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1860 November 26, Post Office established as Calpella, Mendocino, California, located 6 miles north of Ukiah and 16 miles south of Willits. "Kapela" was a Pomo Indian Chief.

James B. Veeder, First Postmaster

1864 March 14, Benjamin F. Forsythe, Postmaster.

1864 November 28, Simon Wurtenburg, Postmaster.

1868 May 21, Seth Morse, Postmaster.

1868 July 16, Post Office discontinued.

1872 January 17, Post Office re-established. John London, Postmaster.

1872 April 8, Henry D. Mellen, Postmaster.

1875 May 7, Peter R. Klein, Postmaster.

1880 March 2, Frederick Niepp, Postmaster.

1886 September 16, Amos B. Montgomery, Postmaster.

1887 November 15, James C. Nuckolls, Postmaster.

1888 March 20, Wiley English, Postmaster.

1889 December 7, George McCoy, Postmaster.

1896 November 12, Francis O. Strong, Postmaster.

1911 September 2, Lemuel Silverthorn, Postmaster.

1912 October 26, Emil Spitzer, Postmaster.

1915 March 5, Marshall J. Fancher, Postmaster.

1918 July 5, Frank A. Howland, Postmaster.

1920 February 6, Post Office discontinued.

1920 May 10, Post Office moved 2 miles north and re-established. Walter H. L. Morgan, Postmaster.

1937 January 1, Mrs. Ella Boyd, Postmaster.

1949 June 9, Mrs. Ella Boyd, Postmaster.

1971 November 12, Changed from 2nd Class Post Office to Branch of Ukiah.

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