehall, Whitesboro, Willits (See:  Little Lake > Willits), Woodman




1859 June 29, 3rd Class Post Office established as Albion, Mendocino, California, located 7 miles south of the community of Mendocino. The name stems from the Albion Steam Mill built in 1853 to process lumber. "New Albion" had been bestowed on the area much earlier in 1579 by Sir Francis Drake.

James Townsend, First Postmaster.

1874 December 21, James Brett, Postmaster.

1875 March 15, Carlton E. White, Postmaster.

1881 April 14, Samuel J. Chalfant, Postmaster.

1885 May 15, James Brett, Postmaster.

1892 February 13, Herbert E. Wilcox, Postmaster.

1894 May 5, Henry B. Hickey, Postmaster.

1908 February 13, Charles F. Brady, Postmaster.

1908 November 5, Donald MacDonald, Postmaster.

1911 January 26, Albert C. Hogan, Postmaster.

1916 February 3, Lester S. Clark, Postmaster.

1929 March 31, Cecil G. Brown, Postmaster.

1930 June 28, Axel Paul Brown, Postmaster.

1940 May 27, Elmer E. Thompson, Postmaster.

1963 March 31, Warren F. Leedom, Postmaster.


Anderson > Boonville

1858 October 18, Post Office established  as Anderson, Mendocino, California, located 30 miles northwest of Cloverdale. Named for Walter Anderson, an 1851 settler, the location was within Anderson Valley, also named for Walter Anderson.

John Burton, First Postmaster.

1860 February 1, Charles Wintzer, Anderson Postmaster.

1864 July 25, Alonzo B. Kendall, Anderson Postmaster.

1864 -The town was founded as Kendalls City. Soon afterward, W. W. Boone bought the store of Levi & Straus and changed the name of the town to Booneville for himself. The "e" was dropped from the spelling when the post office was established in 1875.~

1867 September 10, William W. Boone, Anderson Postmaster.

1869 February 4, Albert G. Ruddock, Anderson Postmaster.

1870 December 12, Isaac T. Carney, Anderson Postmaster.

1872 September 17, John W. McAbee, Anderson Postmaster.

1873 November 14, Thomas J. Grinsey, Anderson Postmaster.

1874 March 19, James Taylor Rogers, Anderson Postmaster.

1875 August 17, Anderson Post Office discontinued, moved 2 miles south and the name changed to Boonville.

1875 August 17, 3rd Class Post Office established as Boonville, Mendocino, California, located 23 miles southwest of Ukiah. Name changed from Anderson and named for William W. Boone, merchant. AKA:  The Corners and Kendalls (no post offices) or Booneville spelled with an "e"

James Taylor Rogers, First Postmaster.

1876 April 20, John W. McAbee, Postmaster.

1884 May 26, James B. Hunt, Postmaster.

1886 September 16, Thomas B. Burger, Postmaster.

1886 October 12, San Francisco Bulletin - Pacific Coast Items - Thomas B. Burger has been appointed Postmaster at Booneville, Mendocino County.~

1887 February 28, Mrs. Ermin C. Burger, Postmaster.

1891 September 25, George T. Brown, Postmaster.

1895 September 5, Dr. Herbert Thomson, Postmaster.

1899 September 18, Thomas Rawles, Postmaster.

1901 December 13, Albert C. Hogan, Postmaster.

1905 December 7, Mamie Diddle, Postmaster.

1910 March 15, John T. Farrer, Postmaster.

1915 March 1, Jessie M. Bivans, Postmaster.

1919 March 14, Thomas E. McGimsey, Postmaster.

1936 February 23, Harry Presley, Postmaster.

1936 December 16, George S. Lawson, Postmaster.

1971 July 17, Mrs. Bennie S. Bates, Postmaster.




1904 July 26, 4th Class Post Office established as Andersonia, Mendocino, California, located 5 1/2 miles east of Moody. Named for Jeff Anderson who established a sawmill at the site in 1903.

