Larkin's Children
Friday, December 14, 2012 at 10:41AM
Jo Giessner

Rancho Capay was the first Mexican Land Grant made within the limits of Colusa county, the second was made to the children of Thomas Oliver Larkin. Sometimes called Children's Rancho, Larkin's Rancho or Upper Farm, the reference was to land on the west bank of the Sacramento River above the town of Colusa.

Born in California, Carolina, Sophia and Francis Larkin were baptized into the Catholic faith in Monterey within days of their births and were eligible for citizenship. In 1844, Thomas O. Larkin applied to Governor Michetorena for their naturalization decrees and a land grant in their names.

1844 July 6-John Bidwell mapped out the Larkin grant on the Sacramento River above Colusa.

The northern boundary was about seven and a half miles north of the present Glenn-Colusa County line. The land extended southward along the river and included the site of the present-day town of Princeton.

"On the 6th of July 1844, I selected and mapped Larkin's children's grant, which was first settled on by John S. Williams, under the employ of Larkin, and extensively stocked with cattle and horses in the fall of of 1846 or early in 1847, at least when I returned from the Mexican War - that is, from San Diego-I found Williams there. He left in 1848, I believe, and C. B. Sterling took his place." - John Bidwell~

1844 December 13, Naturalization decrees issued to Carolina, Sophia and Francis Larkin, minor children of Thomas & Rachel Larkin.~

1844 December 14, Land Grant with acreage in Colusa County (and what became Glenn County) dated 14 December 1844 to the three minor children of Thomas Oliver Larkin. Larkin, a native of Massachusetts came to California in 1832 and was the U.S. Consul at Monterey after 1843, never became a Mexican citizen, so he could not personally receive the grant.~

1857 December 18 - Patent Date for Larkin's Children Rancho. The Sacramento River was the meandering watercourse  and there were 44,364.22 acres.~

1858 August 28, New York Herald (NY,NY) - Died at Larkin's Ranch, Colusi County, July 15, William J. Brown, formerly of Greyson County, Virginia.~

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