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Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 4:35PM
Jo Giessner

1858 October 18, Post Office established  as Anderson, Mendocino, California, located 30 miles northwest of Cloverdale. Named for Walter Anderson, an 1851 settler, the location was within Anderson Valley, also named for Walter Anderson.

John Burton, First Postmaster.

1860 February 1, Charles Wintzer, Anderson Postmaster.

1864 July 25, Alonzo B. Kendall, Anderson Postmaster.

1864 -The town was founded as Kendalls City. Soon afterward, W. W. Boone bought the store of Levi & Straus and changed the name of the town to Booneville for himself. The "e" was dropped from the spelling when the post office was established in 1875.~

1867 September 10, William W. Boone, Anderson Postmaster.

1869 February 4, Albert G. Ruddock, Anderson Postmaster.

1870 December 12, Isaac T. Carney, Anderson Postmaster.

1872 September 17, John W. McAbee, Anderson Postmaster.

1873 November 14, Thomas J. Grinsey, Anderson Postmaster.

1874 March 19, James Taylor Rogers, Anderson Postmaster.

1875 August 17, Anderson Post Office discontinued, moved 2 miles south and the name changed to Boonville.

1875 August 17, 3rd Class Post Office established as Boonville, Mendocino, California, located 23 miles southwest of Ukiah. Name changed from Anderson and named for William W. Boone, merchant. AKA:  The Corners and Kendalls (no post offices) or Booneville spelled with an "e"

James Taylor Rogers, First Postmaster.

1876 April 20, John W. McAbee, Postmaster.

1884 May 26, James B. Hunt, Postmaster.

1886 September 16, Thomas B. Burger, Postmaster.

1886 October 12, San Francisco Bulletin - Pacific Coast Items - Thomas B. Burger has been appointed Postmaster at Booneville, Mendocino County.~

1887 February 28, Mrs. Ermin C. Burger, Postmaster.

1891 September 25, George T. Brown, Postmaster.

1895 September 5, Dr. Herbert Thomson, Postmaster.

1899 September 18, Thomas Rawles, Postmaster.

1901 December 13, Albert C. Hogan, Postmaster.

1905 December 7, Mamie Diddle, Postmaster.

1910 March 15, John T. Farrer, Postmaster.

1915 March 1, Jessie M. Bivans, Postmaster.

1919 March 14, Thomas E. McGimsey, Postmaster.

1936 February 23, Harry Presley, Postmaster.

1936 December 16, George S. Lawson, Postmaster.

1971 July 17, Mrs. Bennie S. Bates, Postmaster.


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