John A. McPherson, First Postmaster.

1906 August 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Moody.



1903 February 19, 4th class post office established as Arthur, Mendocino, California, located 3 miles south of Ukiah and 3 miles north of Calpella. 

Henry D. Hackendorf, First Postmaster.

1905 December 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Ukiah.



Bell Springs

1920 March 8, 4th Class Post Office established as Bell Springs, Mendocino, California, located 9 miles south of Harris, Humboldt County. Named for two cowbells found at the site. The cowbells also helped solve a murder mystery.

Selma Anna Grothe, First Postmaster.

1924 October 13, Paul A. Grothe, Postmaster.

1934 April 1, Adolph A. Grothe, Postmaster.

1949 April 1, Benjamin D. Grubb, Postmaster.

1951 July 10, Fred A. Grothe, Postmaster.

1961 May 26, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Harris, Humboldt County.



1939 February 17, 4th Class Post Office established as Bentley, Mendocino, California, located 4 1/2 miles north of Spyrock, 8 miles north of Nashmead and 10 1/2 miles south of Island Mountain.

Mrs. Grace L. Roberts, First Postmaster.

1940 April 13, Armelia E. Hedtkamp, Postmaster.

1940 May 23, Post Office moved 3/4 mile west.

1940 June 29, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Spyrock.



See:  Anderson > Boonville



1894 April 5, 3rd Class Post Office established as Branscomb, Mendocino, California, located 8 1/2 miles west of Cahto and 15 miles east of Westport. Named for Benjamin F. Branscomb, pioneer settler.

Mary A. Waldron, First Postmaster.

1898 December 2, Benjamin F. Branscomb, Postmaster.

1911 December 19, John M. Branscomb, Postmaster.

1924 January 31, Joseph R. Adams, Postmaster.

1940 March 18, Mrs. Nellie F. Branscomb, Postmaster.

1945 May 22, Mrs. Ruth H. Branson, Postmaster.

1947 January 10, Olive L. Adams, Postmaster.

1947 July 19, Mrs. Ruth H. Branson, Postmaster.

1949 March 1, Dorothy A. Abert, Postmaster.

1968 July 1, Joseph Richard Park, Postmaster.




1922 August 24, 4th Class Post Office established as Bucknell, Mendocino, California, located per Application for Post Office 8 1/2 miles north of Covelo. Named for Charles M. Bucknell, settler of 1893.

Dorothy G. Reed, First Postmaster.

1923 June 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Covelo.



1863 July 22, Post Office established as Cahto, Mendocino, California, located 3 miles southwest of Laytonville. "Cahto" is a Pomo Indian word meaning swampy condition of the land.

Robert White, First Postmaster.

1897 October 1, John Williams, Postmaster.

1899 March 1, William F. Wade, Postmaster.

1900 August 22, Luther Redemeyer, Postmaster.

1901 December 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Laytonville.



1860 November 26, Post Office established as Calpella, Mendocino, California, located 6 miles north of Ukiah and 16 miles south of Willits. "Kapela" was a Pomo Indian Chief.

