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Rancho Rio de los Molinos

Molino - the Spanish word for mill. Mill Creek - named by John Bidwell in 1843, recognizing the potential for the stream to support the operations of mill(s).

1841 November 10 - Albert G. Toomes, a native of Missouri, came into California with the Rowland-Workman party.

1842 - 1851 - Albert G. Toomes resided in Monterey. He and Robert H. Thomes worked as carpenters and built the house for Manuel Jimeno Casarin. In his words:  "The house we built at Monterey for Governor Jimeno in 1845 was one of the best jobs we ever did in our lives, for the old gentleman not only paid us well, but got us our farms without any of the trouble others had."

1843 -After Deer Creek, "The next flowing stream, ten or twelve miles, having a greater fall where we crossed it, suggested its value as a water-power, and hence received the appellation of Mill Creek." - John Bidwell, 1843.~

1844 December 20 - 22,177 acres granted to Albert Gallatin Toomes by Manuel Micheltorena between Dye Creek and Toomes Creek with Mill Creek in about the center, on the east side of the Sacramento River.~

1845 - Albert Toomes visited his land grant to stock it with cattle.

1846 - Toomes erected an adobe dwelling near where the settlement of Los Molinos took place.

1847 - Toomes brought in more cattle to his acreage.

1858 December 3, Evening Star (Washington, D.C.) - A patent for the rancho of the Rio de los Molinos, containing 22,172 acres, and finally confirmed to A. G. Toomes will be forwarded to California by the mail to go in the steamer tomorrow from New York.~

1873 April 3, San Diego Union- Mr. Toomes, of Tehama, purchased a flock of Cashmere goats last autumn. The band originally numbered 135 and the increase now swells it to over 200, and a further increase of thirty or forty is expected during the next ten days. Many of the ewes have two kids, a few three, and one gave birth to four, all of which are alive and doing well.~

1877 January 19, Weekly Journal Miner (Prescott, Arizona) - Mrs. A.G. Toomes, for many years a resident of Tehama, Cal., but of late living in Oakland, died on the 4th inst., in the latter city of typhoid fever. Mrs. Toomes was, we believe, a native of California, and was married to her late husband, Albert G. Toomes, at Monterey, about the year 1843, and in 1846 removed with her husband to their grant, which Mr. T. had procured from the Mexican Government situated on the East side of the Sacramento river opposite the town of Tehama, when the Sacramento Valley was almost an unbroken wilderness. Mr. and Mrs.Toomes, after the settlement of the country, became noted for their hospitality to strangers, and were especially respected and beloved by their poorer neighbors, who were the constant recepients of kind favors at their hands.~

1877 February 2, Weekly Journal Miner ( Prescott, Arizona) - The Will of Mrs. Toomes - Last week we mentioned the death of Mrs. Mary Isabella Toomes, of Oakland, California, an old friend and neighbor of our predecessor, T.J. Butler. We now find the following account of her will published in the Oakland Transcript of Jan. 21 which will interest those acquainted with Mrs. Toomes in her lifetime or with Mr. and Mrs. Butler who are brother and sister-in-law to the former editor and proprietor of this paper, and father and mother of Master Frank Butler, now an employee of this office.

The last will and testament of Mary Isabella Toomes, has been filed in the office of the Clerk of the Probate Court. (to be cont)

1885 February 22, San Francisco Bulletin, Ten years ago A. G. Toomes of Tehama died, bequeathing $35,000 in property to establish a Catholic Church and Institute in that county. Now a dispute has arisen as to the expenditure of the money, with a fair prospect of a diversion of $30,000 of the legacy to other purposes.~


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