James B. Veeder, First Postmaster

1864 March 14, Benjamin F. Forsythe, Postmaster.

1864 November 28, Simon Wurtenburg, Postmaster.

1868 May 21, Seth Morse, Postmaster.

1868 July 16, Post Office discontinued.

1872 January 17, Post Office re-established. John London, Postmaster.

1872 April 8, Henry D. Mellen, Postmaster.

1875 May 7, Peter R. Klein, Postmaster.

1880 March 2, Frederick Niepp, Postmaster.

1886 September 16, Amos B. Montgomery, Postmaster.

1887 November 15, James C. Nuckolls, Postmaster.

1888 March 20, Wiley English, Postmaster.

1889 December 7, George McCoy, Postmaster.

1896 November 12, Francis O. Strong, Postmaster.

1911 September 2, Lemuel Silverthorn, Postmaster.

1912 October 26, Emil Spitzer, Postmaster.

1915 March 5, Marshall J. Fancher, Postmaster.

1918 July 5, Frank A. Howland, Postmaster.

1920 February 6, Post Office discontinued.

1920 May 10, Post Office moved 2 miles north and re-established. Walter H. L. Morgan, Postmaster.

1937 January 1, Mrs. Ella Boyd, Postmaster.

1949 June 9, Mrs. Ella Boyd, Postmaster.

1971 November 12, Changed from 2nd Class Post Office to Branch of Ukiah.


Cape Mendocino

1860 February 10, Augusta Chronicle (Augusta, Georgia) - The steamer Northerner, bound for Portland, Oregon, was wrecked on the 6th of January near Cape Mendocino. Eleven passengers and twenty-two of the crew were lost. The vessel is a total loss, but the mails and treasure were saved.~



1894 April 18, 4th Class Post Office established as Capehorn, Mendocino, California, located 6 miles north of Potter Valley and 12 miles southwest of Hullville. Early California pioneers used the term "Capehorn" to indicate the progress was difficult.

John L. Day, First and Only Postmaster.

1894 September 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Potter Valley.


Carey > Jeram

1891 April 25, 4th Class Post Office established as Carey, Mendocino, California, located 16 miles south of Covelo. Named for George R. Carey, the first postmaster.

1892 October 26, Vincent J. Chamberlin, Postmaster.

1894 October 22, Richard Johnson, Postmaster.

1895 April 23, James H. Ford, Postmaster.

1896 September 23, Post Office discontinued and the name changed to Jeram.

1896 September 23, 4th Class Post Office established as Jeram, Mendocino, California, located 16 miles south of Covelo. Was Carey. Named after "Father Jeram" who established a settlement of his Slovenian followers in Eden Valley.

Jacob C. Ansel, First Postmaster.

1897 August 14, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Hearst.



1874 June 19,  4th Class Post Office established as Caspar, Mendocino, California, located 6 miles south of Fort Bragg and 5 miles north of Mendocino. Named for Siegfried Caspar, 1860 settler. The main purpose of the site was lumbering.

D. M. McCallum, First Postmaster.

1876 May 17, Peter Merriman, Postmaster.

1878 August 19, Allen C. Ross, Postmaster.

1878 August 26, Daily Alta California -Postmasters appointed:  Allen U. Ross, Caspar, Mendocino county, California.~

1879 July 11, Harry S. Church, Postmaster.

1880 February 9, S. P. Wade, Postmaster.

1881 January 24, Edward S. West, Postmaster.

1881 October 13, Clarence E. De Camp, Postmaster.

1886 September 16, Frank Kelly, Postmaster.

1888 January 13, Henry B. Phillips, Postmaster.

1890 July 11, Casimer J. Wood, Postmaster.

1911 January 20, Fred W. Stickney, Postmaster.

1933 April 12, James W. Lilley, Postmaster.

1945 February 1, Theodore William Markham, Postmaster.

1957 April 3, James W. Lilley, Postmaster.

1964 June 5, Changed from 4th Class Post Office to Rural Route of Fort Bragg.

1966, Caspar became a Rural Branch.



1874 January 26, 4th Class Post Office established as Christine, Mendocino, California, located 12 miles northwest of Boonville per the 1880 Postal Route Map. Named for Christine Geschwend. The site was the eastern terminal of the Northwest Pacific Railroad from Albion.

Andrew Guntly, First Postmaster.

1883 June 28, James L. Eldredge, Postmaster.

1910 April 30, Post Office discontinued.

1910 May 12, Post Office re-established. Walter Ischwand, Postmaster.

1912 October 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Philo.



See:  Kanuck > Cleone



1902 August 25, 4th Class Post Office established as Comfort, Mendocino, California, located 10 miles west of Boonville.

Nathan W. Moore, First Postmaster.

1905 November 14, Post Office moved 1 1/2 miles northwest. Isaac B. Crispin, Postmaster.

1911 December 14, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Boonville.